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How far in advance to buy flowers?

How far in advance should you buy flowers? Sometimes when we decide to purchase flowers, we consider how long their beauty will stay in our living room, place of business, office, etc.

If you are planning to buy flowers for an event, to guarantee you have enough time to condition and prepare the flowers, you should always receive the flowers a few days before the event. Simply said, conditioning is the process of caring for and treating flowers before you begin working with them to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible. You should never buy flowers on the day or morning of the ceremony.

The length of time that fresh flowers last vary depending on the type of flower. For instance, orchids are among the hardiest floral species. It can endure for three or even four weeks with proper maintenance (changing the water, cutting back on damaged leaves, etc.). Chrysanthemums experience the same thing. Roses, on the other hand, are a little more delicate and, with proper care, rarely last longer than 15 days in perfect condition. Despite seeming more durable than other flowers, lavender also starts to lose its freshness and aroma after two weeks.

As you can see, because each bloom has a varied level of resistance, it is challenging to forecast how many days or weeks will pass.

If you want long lasting flowers, you can also buy potted plants or dried flowers.

How to keep flowers fresh for long

Cut flowers should always maintain their aesthetic appeal for as long as feasible. The terrible issue is that they swiftly lose all of their appeal and beauty.

Here are a few quick tips that have been successfully used to prolong the life of lovely bouquets. To lessen the possibility of germs and other microbes harming your flowers, always use a clean container. Choose a container with a broad neck so the stems won’t be compressed.

Remove all the leaves that touch the water in the vase to keep the flowers fresher for a longer period of time. Very rapidly, leaves submerged in water start to rot and feed germs that can harm the remainder of the plant.

To ensure that your flowers stay fresh, change the water daily. Before adding fresh water, clean the container of any residue. Infection risk will be decreased as a result.

Don’t forget to remove the tips from each and every stem. Use a 45° angle and a sharp knife to complete it. The flowers will be able to absorb the water more easily in this manner. The optimum time to do this is right before you submerge the stems in water.

To avoid air bubbles and germs that make it difficult for roses to absorb water and frequently cause rapid fading, cut rose stems under water before cutting them.

Flower preservatives can also be used to increase the life of the flowers. You can either buy them from any plant department or make your own. The flowers will stay fresh for a long time because of the preservatives because they will receive all they need to survive. Additionally, biocides that prevent the spread of bacteria are incorporated in the composition of preservatives.

The most common homemade preservative recipe calls for a combination of citrus soda and bleach. Any carbonated beverage with sugars and acids should be added to the water.

Use 3 parts water to 1 part soda. To kill hazardous germs, add a few drops of bleach (but not more!) to the mixture. In comparison to many store-bought preservatives, this mixture works significantly better.

Because cut flowers generate ethylene, a chemical that hastens the fall of the petals, they should not be placed in direct sunlight, next to heat sources, or near a container with fruit.

Long lasting flowers

You’ll naturally think about things like the colour and variety of the flowers when selecting an arrangement to find something that suits the occasion. The longevity of the flowers in the vase is another consideration, though.

Here are some of the common flowers which lasts for a long period of time.


Exotic flowers typically persist for a while; these in particular are exceptionally well kept for 3 weeks. However, certain orchid species, such as the cymbidium, are even more resilient. In order for this to be the case, you must remove the withering leaves, change the water every two days, and trim the stems.


There are ways to lengthen the vase life of roses, which typically lasts a week. To make your blooms stay longer, trim your roses’ stems, prune their leaves, and remove the guard petals.


These lovely and fragrant flowers may be found in an infinite variety of hues, are inexpensive, and last up to 3 weeks, making them a popular alternative to long-lasting flowers in many floral arrangements. Maintain clean, fresh water for them.

Despite not being the most popular flower, carnations are noteworthy because of their durability. Carnations typically outlive many other flowers in a bouquet and can stay fresh for around a week or two. Carnations come in a variety of colours, each of which has a specific meaning. For instance, pink carnations stand for thanksgiving while white carnations represent innocence and luck.

Calla Lilies

This is yet another excellent choice to take into account if you enjoy calla lilies. What makes these blooms so special, you ask? These are the ideal option for you, if you lack the time to perform water changes and stem trimmings. They can still endure for a few weeks, even with a little amount of neglect. Additionally, they come in a variety of hues.

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