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The Hidden Meanings of Beautiful Flowers

Over centuries, people have marveled at the beauty of flowers and enjoyed their fragrance. The presence of flowers can make a room brighter and they have a noticeable effect on our mood – they make us feel better by reducing stress. That is why they make such a wonderful gift. However, each flower has a meaning and symbolism that can help you choose the appropriate time to gift it and the right person to give it to. Read on to find out more.


  1. Peonies
  2. Roses
  3. Chrysanthemum
  4. Orchids
  5. Tulips
  6. Daffodils
  7. Sunflower

1: Peonies

Peonies are associated with romance and bashfulness. These fluffy flowers are generally pink in colour and make a luxurious bouquet. Available only between April and June, their rarity makes them even more desirable. This Romantic Flower symbolises good fortune and happiness. Named after the Greek God for healing, they find use in medicine as well. Peonies are considered to be a special gift for the 12th wedding anniversary and are frequently used in weddings as well. Make sure you take good care of them as they bloom only for a short while.


2: Roses

No list of Romantic Flowers can be complete without Roses. Available in a dazzling range of colours, each with its own meaning, this is a versatile flower. The red rose symbolises love and is a perfect gift for your significant other on Valentine’s day. The yellow rose represents friendship and it can be presented on friendship day. Blue roses signify mystery and intrigue and they can be given to someone from a secret admirer. Sending roses is also one of the best ways to congratulate someone for any event or achievement. This flower has symbolisms from all cultures and even the number of roses can send a message allowing you to extensively personalise your gift.


3: Chrysanthemum

Blooming in November, Chrysanthemums signify joy and longevity and are  great presents for your friends who celebrate their birthdays in November. They have uses in Chinese medicine and are also the seal of the Japanese emperor. They also make for solemn and beautiful memorial flowers to cherish loved ones who have passed. Each colour can represent different emotions with red standing for deep passion, yellow for sorrow, violet for well wishes etc. Choose your colours wisely when preparing a bouquet of these magnificent flowers.


4: Orchids

With an exotic appearance, Orchids symbolise fertility and elegance. They are easy to maintain yet beautiful, making them very desirable for gifting. Once you know a few tips and tricks, they can rebloom year after year adding happiness to the receiver’s house. Pink orchids are perfect for a couple’s 14th and 25th wedding anniversary as they signify affection and charm. White orchids signify luxury and elegance and make for thoughtful housewarming gifts. Purple orchids represent femininity and respect and are given on Mother’s day. This flower symbolises luxury and virility in cultures around the world. Most prominently the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid is the national flower of Singapore.


5: Tulips

Having originated in central Asia but now popular around the world and especially in the Netherlands, Tulips are beautiful flowers that derive their name for the Turkish word for turban, due to their appearance. They are popular as gifts for a couple’s 11th anniversary, symbolising devotion and deep, unconditional love. As one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they also represent rebirth and can be gifted to friends who are going through major life changes. White Tulips signify forgiveness and you can use them to apologise to your loved ones and as a mark of respect. Tulips are recognizable across the world as they have over 3000 varieties and interestingly, they are perfectly edible too.


6: Daffodils

Another flower that blooms at the beginning of spring, an indication that winter has come to an end is the Daffodil. Best known for their yellow hues, this flower’s meaning is rebirth and new beginnings but they also symbolise creativity and inspiration. With their name originating from Greek mythology, these flowers are popular in Chinese culture as well. They are to be gifted to a couple on their 10th anniversary as they signify good fortune and prosperity. According to a Welsh legend, the person who sees the first Daffodil bloom will have luck on his side for a year from then.


7: Sunflower

This flower that always turns toward the sun symbolises adoration and dedication. It also represents worship and faithfulness because of its resemblance to the sun. They bloom during the summer and are given as 3rd year wedding anniversary presents. With uses in medicine and food, this flower is as beautiful as it is essential. The meaning derived from the sunflower’s radiant colour is friendship and loyalty. An ideal gift for someone who is starting a new business & for corporate gifts, Sunflowers always brighten the atmosphere of a room and bring good fortune, luck and safety.

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