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Why are Flowers Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts?


Since 496 AD Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in honour of Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for denying King’s law to help young lovers. There are many other stories related to Saint Valentine including different legends of Christian and Roman history. This sacred day is a feast of love, friendship, and admiration where people express their feelings towards each other by sending cards, flowers, and chocolates. With time Valentine’s day has become especially associated with couples spending time together and exchanging gifts. Whereas some people see this day as an opportunity to spend time with their families and friends. As being a world recognized festival many restaurants and cafes offer special meals decorated with symbols of love like flowers and hearts


What special gift should you give on Valentine’s day?

Let’s remind your loved ones how important they are in your life by sending some gifts of affection. There is a wide range of options available in the market to choose from but finding the right one for your person has never been easy. You can shop some of the most popular gifts that we have researched will definitely leave them awestruck. We have covered an affordable celebration for the big day if you wish to include some gifts with the dinner party.


  • Evil Eye Bracelet – this is one of the most trending accessories people are loving for its studded design and safety from bad luck. This will be a stylish protection from envious eyes for your loved ones whether you are planning to gift it to your lover or a friend on Valentine.


  • Self Care Routine Box – this February 14 you can give your woman a selection box of the best skin care routine to make her feel the glow of your love. These boxes contain everything she may need for her morning to evening skin regime like oils, exfoliator, moisturizer, and face packs.


  • Flower Arrangement – if you wish to make this year’s Valentine joyous for your family then this gift will be a great addition to the home decor. Also flowers have always been a exotic choice to persuade someone and florists beautifully arrange the boxes for an enchanting look.


  • Sleepwear & Fluff Slippers – even men like to be pampered by their beloved people and there aren’t many choices for men when it comes to gifting. But a comforting gesture can be your best gift to him like a cozy set of sleepwear and fluffy slippers to make him feel home on lazy mornings.


  • Warm Up Blanket – blanket might seem to be a very regular thing for gifting but what about if it’s filled with the memories of your good time together. There are options for personalized blankets woven by crafters in the market that can include photos, old clothes, or favourite color coverings.


Importance of giving flowers on Valentine’s day and its different types?

We send flowers to our loved ones on this special occasion called Valentine’s Day and it’s importance has a deep connection with various myths and love legends. Beginning with Saint Valentine whose skull is crowned with flowers represent love and affection. Also Venus, the goddess of love associated flowers to be a sacred symbol of love and beauty and the red rose is considered her favorite flower resembling an eternal life of love.


During the Victorian era flowers were the most popular gift to express your admiration towards someone as they were considered sacred expressions of love. One of the important reasons behind the tradition of gifting flowers is that humans themselves are a part of nature and flowers possess the same elegant nature that strengthens the spirit of all kinds of relationships. Different flowers have different symbols that communicate your message to the people you are gifting as every gesture has an important meaning.


  • Tulips – are a symbol of unconditional love and attraction that represent the pure emotions of people who love you deeply. You can choose from different types of colors for gifting a beautiful bouquet to friends or family.


  • Rose – has always been the most desirable gift for Valentine’s Day representing passion and considered the perfect expression of love especially for lovers. The royal essence of red roses has made them a traditional choice to win hearts.


  • Sunflowers – will be liked by your loved ones as the beautiful bright color is the gift for the beginning of a delightful day. Sunflower symbolizes happiness, warmth, and strength if you want to wish someone a good fortune on the day of love.


  • Orchids – the gorgeous guise of orchids have become the most trending can be a mood booster if you want to give them to your acquaintance. This graceful flower symbolizes fertility and unity, and can be the best gift for couples this Valentine’s Day.


How many types of bouquets are there to gift on Valentine’s day?

If you are looking for the gorgeous bouquet to send your love to, we have found some of the best selling flowers right at the time of Valentine.


  • Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet – red rose bouquets are never out of style. You can take some of the best long stem blooms from a local florist and ask them to wrap them beautifully in a handcrafted envelope with a sparkling bow on it.


  • Truly Stunning Bouquet – with a group of some red roses and lilies you can shop a dreamy flower bouquet textured in bold colors of red, purple and pink. This eye-catching bouquet will be a lovely thing to impress your recipient.


  • Fiesta Bouquet – buy the freshest combination of flowers packed in a glass bowl to celebrate every moment of Valentine’s day. The vibrant color of roses, lavender and daisy will fill some excitement in the heart and room of your beloved.


  • Over the Moon Bouquet – bedded in the moon shaped vase pink roses and waxflower are a lovely choice to express your admiration towards friends this Valentine’s Day. This bouquet can also be used for flower arrangement later to be kept as a token of friendship.


  • Love in Bloom Tulip Bulb Garden – to bloom your love this Valentine’s season you can gift your woman this handcrafted box of tulip as a symbol of your perfect love. The pink-colored tulips are set in the jute basket, the best addition to her garden.


There are no boundaries to the grounds where someone truly desires to reciprocate their feelings towards someone they truly love and respect. If the recipient lives faraway you can use online shipping service for sending your love and make your relationships stronger this Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate this Valentine’s day with our Valentines day Flowers and Bouquets. Get in touch with us for more details.

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