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How Long do Dried Flowers Last?

As dried flowers are making a statement everywhere just as much as fresh flowers, the time has come for you to know how to maintain your dried flower arrangement at home, and how to keep them natural and long-lasting. There are many who prefer to opt for dried flower arrangements because they last, and for their distinctive appearance. 

You know dried flowers last for a long time but definitely not forever, be it in crafts, DIY projects, flower arrangements, wreaths, or bouquets. There are ways to extend their life, and so that they can last a little longer than is intended. Dried flowers can last for a year if taken care of properly. Some flowers dry better than others, especially if they are big flowers like zinnias and dahlias. 

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Dried flowers are delicate flowers and will require a certain amount of care and attention so that they can look natural, bright, and fresh. They are also low maintenance as no watering is required to keep them alive and blooming. The longevity factor of dried flowers depends on how you have dried them and if you have used any chemicals to preserve them. 

It is this lasting quality of dried flowers that have made it popular when it comes to gifting people with bouquets or flower arrangements. If it has been gifted from someone close to you or someone you love, then it is going to be with you for a very long time. 

Dried flower decorations and arrangements are much better than artificial flowers since these flowers are real flowers that have been dried and last in your home through all the seasons. Many dried flowers retain their scent, if that is the case your flower arrangement can have a fragrance that lingers in your home. 

There are tips to keep dried flower arrangements and decorations so that they look natural and fresh always. Let us have a look at some of these steps so that the dried flowers in your home do not fade and wither quickly.

  • It is always better to keep dried flowers away from direct sunlight and other harsh lights because it can cause them to fade. Avoid heat vents, fireplaces, and fire stoves so that they are not directly exposed to any fire sources. The flowers become brittle too with too much direct light on them. If you keep them away, their colors will remain bright for a longer time, and the petals will not break or powder quickly. You should avoid using them in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • High humidity can also cause problems for dried flowers, they can become moldy and limp. Some of the flowers can start dripping from the stems and pores if they are exposed to too much moisture. The room they are kept for display should not have too much moisture content if you want these flowers to last for long. 
  • You can dry these flowers yourself, so investing in a flower-drying rack is a good idea. Using a flower-drying rack is a good space-saving method.
  • Spraying compressed air onto these dried flower arrangements, bouquets, and other dried flower decorations will help to eliminate the dust that settled on them. You must make sure that you keep a distance while spraying so that the water does not come on too fast on the dried flowers. 
  • A hairdryer with a ‘no heat’ setting is another good way to get the dust removed from the dried flowers so that they look fresher and brighter. You can use a feather duster to remove the dust instead of the hair dryer. Dust can accumulate on these flowers making them look shabby and dull. It will be challenging to remove the dust from these flowers, but once you are able to remove them successfully, then you can be assured your dried flowers will last for a long time. Feather duster works well in dried flower arrangements and decorations that are sturdy and strong. 
  • If you paint dried flowers their life span increases, and make sure the area where they are displayed has good airflow. A room with good airflow is good when it comes to dried flowers living long instead of keeping them in a room with moisture and dampness.
  • If you have dried some flowers and are planning to use them much later, then it is better to keep them in storage boxes. This will protect them from dust, moisture, and excess light, and will protect them from getting damaged quickly. This applies perfectly to dried flower bouquets or arrangements that were used for special functions like marriages or any other special occasions.  It will be a better idea to showcase them in a glass box case so that they have a longer shelf life. Storage boxes should not be plastic, and they should be sealed well.
  • Moths and other insects can cause damage to the dried flowers if not stored properly. Using a non-toxic non-repellant or keeping cedar chips in the box are good ways to prevent moths.
  • Dried flowers need not be kept in water like fresh flowers to survive. They do not require water at all. Apart from direct water, they should be kept away from areas where moisture content is high in the air, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Wrapping it Up

Since it has been a while since the craze of dried flowers has caught on, the above tips will help you to know how to make these flowers last long. It has become a popular trend now to decorate spaces using dried flowers, and of course, the best advantage of having a dried flower arrangement is that they do not wilt and wither away by the end of the day. 

Pick up a few flowers, dry them, and use them in your home, and see the difference they make in terms of color and rustic beauty. If taken proper care of, dried flowers can last up to 5 years, and this is what makes investing in them economical when compared to fresh flowers. 

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