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How To Wrap A Flower Bouquet

Though inexpensive, flowers are naturally beautiful, and being a type of gift that most people would appreciate, gifting someone a bouquet of flowers would make that person’s day. Whether it was from your garden, a grocery store, or even from a great florist, a beautiful bouquet of flowers would go a long way toward putting a big smile on the face of anyone.

Before proceeding to the simple ways to wrap flowers, let’s take a look at the type of flowers that could be used. Any flower that you find beautiful should do the magic. You could go for flowers you consider romantic or beautiful for that special individual in your life.

The following are simple ways to Flower wrap your bouquet


Table of Contents

  1. Wrapping your Flower in Newspaper with Yarn
  2. Wrapping your Flower in Tissue Papers, Cellophane and Ribbon
  3. Wrapping Using Flower Wrapping Paper with Exposed Stems In Paper
  4. String Wrap
  5. Enclosing the Stems in A Flower Wrapping Paper

Materials needed
– Kraft paper preferably painter’s paper
– Glue
– A choice flower
– Gold paint pen
– Scissors

1. Wrapping your Flower in Newspaper with Yarn

Source: Pinterest/Threadsandblooms

If you are like me who may not have a good wrapping sheet available at home, then this method will be best for you. Just grab a newspaper, and yarn to add an extra touch, or you could use a nice ribbon. Carefully place your flower inside the newspaper, with the bottom edge of the newspaper folded, so it can be above or in line with the flower stem. Then wrap it tightly starting from the left, then next to the right side up to the top, then tie it with the yarn or ribbon. You may have to go twice around it to make it firm, and attractive.

Source: Pinterest/Threadsandblooms

2. Wrapping your Flower in Tissue Papers, Cellophane and Ribbon

Source: Pinterest/Threadsandblooms

To carry out this method, you will need to get a sheet of tissue paper, and cellophane. Carefully place the tissue paper on the cellophane, and place your flower in such a way that the top is slightly above the corner of the tissue as seen above. You won’t need to fold the bottom edge of the tissue for this method because of its rectangular shape. Then just as the first method we gave, wrap it tightly from the left and then to the right side up to the top, and then tie it tightly with a ribbon or yard.

Source: Pinterest/Threadsandblooms

3. Wrapping Flowers Using Flower Wrapping Paper with Exposed Stems In Paper

First, you have to choose the type of paper to use. Since almost any kind of paper would do, you might want to consider going for simple brown craft plain paper. Go with decorated wrapping sheets of paper or flower wrapping paper if your goal is to achieve a dressier look. You might also want to explore the following options to get that unique look: Pages from the old book if it’s a small flower you are wrapping, Newspaper, Colored tissue paper that sync in color with the bouquet or Flower in question, sheets of music e.t.c.
Now, place the Flower on the flower wrapping paper of your choice. The middle of your flower stem should be properly secured with a rubber band to make wrapping easy without coming off the paper. Position the flower on the paper in a way that has the rubber band lined up with the folded area of the paper. Ensure the Flower covers the paper properly.

Thirdly, have the paper folded in half. While laying the paper on a table, ensure the colored side is facing downwards. Expose the plain side of the paper by folding it at an angle. It should be noted that the above process should equally be applied to the colored paper in order to achieve a decorative edge in the wrapped bouquet.

Furthermore, the paper should be wrapped around the Flower. One side of the paper should be folded to reach the other side, thereby covering the Flower in the process. You can either fold the other end of the paper over the Flower or simply roll the bouquet over the paper to be wrapped fully. This method is efficient when wrapping varying sizes of bouquets because of the cone-like shape it produces.

Lastly, secure the paper. On the fold of the overlapping paper, place a double-sided tape on it. You can also use a string or twine. Wrapping a bow at the base of the bouquet gives it that finishing touch.

4. String Wrap

First, use a rubber band to bind the stems of the flowers together. Then knot a loop into a string and wrapping it over the stems of the flower. When the desired stems have been wrapped completely to the center, tie the string in a bow.

5. Wrapping the Flowers and Enclosing the Stems in A Flower Wrapping Paper

First and foremost, select the type of paper. Use thick wrapping paper or craft paper due to the delicate nature of your bouquet. A flower with strong blooms or stems calls for a more delicate paper, such as tissue paper. You can also choose a color that would complement your Flower, thereby enhancing the color of the Flower.

Secondly, wrap the stem of the Flower together. Use a rubber band to properly secure the Flower’s stem as soon as you are done trimming the stem. Don’t worry about the rubber band being exposed as the paper would cover it. To prevent water from leaking out of the Flower into the paper, use a paper towel to wrap the stem. By soaking the paper towel in water and applying it to the Flower stem with a plastic wrap that acts as a protective layer helps keep the Flower fresh.

Thirdly, lay the Flower on the paper. Diagonally lay a square of your paper so that it has the look of a diamond. The brooms of the stem should be placed above the paper while the majority of the stems should go down the paper through the middle. 2 feet by 2 feet using a square paper is the recommendation for an average bouquet.

Furthermore, one side of the paper should be folded. Fold both the top right corner and the bottom right corner closest to you. Fold both ends towards the Flower. It is expected that your fold should be two inches thick. For a large bouquet, fold once, while for a smaller one, fold twice.The left side of the paper should be folded over the Flower. The paper should be able to get to the folded side. Taping the fold helps to secure the folded parts.

Lastly, fold the bottom of the paper upwards. Fold the paper on the right side when you notice that the left and bottom sides of the paper are covering the Flower and the stem. Secure the bouquet by either using ribbon or twine to make sure the bouquet doesn’t come apart.

Final Thoughts

In their natural space, Flowers look stunning and beautiful; however, they need a little human touch before wrapped and sent out as gifts. By incorporating these 5 simple ways of flower wrappings, you make your Flower look the prettiest.

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