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Which Flowers is Best Suited for Congratulating Someone?

There are so many uses of flowers like gifts, decorations, making food appetizers and pleasing for the eye, conveying emotions, releasing stress and anxiety, source of medicine, etc. It is also beneficial in our health because of edible flowers that contain potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Thus, flowers as gifts show a special gesture such as congratulating someone, greetings, and more.

But not all flowers suited all occasions. It is necessary to be aware of its meaning, especially when giving it as a gift. If you love to send flowers to your loved ones, friends, and other notable people, take note of these tips on choosing the best congratulations flowers in Singapore suited for sending the best wishes message.

  1. For a New Baby
  2. For Good Luck and Best Wishes
  3. For Graduation Day
  4. For an Engagement
  5. For a New Home
  6. For Promotion at Work
  7. Say Congratulations with Beato

For a New Baby: Carnation, Eustoma, and Roses

Carnation, eustoma, and roses in pastel colors remain popular flowers for newborn babies. Pink, purple, lavender, and pastels always are appropriate color choices for a baby girl. For a baby boy, blue, yellow, and orange flowers are the best colors. Freesia, delphinium, and purple Helleborus are all exceptional choices for a baby boy.

Light-colored carnations suited the new babies because they represent pure love and good luck, while eustoma flowers symbolize sweetness. The rose, in its pastel and light colors, represents love, birth, and new beginnings. The combination of carnation, eustoma and roses symbolizes pure innocence and expresses true love. A bouquet of these flowers expresses your best wishes and adoration to the new baby while also cheering up the new mother in her childbirth process.

While flowers are enough expression of love, you can level it up by giving extra thoughts. You can add some soft cuddly bears, newborn necessities such as baby muslin, baby moisturizer, and baby journal.

For Good Luck and Best Wishes: Hyacinth

As the most sought-after congratulations flower in Singapore, Hyacinth is a lovely star-shaped flower that makes a beautiful effect in a bouquet or on its own. It has a unique fragrance that is used extensively in perfume-making.

Hyacinth came from palest pinks to the deepest magenta and a striking deep indigo blue color. Hyacinth is perfect for sending good luck and best wishes messages because this flower in its blue shades means sincerity and victory.

For Graduation Day: Lilies or Tulips

Perfect ideas of flowers for congratulating someone on their graduation include an arrangement that features orange lilies or elegant tulips.

Lilies portray energy, courage, enthusiasm, and satisfaction in life – all great sentiments as they start a new career life journey. It can also symbolize honor and respect, which also lets them know how much you appreciate hard work and achievement.

As one of the best flowers for congratulations, tulips are a beauty on their own, whether a single bud or a bouquet. This flower is loved by many for centuries. It lets them know how much you adore them and would like to share the special day.

For an Engagement: White and Light-colored Roses

If your friend just announced her engagement, you can send her best wishes with white roses. White roses are standard congratulations flowers for an engagement. To celebrate an engagement message, stunning white roses make a pleasant gift for the happy couple.

If you would like to keep away from white roses, you can choose light-colored roses such as baby pink pastel colors. Symbolizing purity and innocence, they are a preferred choice for weddings and engagements to mark new beginnings.

For a New Home: Potted Orchids and Plants

Potted orchids, potted plants, and mixed arrangements of flower bouquet are perfect congratulation flowers for a new home, as they look impressive and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and shades and bloom for months when given the appropriate care. Potted orchids and potted plants are perfect as an addition to stylize their new home.

Another alternative is to send a beautiful arrangement of their favorite flowers in a congratulatory flower stand, a chic vase that can pop on the shelf, or a table to lighten things up as they settle in. Other alternatives also are the flowers in trends such as dried and preserved flowers, which are a great accessory in shelf in any part of the home. The new homeowner would surely be delighted with these.

For Promotion at Work: Yellow or Orange Roses, Lavender, and Orchids

Roses in shades of yellow and orange are excellent congratulations flowers in Singapore for someone who is newly promoted at work. Yellow roses are perfect congratulation flowers on their own in a bouquet, box, or mixed arrangement and a good choice as they symbolize friendship and joy. If someone you know has just got their dream job, giving them a bright and cheerful bundle of flowers is a fabulous way to say “well done!”.

Soft shades of lavender and orchid or deep shades of mauve and violet, purple flowers exemplify accomplishment and prominence. Lavender flowers are recognized to represent purity, calm, devotion, serenity, forgiveness, and tranquillity, which are meaningful in expressing your happiness on their achievement at work.

For making it more special, you can have the flowers in a special gift box that can stylize the table while cheering upon their promotion. You can also add some extra thoughts, such as flowers with wine styling, to perfectly celebrate the joyous moment.

Say Congratulations with Beato

Whether it’s because of love, joy, friendship, anniversaryappreciation, sympathy, romance, or apologies, flower-giving communicates the deepest emotions most elegantly. It is becoming a more meaningful gesture in times of celebratory moments such as having a new baby or new home, getting promoted at work, or celebrating graduation day. You will never go wrong with these flowers that are suitable and meaningful on different joyful occasions.

With Beato, you can order congratulations flowers and have a wide range of unique and well-crafted creations by our Master Stylist to ensure high-quality flowers. We also make it more special by adding extra thoughts to cheer up the recipient. With the help of other decorations and wrapping, we can make a simple but elegant congratulations flowers gift bundle for special occasions ahead. Trust only the best and creative Beato to express your message most especially and pleasingly possible.

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