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Types of Flowers in a Bouquet

Flowers are the only gift that validates every occasion whether it’s the happiest time of the year, birthday, or a gloomy day of the funeral. You can always express the correct emotions with a bunch of beautiful blooms to the recipient because they are refreshing and have the energy to boost mood instantly. Today florists make different types of bouquets and flower arrangements depending on the occasion you are buying for. 

But have you ever noticed what kind of blooms are most commonly used? As we know not all flowers can be found the whole year and they have their climate and temperature for cultivation. Also, only the most attractive and shiny flowers make the best bouquets so here is our guide to the type of flowers that will charm your loved ones. 


Well, it is not surprising to see the Rose on the list of most common flowers used for bouquets because everyone loves this flower. They are used on every occasion from marriage to professional events as their mild fragrance and beauty charm the heart. Moreover, different colors have distinctive meanings, like the red color is commonly associated with the expression of true love, the white color for peace, and the yellow color to show friendship. Famously known as the flower of love, the rose holds the first place in the market seeing an enormous amount of sales on occasions like Valentine’s Day. Some of the beautiful bouquets include Dream A Little, The Beloved, The Juliet Hand Tied, The Royal Wish, etc. 


Carnation is a budget-friendly flower that comes in different shapes and colors. They are usually big, that’s why gardeners use them to make the garden look stock. There are three types of carnations: large-flowered, spray, and dwarf flowered. And the largest flower can grow up to 20 inches making it a good option for flower arrangements. These flowers have several symbolic meanings depending on the color you choose. Because a white carnation means good luck, a pink carnation represents motherly love, and a red carnation means affection. Moreover, carnations are famous bouquets for their size, they easily catch eyes and never fail to win the heart of the receiver. 


Daffodil flowers do not just take a different name but they have a unique shape that looks like a perennial bulb. Although these iconic flowers can be easily grown and come in a varied range. Florists use these flowers for bouquets because they are available most of the time with a high supply. Also, Daffodils do not easily wither and can stay for days if water is changed daily. Daffodils are mostly associated with rebirth and new beginnings because it is one of the first blooms to grow after winter frost. So if your friend or relative is starting a new job or a business you can gift a bouquet of this flower wishing them a fortune beginning. 

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Lily is one of the most charming blooms that grow in plentiful amounts all around the world. There are 300 types of lilies to choose from but the Calla lily is the most preferred for it has exotic look. Lilies are the only flower in the market that compete with roses because of the bright color that comes like orange which demonstrates passion and best buy for lovers. A bouquet of lilies can make anyone’s day happy as for hundreds of years this flower is associated with love, devotion, and purity. Some of the best bouquets include Passionate Oriental Pink Lilies Bouquet, Pink & White Oriental Lilies Bunch, and Pink Oriental Lily Bunch


The orchid is considered one of the most elegant and classy flowers for its rich look. It might be surprising for some people to know that Orchids have 30,000 species. Some of the popular ones are Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattleya, and Vanilla. Orchids are highly preferred at weddings because they symbolize beauty, refinement, love, and luxury. These flowers have been around for centuries and it is said Orchid is one of the oldest flowers on the planet. Here are some best bouquets: Celestial Look Orchid Bouquet, Spring Meadow Orchid Bouquet, Enchanting Orchid Bouquet, and Magical Story Orchid Bouquet. 


Peonies are a favorite flower whenever it comes to big bouquets and mixed arrangements. This flower blooms in summer and comes in various colors like pink, coral, red, purple, and yellow. As peonies are big so they would make a beautiful center in large spaces like a drawing room. Nowadays it is becoming a popular choice for bridal bouquets due to their delicate look. This flower generally symbolizes prosperity, good luck, love, and honor. However, different colors convey different meanings like white peonies represent bashfulness. This flower has a special place in Chinese culture used in almost every religious tradition. Profune Peonies, The Sunburst, Triple The Peonies, Dream a Little are some famous bouquets. 


Grown with a large flowerhead, Hydrangea is a popular choice for both gardening and cut flowers. This Asian flower comes in more than 75 species and has undeniable beauty and fragrance. Although this flower looks big, it’s lightweight and grows in the monsoon season between June and July. Also, Hydrangeas hold different symbolic meanings depending on the color. For instance, the blue color stands for apology and understanding, the white color represents purity and grace, the pink color symbolizes sincere emotions, and the purple hue means pride, and royalty. The trendy bouquets are Blue Beauty Flower Box, Pristine Beauty Flower Vase, Grand Hydrangea Arrangement, and Graceful Hydrangea Bouquet.

Flowers have always been the first language of love and admiration and if you are planning to express it to someone special don’t forget to buy a beautiful bouquet for them. 

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