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Are Dried Flowers Bad Feng Shui?

Dried flowers have become as popular as fresh flowers in the decorative world, and dried flower decorations and dried flower arrangements are gracing the lobbies of hotels, living rooms, and other spaces just as much as fresh flowers. Many interior decorators prefer using dried flower arrangements because of their longevity and natural look. Though these arrangements look classy and avante-garde there is bad news for all those who believe in Feng Shui.

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Just like how dried flower arrangements are catching on and becoming trendy, Feng Shui is also becoming popular, and more and more people want to arrange their homes and spaces in a way they can attract good energy that will bring them luck, happiness, abundance, good health, and good fortune. According to Feng Shui, it is bad to keep dead plants and flowers inside the home or office since these flowers are already dead or in the process of decay. According to Feng Shui, any object in your home or office that reminds you of death or decay is not good for the home. To them, no matter how beautiful these dried flowers look, they are a symbol of death.

When dried, these plants and flowers are dead in terms of ‘chi’. Since these dried plants and flowers have no life and vitality, it is believed that they will drain all the good energy from the room. Many times, dried flowers and flower arrangements using dried flowers are used in homes and offices in spaces where there is no natural light because these dried flowers thrive without sunlight also. 

Real plants do not grow without light, and it is then these dried flowers are used for decorations and flower arrangements to add to the visual appeal of your home décor or office. As per Feng Shui rules these dead or dried flowers release dead energy into the air making the room negative. A lack of positive ‘chi’ can cause an adverse effect on your health. 

Chi in Feng Shui means the energy in your room, and having strong chi inside your home is a sign of having good energy in your home. That is the reason why they say having dried flowers in the home which are dead flowers can influence the positive vibes of your living space. You must have thought dried flowers are easy to maintain, and look elegant and trendy, so they can be kept in your home. Refrain from using them in your home and office spaces because as per Feng Shui, they are not going to do you any good at all.

Just like dried flowers, plastic or artificial flowers are also said to have dead energy in Feng Shui. You might be trying to get an elegant and chic space by doing it up with dried flowers, and will get a space that is filled with bad vibes instead. 

Now that you know dried flowers are not good for your home according to Feng Shui, let us have a look at some of the freshly cut flowers that can bring you good luck, abundance, good health, and prosperity. They are:


Dianthus is also known as the ‘Flower of the Gods’ in Feng Shui, and they represent loyalty and love. Having them at home is better than having a bunch of dried or artificial flowers. 


Feel your home or office space be filled with calmness and peace. Lilies also add to your well-being. Freshly cut lilies inside the house is good for your home as per Feng Shui.


Having a lotus inside the house is good for peace, harmony, and enlightenment. Keep freshly cut lotuses in your home if you are looking for peace and harmony inside your home. 


Marigolds according to Feng Shui bring joy happiness, good fortune, optimism, and enlightenment. If you want your home to be brimming with joy, happiness, and good fortune, keeping freshly cut marigolds will help. 


Orchids are Feng Shui flowers, and they symbolize beauty, fertility, feminine energy, good fortune, happiness, and love. Orchids come in various colors and shapes, and they are good for the ‘chi’ in your homes. Choose the spaces in your home to keep the orchids, depending on their color.

White orchids are good for clarity and new beginnings, pink and red orchids are good to improve love and romance, and yellow orchids are good for positive energy and optimism.


As per Feng Shui experts, sunflowers bring joy and lasting happiness into your homes. Keep a bunch of freshly cut sunflowers at home or office, and feel the change in the ambiance. 

There are many other flowers also according to Feng Shui that will add to positive vibes, and it is not only the flowers, Feng Shui experts also have meanings for colors and seasons. If you want to attract positive energy into your homes, it is best to sit with a Feng Shui expert, and discuss the types of colors you want for your homes, and the flowers you would like to grow so that the ‘chi’ in the home is always energetic and peaceful.

Summing it Up

Now that you know it is not advisable to have dried flower decorations at home if you believe in Feng Shui, get rid of all the dried flower arrangements and artificial flowers that are there inside your home. Let the negative energy inside your home go, and let the good energy flow inside your home and bring in good health and productivity. 

Decide before going for flower arrangements and decorations, keeping in mind what dried flowers represent if you believe in Feng Shui. If you have sentimental value to some of the flowers you have received, dry them, and store the dried flowers you have at home, inside a storage box so that their ‘chi’ is good and clean. So, what is stopping you from going for the flowers? Let the flowers and plants in your homes decide the energy inside your home and bring you luck.

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