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Ways To Choose The Perfect Flower Bouquet For A Date Night

Date night is an exciting time, yet it could be a nerve-wracking and stressful situation. Of course, you would want to create the best impression possible and hoping to make a memorable night. As you want to put your best foot forward, you have to carefully choose the outfit for the night, including the accessories to wear, have a spritz of cologne, and choose the perfect date flowers.

As date flowers make for a traditional and romantic gesture, choosing the perfect flower bouquet can be tricky and have different meanings. Flowers for a first date could also be an excellent opportunity to convey a message to your date and create and memorable first impression.

Here are the 5 ways to choose the perfect flower bouquet for a date night.


Table of Contents

  1. Get to know her favorite flower
  2. You can never go wrong with the red roses
  3. Choose other Flowers and Know their Meanings
  4. Match the Date flowers with her personality
  5. Give the Flowers in Style
  6. Get the best first date flowers advice from Beato

1. Get to know her favorite flower.

Whether it is a blind date, a first date, or a special dinner date with your partner, it is essential to know her favorite flower beforehand. If it is a blind date, you can ask a common friend to research for you to decide on the flowers for the first date.

If it is a first date or a couple of dates, then you may have an idea of her favorite flower. If you don’t know about it, you may also ask someone to do the research. Just do not ask her directly about it, or it could ruin the magic of giving her date flowers. Nevertheless, giving her flowers is a very special gesture that she can remember forever.

To level it up, ask the florist for the first date flowers advice. They can provide special arrangements of the date flowers, or you may combine them with another beautiful flower to add meaning and symbolism to the bouquet.

2. You can never go wrong with the red roses.

The first date is a good opportunity to create a fantastic experience while getting to know each other. If this is not your first date and you have an idea of her favorite flower, then the best decision is to get the flowers for the first date she’ll like the most. But for the first date and blind dates, most of the time, you won’t get to know her favorite flowers until you meet her. If this is the case, the safest kind of date flowers to get must symbolize a mix of ideas.

One of the best flowers for the first date is a bouquet of roses. Red roses are synonymous to love making them the favorite and widely gifted flowers. The red roses symbolize love, romance, admiration, and passion. It sends her a message that you are serious about finding love. It creates an impression that you are not afraid to show your affection and ready for a commitment.

The number of roses in a bouquet is also symbolic. The single red rose means love at first sight, while the 12 red roses mean “I love you.”

If you believe that it is too early for commitment and want to make things subtle, you can give her these beautiful flowers in other colors. Roses in colors other than red make a perfect choice as well. The combination of different colors in a bouquet is also symbolic and highly recommended as first date flowers advice.

Except for the color of black, a bouquet of roses in single shades are also perfect date flowers because of their elegance and class. The color of blue shows that you are unique and extraordinary, while the cherry brandy rose shows gratitude, friendship, and intense passion. The intense coral color of the rose shows your admiration for her beauty. The lavender color is a subtle way to tell her that it was love at first sight, while lilac color means you are starting to develop real feelings.

3. Choose other Flowers and Know their Meanings

Pink Orchids

A bouquet of pink orchids is another beautiful flower for the first date as it symbolizes passion, perfection, luxury, and beauty. Since the Victorian Era, it has been one of the most beautiful and exotic bouquets and considers a highly coveted flower. Giving these date flowers to her makes her feel exotic and graceful. It also sends a message that you have high hopes for the date and serious about getting to know her more.


Carnations make great date flowers for the first date. The wide array of colors and beauty of Carnation represent beauty and purity in love. It creates an impression of gentleness, grace, and is glorious.


Tulips are another great choice and first-date flower advice you can always get because of their symbolic meaning and gorgeous beauty. Tulips in the purple family symbolize “perfect love.”

Mixed Bouquet

While flowers have different meanings, you can never go wrong with a colorful bunch of fresh flowers for your first date. A beautiful bouquet of mixed arrangements of carnations, lilies, and daisies tells that her beauty is enchanting you. A bunch of colorful hydrangeas sends her a message that you like to know her more on a deeper level.

If you are still unsure of the best flowers for the first date, think of the message you want to convey and ask the florist for first date flowers advice.

4. Match the Date flowers with her personality.

If she is the bubbly girl-next-door type who sees the bright side in everything and comfortable chillin’ out, you can go for flowers for the first date with a colorful bunch of mixed cherry blooms that are styled and arranged beautifully in a bouquet.

If she is a romantic dreamer who loves girly stuff, pink, laces, and love songs, then you may opt to go for date flowers with shades of pastel pink such as pink hydrangeas, spray roses, and Peruvian lilies.

If she is the charismatic fun-lover who brings life to the party, then you may want to give her multicolored seasonal blooms such as bushes of spirea and a sprinkling of fresh chrysanthemums with pink roses.

If she is the type who loves to wander and travel, she will mostly appreciate the flowers in an eclectic mix of blooms. Think about green as first date flowers advice as she loves Mother Nature. If you can get her exotic flowers, she’ll mostly appreciate the gesture.

5. Give the Flowers in Style

Date flowers are more meaningful than just handing them over to her. Give it in style by attaching a hand-written note from you. You may write her a personal message and not something like quotes or copied messages. She will most appreciate it if the message is right coming from you.

You may also exert some effort by serenading her. Or when you see her, you can kiss her first and hold her hand and put the flowers in it. Also, make sure that the distance is not a hindrance to send her flowers. You can order and send flowers for the first date online.

Get the best first date flowers advice from Beato.

Date flowers are a sure way to win someone’s heart. It is a lot more special than chocolates and other stuff. The symbols and meanings behind every flower create a lasting impression. It can spark a new romance, especially for the first date. That is why choosing the best flowers for the first date is hassle-free with Beato.

We, at Beato, value relationships, and we would love to be part of your journey to forever happiness. We do not just send flowers for the first date, we deliver them online and in a style that is sure to impact. 

We also have a collection of flowers for anniversaries, flowers for congratulating someone, romantic flowers, flowers for sympathy or to simply say thank you or sorry with flowers


As we take extra special care to bouquets, our team ensures that each bouquet is specially presented and crafted with the utmost care, precision, and love. We make sure that your feelings are expressed in the most magical way possible.

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