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What do Christmas Trees Represent

Everyone loves the Christmas season, and the spirit and cheer that goes with it. Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree, and that reminds us, have you ever thought about what a Christmas tree represents or signifies? What is symbolic of the Christmas tree and why is it a must to have a Christmas tree at home for Christmas? Let us delve a little bit into the tradition of keeping Christmas trees at home, and why it is important to keep one.

Just like Christmas and Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees have symbolism, and keeping them in homes during the season is closely connected with the festival. The Christmas tree relates to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and they form the highlight of the Christmas season. Every part of the tree is symbolic, just like how the tree is associated with the birth and resurrection of Christ, the evergreen branches of the tree are symbolic of immortality. They are said to be related to the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head. The evergreen branches are also said to represent the different roles we play in life, father, mother, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, etc. God is supposed to develop your character.

Just like the tree, every Christmas ornament hung on the tree is also said to signify something or the other. Bringing a Christmas tree home in the olden days was said to ward away evil spirits and represented good health, and by the time it was the 16th century, a Christmas tree at home signified the celebratory spirit of the season.

There is a mention in the Bible about a tree being cut from the forest and how a craftsman chisels it, and how they are decorated with gold and silver. Apart from that, there is no mention of the Christmas tree at all in the Bible.

Is there a Religious Significance in keeping Christmas Trees?

Though Christmas trees are always associated with Christmas and the season, history says plants and trees were used for festivals celebrated during the winter season even before Christmas. This was mainly because evergreen plants and trees represented the immortal and eternal side of God. Nowadays Christians also give significance to the triangle shape of the tree, and connect it with the Holy Trinity.

Christians keep a manger under the tree, and they also keep presents under the tree for their family and friends. It is also believed the decorations on the Christmas tree represent the stars and the planets. Christmas is a day of giving, receiving, and creating wonderful memories with your loved ones.

History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas trees have their origin in Germany, and it was said to be kept on the tabletop as a decorative piece or a centerpiece. It made its way into England in the early 19th century, and was given much importance by Prince Albert who make it famous there. When cross-country trading caught up, the Christmas trees from Norway became a rage, and every household began to have a Christmas tree that could be kept on the floor. 

Christmas trees made their way to North America in the early 17th century by the Germans, and became popular by the 19th century. From then keeping a Christmas tree during the Christmas season caught on in North America.

What do the Christmas Ornaments on the Christmas Tree Represent

Just like how the Christmas tree and its branches signify something, the Christmas ornaments also have symbolism. During ancient times, the Christmas trees were decorated using food items like apples, nuts, and other food items. It is only much later Christmas ornaments started getting popular. These Christmas ornaments are spiritually said to represent human qualities like peace, love, goodness, kindness, and joy.

Let us begin with the star. The Star on top of the Christmas tree not only adds to the allure of the tree, but also represents the bright star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The treetop star is one of the most beautiful Christmas ornaments on the tree. 

The angels on the Christmas tree represent Archangel Gabriel who announced the birth of Jesus Christ by appearing in the sky in Bethlehem. 

The tinsel slowly started making its way onto the Christmas tree to add to the glamor, and these sparkly decorative pieces not only add to the shimmer and shine of the Christmas tree but also symbolize the stars shining and glittering in the sky. 

Many trees are decorated using garlands, and though they do not represent anything, garlands have been used to make the tree look more attractive.

The first Christmas glass ornament was made by Hans Greiner, a glassblower, and since he couldn’t afford to buy apples for his Christmas tree, he decided to make a Christmas ornament out of glass. It was then that glass Christmas baubles become popular, and people started decorating their trees with that instead of real fruits, and other food items.

Significance of Christmas Lights on the Christmas Tree

Along with the decorations on the tree, using lights (once electricity was invented) also started gaining momentum. People either used candles or fairy lights in the later stages to represent the light of Jesus. The lights on the Christmas tree are also a symbol of hope, showing how your life can be beautifully lit by God and his blessings. 

Summing It Up

The Christmas tree symbolizes the advent of the holiday season, among many other things, and it is a good reminder that we all are God’s children. It is important that we know the religious significance of Christmas trees and why they are used every year during the Christmas season. The above post will give you enough information regarding that. Standing together around the Christmas tree and decorating is a good way of bonding. Let this year’s Christmas season, Christmas tree, and Christmas wreath bring cheer, festivities, and joy into your homes, and make it memorable for you.

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