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Psychology of flowers and happiness | Emotional impact of Flowers

Can you remember the last time someone gave you flowers? Or have you visited a garden where different beautiful flowers are blooming? Just by hearing that you would have started imagining the freshness, they bring with them. Because the sight and fragrance of flowers quickly lighten the mood of human beings. Also, it is scientifically proven that flowers have a positive impact on people’s minds majorly in women. These mood enhancers can be a way to change the mood and one can see a ray of happiness coming to the face of the recipients. 

How Flowers Bring Us Joy

It is almost impossible that a human does not feel happy in the presence of flowers that’s why they have been the most preferred gift since ancient times. Though there are numerous attractive presents available in the market, we see lovers and couples buy bouquets to express their love. Meanwhile, they do provide solace to the hearts of people facing difficult times. As flowers have the power to divert the human mind and fill it with evoking pleasant colors that make you happy. 

Just putting a bunch of flowers in your home for a few days can entirely change the aura of your living space because every time you see a beautiful flower you will feel joyful. Although it can never be properly stated why humans have a heart-to-heart connection with these fragile beauties whereas studies have shown they certainly work as mood boosters on people. The good thing here is that nature has given us an enormous range of flowers to choose from as every human has different choices. 

Flowers Improve Emotional Health

Experts have found that flowers help relieve stress and improve emotional health while leaving a positive impact on your behavior and everyday activities. People who are easily overwhelmed or depressed by the problems of life can try buying flowers for themselves. Subsequently, they will see a change in the ways their mind reacts to situations daily.

Flowers are good for emotionally depressed people because they have immediate results where the receiver will have a sense of satisfaction and security. It reduces anxiety, passive thoughts, and agitation replacing these emotions with gratitude, delight, and excitement regardless of the age of the recipient. 

Impact Of Flowers On Brain

In today’s highly advanced world, having nature around us is almost a privilege that very few people experience. Because the cities are growing, tending to decline in our connection with the atmosphere. Fortunately, flowers are the most easily available resource that can change the mood of a person as they trigger our senses. The bright colors and sweet fragrance of flowers send signals to the brain that something special is coming your way. Also, flowers create a feeling of trust, love, and support among human beings while they can change the emotions of people depending on the things you are feeling currently.

Moreover, you might have seen that we use flowers on every occasion of life whether it’s a wedding or festival. Since flowers have a natural way to create a healthy environment around us and give a feeling of excitement and happiness. For instance, flowers help bring confidence whenever you are gifting or receiving them as they make you feel important without even harming you in any way. The brain releases chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin when humans are surrounded by flowers. 

Studies And Research

There have been several studies about the effects of fresh flowers on humans. A study taken by Lane DeVries the president of The Sun Valley Group Inc showed that flowers have the power to share the feeling of comfort and happiness. 

“Flowers are the unifying symbol of joy, beauty, cheerfulness, and healing. Flowers have a positive effect on overall health, they are a mood booster and a stress reducer,” stated the chief executive. 

According to another study by Harvard Research, flowers are the best way to uplift a person’s mood especially if we start the day with the fragrance of blooms. The participants of the research were noted to have more energetic and happy mornings as the first thing their eyes captured was flowers. It is evident that flowers relieve depression, inspire social networks, and refresh the functioning of our brains. 

Flowers Best for Mental Benefits

We are well versed in the fact that different colors, fragrances, and types of flowers have different impacts on people. 


Daisy is a wildflower that comes in many attractive colors indicating the freshness of summer. And the days of holiday when we spend our time laughing and making merry with our loved ones. Also, the flower symbolizes purity, cheerfulness, and innocence which are significant parts of human life. 


The delicate look of Tulips reminds us of the spring season filled with colors and beauty. Tulips have a direct connection with warmth and new beginnings. Similarly, their bright color can bring light on the darkest of days. The simplicity of this flower is a symbol of sober yet inspiring unconditional love. 


The most adored and highly preferred flowers are the way to charm your loved ones. Roses are best at conveying the heartfelt feelings of people that they cannot express through words. The most popular color is red which symbolizes true love and passion. Because rose gives humans hope of finding love and affection. 


Hydrangeas are the flower that we mostly see in decorations or homes. This flower has a therapeutic effect on the human mind as it has a soothing fragrance with a romantic outlook. Also, it can easily be grown in home gardens and you would love the relaxing atmosphere it will create in your home.


The orchid is the most classy and elegant flower of all, it has an unforgettable fragrance. And the vibrant color completely charms the eyes of the person. Orchids are proven to create a positive aura at home and they tend to purify the air during the night. So keeping a bunch of Orchids in your bedroom can be a good idea to get clean air.

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