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10 Benefits of Getting a Flower Subscription Service

Flowers have lots of benefits for your well-being. There is something magical in the charm and freshness of the blossoms that stimulate and calm the environment around. Flowers are known to attract positive vibes, bring freshness to the environment around them, and bring relaxation and peace of mind. If you like to enjoy the benefits of having fresh flowers everywhere, you may opt to get a flower subscription in Singapore.

In Singapore, more and more companies and homes are enjoying their flower subscription. These flower shops in Singapore regularly deliver to the customer’s doorstep, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. These can be a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from a garden, sets of indoor potted plants, and these may also include vases. You may even ask for indoor or outdoor plants and seasonal flowers – meaning you will allow an element of surprises and enjoy the freshest cuts. You may even choose the level of customization and different levels of plans, from basic arrangements to large bouquets with premium flowers.

Here are some benefits of getting a flower subscription service.

  1. Fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep
  2. It is affordable
  3. They bring joy and surprises
  4. Get access to exotic flowers
  5. Flower subscription is time-saving
  6. It adds charm to home decor easily
  7. Getting a subscription is very convenient
  8. It lets you have flowers tailored to your space
  9. Flowers improve health
  10. Flower subscription promotes self-care

1. Fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep.

Typically a fresh bunch of flowers is most likely to be considered expressing one’s sincerity rather than the plastic made. With a flower subscription, you’ll get fresh cut flowers straight from the garden delivered to your doorstep. You can also send flowers to someone and have them delivered. You can experience this freshness around yourself without going out of your home.

2. Flower subscription is affordable.

A flower subscription lets you get a beautiful bunch of flowers at an affordable cost. Prices of flowers are much lower compared to non-subscribers. You can also enjoy free delivery services. Moreso, flower shops have programs, rewards, and discounts, especially for subscribers only. With all these, you can enjoy affordable floral arrangements.

3. Flower subscription brings joy and surprises.

Flowers bring joy because of their aesthetic appeal, calming scent, and some magical dust that even science can attest to. There is something in a flower that can cheer up some hearts and delight the atmosphere. It also boosts your mood and improves energy in the longer run. Moreover, there is an element of surprise, especially with no fixed floral arrangement, because the floral stylist can choose the freshest cut and beautiful flowers. So you will enjoy different flowers every time it arrives at your doorstep. Signing up for a flower subscription is signing up for lifetime happiness and bundles of joy.

4. Flower subscription gives you access to exotic flowers.

Having a floral subscription means having priority and premium access to exotic flowers. You can have a wide array of exotic premium flowers like Birds of Paradise, Heliconia, Hyacinth, Calla Lily, Amaryllis, red roses, exquisite  lilies, magnificent daisies, blooming daffodils, or a bouquet of lovely orchids, carnations, or hydrangeas and many more. You’ll have the privilege to choose and customize the flowers. Additionally, exotic flowers can really get the attention of your visitors because they can pop up any bland space and can stylize your home like no other.

5. Flower subscription is time-saving.

When you want to surprise a loved one from time to time, a flower subscription is available and helps you save time. Generally, you don’t need to go out and go to the flower shop. Subscribers are given privileges with their requests and preferences, such as delivering flowers to someone. Flower subscription will save you from being troubled by visiting the florist every time you need to get flower bouquets. You are safe by not having to go out and at the same time experience better and personalized services offered by subscriptions online.

6. Flower subscription adds charm to home decor easily.

You don’t need to think twice; these beautiful flowers are one of the main reasons behind flower subscriptions. You can enjoy decorating your home with different flowers every week and DIY with flowers and scissors to create some fantastic eye-catching designs you can make. Designing and arranging flowers is a meditative and therapeutic activity. It is peaceful and can calm your mind while also adding charm to a home and even office.

7. Flower subscription is very convenient.

When you have a flower subscription in Singapore for yourself or your special someone, you’re enjoying the convenience. You can have a quality floral arrangement whenever you want. Here’s the tip, using a recurring subscription, you can arrange your delivery one time, and then you’re set for as long as you want it to be. There’s nothing more convenient than a continuous delivery of beautiful, fresh flowers that simply show up at your door – even if you already forget about it. So be smart and enjoy the convenience a flower subscription can provide.

8. Flower subscription lets you have flowers tailored to your space.

Flowers can make your environment alive with their splash of color and artistic designs. A flower can stylize any corner in your home and office. Flower subscriptions in Singapore offered different kinds and varieties of flowers with designs that can be tailored to your space – whether it is an office, a home, a veranda, or any blank space you’d like to liven up.

9. Flower subscription improves health.

Flowers do not only help to decorate and freshen up your home or expressing emotions to your special someone. Having flowers around significantly brightens up moods and improves mental health. Also, the DIY arranging of flowers is a therapeutic activity that helps fight stress. Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. Most importantly, flowers and indoor plants improve the quality of the air you breathe. With these, the flower subscription lets you enjoy these health benefits.

10. Flower subscription promotes self-care.

It helps to provide a quality fresh floral cut that will satisfy the subscribers. This premium subscription promotes self-care – bringing convenience, joy, and happiness while improving your health. It can change your life like ever before – so follow your heart, get a flower subscription, and enjoy being surrounded by flowers.

Bottom line

Flower subscriptions in Singapore are growing. Getting a flower subscription is getting a premium service such as easy and safe transactions and complimentary services while enjoying all the benefits of having flowers around. While you can save time, effort, and resources, a flower subscription lets you express your emotion to your loved ones, stylize your home, and even improves your well-being.

If you like to enjoy these premium privileges and get a flower subscription in Singapore, the Beato is the best choice and the most sought-after florist in Singapore. Being experienced in the industry, Beato is definitely worthy of your trust. Check out how you can get a weekly flower subscription here.

We are not only limited to flower subscription services but we provide a variety of floral arrangements for other special occasions as well, whether it’s a special day to congratulate someone, valentine’s Day, anniversary, saying sorry or for thanking someone.



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