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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

It is that time of the year again! The time when you climb up the attic to pull out all the Christmas decor items so that you can over-stuff your home with decorations. That time of the year when haters aren’t visible because the Christmas lights are too bright.

A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of home throughout the holiday season. Decorating the tree and the houses with lights and ornaments is customary. The entire season brings along a vibe of merriment and joy. However, decorating Christmas trees can be tricky because you want to do something different, something special but cannot always come up with the most creative ideas every year.

We have some ideas for you to consider while decorating your Christmas tree. But before that, make a note of all the necessary equipment required to ensure your safety while decorating. The kit includes cotton gloves, scissors for packaging, a step stool, or a sturdy ladder for setting up lights and decorating tall trees.

Now that you have gathered everything you need to ensure your safety, read further to know some great ideas to decorate your Xmas tree like a professional.

Shape the limbs

Shaping and fluffing may take a lot of time, but they are vital in decorating. It assists you in giving the tree a lush and lifelike look. Being stored in a box for the better part of the year can result in a Christmas tree losing its original shape. Fluffing and shaping it will help you regain its form and hide the holes in the branches.

Start with the Topper and Bow

Start decorating the tree with a topper and a bow first. Putting a topper and bow before decorating the tree with ornaments will allow you to understand how to set the ornaments on the top of the tree. It will save you time and energy from rearranging and adjusting the decoration towards the end. You can also use a bouquet or a floral wire to decorate the top. Adding custom toppers gives your tree a personality and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Work with the Lights Off

Once you have set the topper and the bow, you must be excited about lighting up the tree. There is something special about Christmas trees when decorated with lights. Before you begin to string the lights, ensure to turn off the lights. It is much easier to decorate your Christmas tree with the lights off. Begin from the bottom of the tree, rounding up in circles, braiding in and out of the branches.

Spread the Snow Fluff

Grab a bag of snow fluff and spread it on the branches of your Christmas tree. Do not overspread it on the top. Instead, make the snow fluff thicker on the branches as you gradually move down the tree. Tuck the snow on the back of the limbs and gently drag it forward. The idea is to give your tree the maximum possible natural look. It should look like the tree was kept outside and got covered in fresh snow.

Sort the Ornaments

Sort your ornaments well before you start decorating the tree, as it will help you decide what kind of look you want this year or help you set a theme. Then, after you have selected all the ornaments you want to use, sort them based on their color and make a pile of all the items. It makes decorating the tree much more effortless. It also lets you space the ornaments through the tree in a better way.

Work from Large to Small, By Color and By Texture

Once you have sorted all the ornaments, it is time for you to begin putting them up on the tree. You might want to work with the decorations in the order of their color, texture, and size – all at the same time. Now place them in a triangle position.

Begin with the most oversized ornament first, as it will take more space; you will be able to allocate all the ornaments strategically; later, you will not have to struggle about where to place them. To keep the flow of the decoration, put the ornaments of the same size at once on the tree. After you have set the most oversized ornaments, place the next bigger-sized ornament in the same order.

Add Ribbons and Picks

You can also add ribbons and picks to your tree. When placing the ribbons, you might want to cut them into 1-foot sections to stuff them between the branches easily. Else, you can also semi-tie or wrap the ribbons onto the stems to keep the ribbons hanging securely. The more you stuff, the fuller your Christmas tree looks.

Tree Skirts, Tree Collars, and Baskets

No matter how much you stuff the branches, the Christmas tree decoration is always empty without a tree skirt, collar, and baskets. Wrap the tree skirt or tree collar around the base of the tree. If you are using a basket, you must secure the tree in the basket first. You can use a DIY tree collar, or you can buy them too. They are readily available in the market. They come in different materials like wicker, galvanized metal, or capiz shells.

Light it Up

Finally, turn the lights on and admire your decorated Christmas tree. At this stage. You can rearrange, adjust, and make the tree look like what you had imagined. You might want to use remote-operated lights so that you don’t have to squeeze behind or beside your beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Remote-operated lights make turning on the Christmas tree lights effortless with just a push of the button.

The Christmas season is officially the best time of the year. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and grasp in the warm lights in the background. We hope that these Christmas tree decorating ideas will help you give your tree a new look. This Christmas, decorate your Christmas tree and your home with numerous flowers. No no, don’t just decorate. We say, stuff your home with floral decorations. Bring home a touch of Christmas with Beato.

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