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How to keep flowers fresh after buying

To prevent a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from withering prematurely, there are simple tricks with which you can prolong its freshness, which will improve your mood.

Any area in the house looks great with recently cut flowers. They add a nice, new touch, and they look lovely. The excitement and joy experienced upon getting it are in addition to this, as it is typically one of the presents given most frequently to commemorate birthdays and anniversaries. a unique detail that many people attempt to preserve forever but which, however, has a relatively short lifespan. By using a few simple tricks, you can keep them from withering too quickly and maintain their appeal and freshness for a little while longer. It is about extremely basic home maintenance that will keep any arrangement of flowers looking beautiful while also keeping them lush and in excellent shape.

In any case, the type of flower and the season have a significant impact on how long a bouquet of flowers retains its beauty. Depending on the maintenance given, bouquets often last between five and three weeks. So, remember these tips and use them to check the outcomes.

If you want to buy flowers that for a much longer time, you can buy dried flowers or potted plants.

Why do flowers fade away?

Plant hormones like ethylene, which are primarily in charge of causing flower degradation, as well as environmental conditions present at the time of flower production and subsequent handling are all major contributors to the genetic process of flower ageing.

You must keep in mind that a flower’s lifespan or life in a vase greatly relies on the species. For instance, a chrysanthemum is different from a hydrangea since the former may endure several weeks cut and is able to last longer.

Dehydration of the petals and foliage is what we notice most when flowers are wilting or fading.

Due to the microorganisms in vase or flower vase water gradually clogging the stem ducts, these flower portions don’t get as much water as they did before being cut.

Because of this, the wrinkled petals are where we first notice signs of decay.

What can you do to stop this from occurring soon, though? Here are some tips.

Fresh Water

Did you know that the vase and the water are crucial for ensuring the longevity of your arrangement of fresh flowers? Remember to thoroughly clean your preferred vase before adding the flowers. This procedure is crucial to prevent the stems from absorbing unwanted chemicals. Once it is glossy, add water without letting it touch the flowers; only covering the stems will do.

Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is useful to keep flowers fresh. A litre of water can alternatively be mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. Pour the prepared liquid onto the plant to encourage more active flowering. Along with using these tips, you should also pick flowers that are appropriate for the season. Since spring and summer are the hardest seasons, flowers should be purchased with great care.

Use Aspirin

You should give your flowers their daily dose of salts and nutrient-rich foods after they have been inside your home for five or six days. For flowers to keep their colour and life, aspirin is a good food. Two aspirins should be dissolved in a vase with half a litre of water. After they have finished dissolving, slowly pour the water over the flower. You can use this cure consistently to improve the colour of your flowers.

Cut Flowers the right way

Cutting is the initial action (and one of the most essential). Try to remove as many leaves as you can remove. Having more greenery nearby encourages the growth of bacteria that produce ethylene gases. How should these cuts be made? Simple: across the diagonal from the stem’s base. This straightforward technique helps the stems effectively absorb water and keeps them from being blocked with germs. To better preserve the blooms, place them in buckets of water as you trim the stems. Additionally, you can put a floral moisturizer on them to keep them from fading too quickly.

Use flower preservatives

It’s time to “feed” them now that they have been cleaned and chopped so they will keep longer and perform better.

You can utilise nutrient packets, which typically contain sucrose and include a nutrient supply, a buffer ingredient to reduce the pH, and a microbicidal agent.

The ethylene hormone, which is mostly to blame for the ageing of many flowers, is inhibited by these nutrients.

You’ll observe that your flowers survive a lot longer and that your clients are happier with their purchases.

Use Vodka

A spoonful of sugar and three to four drops of vodka can also be included. While the sugar gives the flowers food, the vodka prevents microorganisms from growing. This mixture can be dissolved in water to allow it to reach the plant’s roots and deliver food to the flowers.

Use Sprite

It also works nicely to mix 1/4 cup of 7up or Sprite with a quart of water. Sprite is a very beneficial addition to the plant since it contains the mineral salts that the blooms require. However, you may reduce the amount of sprite in the mixture by adding a little water.

Get yourself a fridge

It is advisable to get yourself a fridge or cold room for flowers if you regularly buy and store flowers. It is advisable to keep the temperature of the cold room between 5º and 6ºC.

We also advise using glass, ceramic, or plastic for the containers you use to store your flowers. The pH of the water and any preservatives you may have put to your flowers are affected by metal, so stay away from it.

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