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Is Valentine’s Day For Friends?


It’s called the universal celebration of love and relationships that you build over your life has evolved the definition of Valentine’s Day from exclusive couples day to people celebrating self-love and friendship. Today one can see posts uploaded on social media with a transformed image of this day like friends going out for lunch and dinners stating that the day is not just about romantic relationships but also love in general. Single people celebrate their moments of friendship named it Galentine’s Day because even single people deserve to express love and gratitude towards their friends by arranging a small get-together on this day.


Surely Valentine’s Day is for friends because friendship is an essential part of every human’s life. Apart from the popular belief, we can show our affection towards our friends who share all the good and bad times standing by our side. As Shakespeare once said “A friend knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” because he might have believed that true friendship is the best gift of one’s life. February 14 has no boundaries to what kind of love one might celebrate so you can interpret your meaning of love and surprise your forever partners in crime with gifts and best wishes.


We have listed the best ways to surprise your friends this Valentine’s Day.


  • Union Picnic – there is nothing more special than planning a union picnic with your closest friends and spending some joyous time with each other. You just need to prepare some tasty food and pack some picnic essentials in your basket to make this outdoor fun. Also, you can look for some panoramic spots like parks or hike to some nearby lake to steal some beautiful views of the sunset by taking pictures with your friends. You can play card games, football, or chat on the grass and build a bonfire in the evening singing songs with your friends sitting around. Picnics are the best way to rekindle your childhood memories with friends making sandcastles on the beach and playing in the seawater.


  • Host Night Stay – you can set up the house with some platonic theme and invite your friends over for the night. You can chat with your besties, eat home-baked waffles, drink hot chocolate to spend this lovely time of year together, and sleep late at night after watching your all-time favorite show. Because these memories of laughter, movies, drinks, pizzas, and cuddles of blankets around the fireplace will stay with you forever. This fun sleepover can be the best Valentine gift to all your close friends whom you might have been wanting to meet for a long time and this holiday can be the chance to invite your lovable ones. So call all your single friends to put their night suit in their backpacks and reach home on Valentine’s evening.


  • Throwback Photo Session – reinventing your childhood memories with your best friend by arranging a photo shoot is the best idea to meet your friend after long years of love and friendship spent together. This throwback session will make you laugh as you can tease each other about the stupid things you and your best friend did in childhood. You can wear similar clothes or pick similar locations as it is in your photographs of the good old days. This fun shoot will make your bond stronger than ever as you reinvent your favorite photos on the day of love. These snapshots will be your amazing story of friendship that you have relived in the memories that have been blurred by the pace of time.


  • Self-Care Activity – after so many busy days of your mundane life you can plan a relaxing holiday with your besties. You can buy passes to some spa to have a calming body and head massage. Also, you can book a parlor application with your single girl gang to get the glow for a party on Valentine’s evening. You can chit-chat with your buddies in a comfortable atmosphere and order some food there to call it a reunion party time. And if some of your friends are health-conscious you can take a yoga class together breathing out all the tensions of your daily routine and have some brunch at a coffee shop afterward. This self-care outing will help you learn that self-love is as important as loving someone else this Valentine’s Day.


  • Hang Out Together – you and your friends can also utilize your union on Valentine’s Day by attending a fun class together like cooking, pottery, painting, or a dance lesson to hit the floor down. You can learn new things and make this time special by having productive fun together. Or you can go to a concert and have a fun time hearing the musicians dancing to their tunes. There is much other fun stuff you can choose from including going shopping, riding a bicycle, visiting video game stores, and dumpster diving. You can visit different places the whole day in your area and see what interesting things you may find.


There are also some of the best Valentine’s day quotes/wishes to spread a smile on your friends’ faces who are living away from you.


  • Wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend to be my resort every single time. Sending my gratitude to remind you of our friendship on this day of love.


  • To the most amazing friends I have known all my life, I cherish all our happy memories no matter if the day changes you are still in my heart buddies.


  • I know we don’t hang out more but I want to remind you this Valentine’s Day that I love You from the bottom of my heart.


  • Good friends and good wines are hard to find but I have got both right. Raising a toast this Valentine to my precious friends who have been by my side through thick and thin times.


  • Whether it’s a day or a thousand years I want you to be my friend always and forever. I love you; Happy Valentine’s Day!

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