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Flower Color Meaning and Symbolism | All 8 Flower Colors and Meaning

Flowers are the agent of beauty, happiness, and love from the beginning; they have been a part of human culture and traditions for as long as one could remember. Every single flower carries a unique symbol with it and one cannot neglect the power of these delicate-looking blooms. Different kinds of flowers can bring richness to your life because their enlightening colors are the interpretation of human emotions. When language falls short these colors speak louder, conveying your feeling to the recipients.

For instance, the red rose has always been a symbol of love following the deep shade that reflects the intensity of one’s true emotions. But have you ever wondered what these unique colors indicate? And why are the colors of flowers associated with different occasions and festivals? If you wish to learn more about different types of colors and their symbols then read ahead so that the next time you are gifting a bouquet or buying flowers for the home you make the right choice. 

Pink Flowers

The pink color is commonly considered a feminine choice and people often buy pink flowers on occasions like Mother’s Day or Birthday. Because this bright color directly symbolizes gentleness, amusement, elegance, and affection. After red, this is the second most preferred color in flowers people choose for gifting. Or take them as a gesture to their loved one signifying how much they care for the receiver. Also, pink flowers are a striking beauty that can be a great gift for your distant friends or relatives. 

Lavender Flowers

One of the most attractive and rarest lavender is a sibling of purple color holding a sacred place in nature. Because this color is not easily found which makes it more precious and delicate. Lavender flowers represent refinement, innocence, and satisfaction because they provide relaxation to the human mind and body whenever you are around them. Nowadays you might have noticed that several natural therapies include lavender flowers. Moreover, it is also used in essential oils to help boost skin health and provide good sleep. 

Blue Flowers

Blue is a very popular color not just in flowers but in general also seeing the comfort this shade provides us. As the whole human surrounding is filled with blue color from skies to gleaming blue oceans. Blue flowers are a great choice when it comes to courtship or showing your trust towards others. Because this color is a symbol of commitment, peace, and support that will communicate your thoughts. Meanwhile, a bouquet of blue flowers will certainly help release stress and anxiety. So if you are going through that phase keep a bunch of blue blooms around. 

Red Flowers

The classic choice for all occasions especially weddings and valentine’s day red flowers never fail to attract eyes. Red flowers definitely don’t need to be introduced as their beauty and significance in people’s life scream out loud. Since red flowers have been the prime symbol of love and romance. Whereas it holds a much deeper connection to humans as our blood cells are of the same color. So red flowers also represent courage, desire, passion, and respect. Although red is the most common color in flowers, red roses are a forever trend. And a bouquet of red roses gives an amazing vibe of perfect love. 

White Flowers

A traditional choice for bridal bouquets white flowers have always been associated with peace and sympathy. This is the kind of color that stands out from the crowd for its sheer essence and indisputable energy. Often used by florists to enhance the beauty of a mixed bouquet. This angelic color is a whole new mood symbolizing purity, reverence, spirituality, and humility. Considering the fact white flowers are taken by people at funerals to show their sympathy or pay tribute. Whereas this color is the best option to brighten up a dark corner being the brightest in all shades. Feeling gloomy or your bedroom looks dark try a bunch of white lilies. 

Orange Flowers

Orange might be the most underrated color of all as it doesn’t easily suit anyone randomly when coming to clothes. But orange in flowers is certainly a delightful sight for which you don’t have to think twice. Orange flowers are cool in appearance but they symbolize warmth, happiness, and enthusiasm. One of the best gifting types in this color include marigolds, tulips, poppies, and zinnias. Because they instantly tend to fill the recipients with positive energies and excitement. If you are thinking of sending a bouquet to your friend this color can be a good choice. Also, hybrid orange roses are the ultimate option to convey your affection towards a person. 

Green Flowers

Belonging to the heart of mother nature, green color is the embodiment of life, health, beauty, and strength. Our planet is a reflection of greenness that’s why green flowers sometimes remain unnoticed by people. You might have hardly seen people purchasing the most common color. A bearer of good fortune these flowers easily fit with any color in a bouquet while still flaunting beauty alone. Because this nature’s color makes place with every shape or size. And if you didn’t know, Green flowers give people a message of hope and renewal. Making the recipient realize that they can make a fresh start at any point in life despite the obstacles.

Yellow Flowers

Last but not least, the color of the sun, yellow flowers symbolize friendship and vitality. Yellow flowers have been the prime choice for people sending wishes to their friends and acquaintances. This color is the happiest of all as one can imagine the beauty of sunflowers when we think about yellow color. It can easily bring a smile on your face even just thinking about them. The brightest and most fragmented ones always come in yellow color. Giving us the feeling of soaked sun in every vibrant petal of these blossoms. 

All these colors make a beautiful gift choice depending on the emotions and conditions one is going through. However, flowers are just the right way to make people smile and let them feel a little more alive close to nature.

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