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How to Dry Flowers in a Microwave?

Flowers are beautiful and they add to the beauty and glory of any occasion and any space. Do you remember your young days when you used to take your favorite flower and keep it between the pages of a book so that they get pressed and lasted longer? Drying flowers is the best way to have your favorite flowers preserved for a longer period.

If you are wondering how difficult the process of drying flowers is, it is not at all difficult. You can dry your favorite flowers in the microwave surprisingly fast, and the results are wonderful and satisfying. Follow these steps, and there you are with your favorite flowers dried and kept at home for a long, long time.

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Step 1: 

Flowers that have a high-water content are always the best ones to dry in the microwave. Roses, lilies, baby’s breath, and daisies are perfect for this kind of drying in the flower category. In the leaves category, ferns, ivy, and holly are good when it comes to drying. You can use other varieties of flowers too. Do not go for flowers that are sprayed with chemicals because the result will not be as good as you expect. 

Step 2:

Before keeping your flowers in the microwave, you must remove all the excess moisture. If water is there in the petals, it will not dry well. Pat them dry gently using a towel or shake them so that all the moisture goes from the petals.

Step 3:

Take a single layer of paper towel and lay down the flowers on it. They should not touch each other. Now cover them with another single layer of paper towel. They should be completely covered. 

Step 4:

Keep them in the microwave and set the time for 30 seconds. Check if the flowers are dry, if not you can increase the time until you get the desired results. It is best to keep checking the flowers in between so that they do not get spoiled due to overheating. 

Step 5:

Once they are done, take them out from the microwave and leave them for cooling. You can enjoy your favorite flowers now as dried flowers.

Dried flowers, like chocolates make good gifts, and if taken care of well, they will last for years without getting spoiled. 

Now that you know how to dry flowers in the microwave, there are also a few things that need to be kept in mind while drying flowers in the microwave. 

All flowers can be dried in the microwave but some of them work better than others. Like roses. Once you have decided on the flowers, you need to get them ready to keep them in the microwave. 

Trim the stem of the flowers you are going to dry by two inches, remove all the leaves, and once that is all done, then you can keep them in the microwave.

As mentioned above, the flowers should be kept separately without touching each other because if they touch each other, they will not dry properly.

Choose the right power to dry the flowers because if the power is too high, it might burn the flowers, and they can lose their shape.

Dried flower arrangements are trending now, and compared to fresh flowers, they can be easily maintained, and what adds to their appeal is the fact they do not wilt or wither like fresh flowers. You can keep them in your home for a year, and sometimes beyond that. Your dried flowers can be used in many ways for many purposes, and these flowers are going to give you great joy, especially if you have dried them yourself. 

Though drying flowers in the microwave is a great way of doing it, there are other methods to dry flowers so that they have a longer shelf life. 

Air Drying

Funny a sunny spot in your home, and leave the flowers there to dry. Drying this way can be a better option than using the microwave if you want the fragrance of the flowers to last longer. Drying will take a long time compared to doing it in the microwave, and you might have to keep turning the petals. You can even tie the flowers together in a bunch, and hang them upside down next to a door or window where there is ample sunlight.

Freeze Drying

Like the dehydrator, this will require a machine, and that can be an expensive option. If you are running a business and doing it for clients, this option is worth investing in but if it is just for yourself to use at home and DIY projects, then it is better not to invest in it. 

Silica Gel Drying

In this method, you keep the petals in a bottle with silica gel. The gel absorbs the moisture from the petals and dries them. The advantage of using silica gel is that the petals retain their color and shape.   Silica gel can be found in any craft store.

Use a dehydrator

You will need a dehydrator for this. Arrange the flowers evenly on a rack. Preheat the dehydrator at low settings. Keep the rack inside it, and set the temperature to the lowest. Keep checking on the flowers in between so that they are not scorched.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know how to dry flowers, you can indulge in DIY projects where dried flowers are used, you can use your creativity and make dried flower arrangements for your home or gift it to your friends. Is it not wonderful, to have your own creations at home, and that too something that is long-lasting? Every time you look at them it is going to make you feel proud and remind you about your aesthetic skills. Drying flowers in a microwave does not take much time, the maximum time you will require will be an hour, and that makes it even more appealing as it does not require much time and effort. 


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