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What your Favorite Flower says about your Personality

We are naturally drawn to flowers as their beauty and fragrance delight us making our whole day a little more vibrant. From the classical ages, poets and authors have been associating flowers with human beings and their feelings. For instance, the famous English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said: “Love is flower like; Friendship is like a sheltering tree.” Because these delicate blossoms say a lot about one’s personality as a matter of fact there is a term called floriography that communicates meaning attributed to flowers. 

For thousands of years, flowers have been an inevitable part of human life and used in cultural practices throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. Since they allow us to represent a part of our being in a decorated way. But did you know that your favorite flowers represent what kind of person you are and reflect your whole persona? If not then read on to know more about how these blossoms represent your personality.  


This extraordinary flower is a priceless beauty that comes at a high price. Although they come in several sizes, shapes, and colors they can light up a room quickly. This pretty little flower is associated with modesty, wisdom, faithfulness, and remembrance. In Greek mythology, violet is said to be Artemis’ nymph who was transformed into this flower to secure her. The personality of people who like Violets is reserved and gentle. They are the gifted ones who can keep their calm in the chaotic modern world. The benefit of having such quality can help them tackle difficult situations more soundly. Because they are private with their lives but can be the closest friend in need. In general, violet lovers are empathetic individuals and very romantic in nature. 


Daisies are one of the eye soothing flowers that can instantly make you happy with their vibrant color. Daisies are known to be an emblem of hopefulness, innocence, and motherhood. Because it has been theorized in a Celtic legend that gods bestowed Daisies over the earth to cheer up parents who had lost a child. So if you are planning to have a new member of your family keeping daisies in your home would be great. Moreover, people who adore this flower are the most optimistic ones. They easily find hope and opportunity in everything despite the challenges. Also, you are a morning person who loves to begin the day with sunshine and excitement. Your beautiful smile can make people wonder how you are so welcoming. 


Roses come in a diverse range of colors and every single color is equally captivating because of the unique formation. How every single petal is closely weaved with others making it the most popular choice. Roses have always been linked to youth, beauty, and love. The deep maroon color represents glamor and radiance, mostly used in appreciating the beauty of a woman. But being the most beautiful flower it comes with thorns protecting its delicacy. So if your eyes always find a rose in a florist shop or it’s your favorite among all. Then you have a sophisticated and attractive personality that easily allures people around. But you have the greatest of strength when it comes to defending or protecting yourself in a situation.


Orchid comes under the category of exotic flowers because of the luxurious look it has. You might have seen orchids decorated in lavish parties or deluxe home advertisements. They are so distinctive that they don’t coordinate with any kind of company. They require a proper environment to fully bloom but never fail to draw people to it. Therefore, if your favorite flower is an Orchid then you are a classy person who loves to build a mysterious aura. Since first impressions are important, you like to present yourself with sophistication. People of this type are artistic but can be a bit extravagant sometimes for their love of beauty and art. Your choices are stylish, putting things rightly in their place since refinement suits you. 


Tulip is an all-season flower for it can endure any kind of weather from the coldest to bringing the sunshine. The tulip symbolizes potential, thoughtfulness, and confidence bringing a new ray of hope for people. So if you are a Tulip person it’s no wonder you have a big heart and a lot of friends. People whose favorite flower is tulip tend to be the sweetest souls in the room, always flexible and supportive of others. This flower speaks a lot about your personality and that you have the capability. While you love to keep it light without feeling overwhelmed with stressful situations. Also, you love to be around your family and friends, love sunshine every day and be cheerful in the cold season. 


The name of this flower comes from a Latin word called ‘Lilium’ and Greek myths say that Lilies are a symbol of rebirth. In China, this is the most popular flower that has been used for centuries in wedding decorations. Also, a large number of their routine includes this flower for it brings good luck to people. Moreover, kindness, self-esteem, pride, and purity, are absolute symbols of lilies. People who have a liking for this flower can be great in the workplace who know their strengths and use it rightly. Whereas they are kind at heart and cannot see people in pain. Helping others makes you feel good and you are the savior of a friend in need. But you certainly don’t feel shy in showing off your accomplishments. Because you are well aware of yourself and love to stand out from the crowd. 

We hope you feel connected with the statement above and get to explore a little more about flowers. Since flowers are the language of love and happiness we wish you to find hope and joy in your life. Don’t wait for someone else to buy a bunch of flowers go and gift yourself a beautiful bouquet of favorite flowers today. 

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