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Are flowers worth the money?

Have you ever considered the significance of flowers to people? Flowers are important in our lives because they have been used for centuries to convey ideas and emotions that words cannot fully capture. The term “mother nature” is used to refer to how nature nurtures and gives life just like a mother does for her offspring. We are a part of nature’s design as humans.

We have a connection with plants and flowers, and some of their advantages have been and will continue to be passed down to next generations. We have power over our environment, our own aura, our feelings, and the things we draw into our lives.

Flowers uplift our spirits, brighten our surroundings, enhance sleep, lessen anxiety, raise productivity, and improve memory. Flowers improve the quality of life.

Sadly, some people believe that buying flowers is a waste of money. The cause is? They believe that because flowers fade, you shouldn’t spend your money buying them. That line of reasoning doesn’t actually make sense when you think about it.

Why are flowers expensive?

The trade of cut flowers is international. They are hand-harvested, sometimes grown in another country, and promptly transported over great distances while refrigerated. Flowers need to be handled and transported with great care since they are delicate.

Behind the scenes, research and development are heavily funded. People spend their entire lives developing new flower types and cultivating methods. Not to mention the marketing and lobbying efforts made by the sector.

Running a retail flower shop and making a profit is highly expensive. Every event and flavor level imaginable must be covered by your neighborhood florist’s inventory, and the business must continue to employ a competent design and sales staff that will never be replaced by technology.

Because it takes more labour to assemble a bouquet than other products that can be mass-produced by machines, bouquets are more expensive. Florists literally spend their days creating and wrapping flowers to ensure that they look visually pleasant to the eye since the arrangement itself is a piece of art. Good flower arrangements take work, and few people possess these abilities.

You also need a lot of electricity to keep the flowers fresh and alive. The process is pricey when you consider the amount of electricity used and the amount of space needed.

For the flowers to stay fresh until they are assembled into a bouquet, florists’ shops need to have a lot of refrigeration.

Why flowers are worth spending money on

In this article we shall discuss the pros and cons of buying flowers and explore if it is worth to spend money on flowers. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying flowers.

Flowers make you happy

Flowers instantly improve someone’s disposition and make their day. It is very difficult to find a person who does not like to be gifted flowers. Providing flowers has the added benefit of making the one giving them feel better as well as the person receiving them. The value of your money is thus immediately doubled. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reap the rewards because this works just as well with a large bouquet as it does with a few stems.

You can use flowers on all occasions

Flowers are appropriate for all of these events, so there’s no need to waste time debating what to choose for a birthday or anniversary gift, or to express gratitude for someone’s assistance, congrats, or condolences. Flowers are appropriate for any situation. Knowing this helps you save time, and as they say, time is money. Your money is, once more, a wise investment.

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Some of the arguments that are usually made against buying flowers are as follows.

Flowers don’t last long

On average, a flower bouquet only lasts for 7 to 10 days before they begin to wither and droop. Once they start to rot, they are usually thrown away.

Some flowers also turn black after they die and become outright ugly. So a gift that was meant to evoke beautiful memories usually ends up in the trash.

It is difficult to maintain flowers

Flowers eat up valuable time and effort from someone’s day. You must select a vase, fill it with water, place the flowers inside, prune them, ensure they receive sunlight, stay away from thorns, and clean up after them. Even then, they usually last for only a week.

Vase water also starts to smell after a few days if you do not take care of it regularly. Maintaining flowers takes up a lot of precious time.

So, these are the pros and cons of spending money on flowers. Even though flowers are sometimes expensive to buy, it is always a safe gifting option for almost any occasion.

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