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Where Do Valentine’s Day Roses Come From


February 14 is celebrated as Saints’ Day which has been associated with the tale of Saint Valentine on the same day. Now, this day has become a significant tradition of celebrating courtly love in different regions of the world. Valentine’s Day was started with the hope to spread the message of love and fellowship. Most people woo their romantic partners on this day expressing their affection towards them and asking for their hand in marriage. This mating season can be recognized by the cupid sign that symbolizes the connection between humans through golden arrows of love.


Why are roses so popular? Why do we give rose on Valentines day?

Apart from love confessions and courtships, this day involves bestowing gifts to your loved ones. People give cards, chocolates, soft toys, photographs and many more things to their partners but roses are the most special gift they are always given as a token of affection. Starting from the 17th-century flowers became the traditional expression of love and this is why roses are bought by a large number of people on Valentine’s Day. Also, the places like cafes and resorts are decorated with roses welcoming couples for dinners and it’s hard to neglect the glimpse of roses all around.


This classic beauty has always been linked with romance as an icon signifying love and certainly, it is a trend now. According to the Christian myths, the rose was the favorite flower of Venus ( God of love) as she believed that the beautiful color of the red rose depicts strong emotions of love. There is a tale in Greek mythology that the Aphrodite goddess cried as his lover Adonis died and her tears fell on the ground where the first red rose grew. However logically the biggest reason behind the preference and vast sales of red rose as a Valentine Flower is because it has a vibrant color, luxury look, and unique fragrance. Most importantly they have a tougher surface that helps them to be transported to different countries every year.


Where do these roses come from? How are they prepared? 

But do you know where these roses are cultivated and reach you to make your lover’s day special? Ecuador and Columbia are the top two exporters globally producing roses on fertile soils spreading around twenty thousand acres. They export excellent quality roses to countries before the arrival of the mating season celebrated in February. Columbia and Ecuador cultivate roses through sustainable organic processes in the unheated hoop houses and later pack responsibly to sustain their beauty which makes them authentic.


Solely the Netherlands takes 52% of the global market when it comes to the harvest and export of roses but marketers prefer to purchase them from Columbia and Ecuador because of their affordable trade and fewer import restrictions. These roses are cultivated carefully under the decent climate conditions of their mountainous region especially in their sunny seasons. This floriculture is one of the longstanding trade that has benefited in annual revenues to flower exporters and livelihood for laborers. Because Columbia alone exports about 6 billion blooming roses to a total number of 90 countries whereas Ecuador exports approx 16 million stems of cut roses making a profit of 7.5 million dollars every year


How are rose bouquets made? 

Making gifting bouquets need quite more patience and time to make the perfect composition of roses that astonish the eye of your charming lover. Florists essentially pick roses to make a Valentine Special bouquet for people. There are a few techniques to process a perfectly wrapped rose bouquet for your partner, family, or friend.

  1. The roses usually have a similar size and shape. They use a wide table to select perfectly shaped flowers from scattered bunches.
  2. Every flower is grabbed firmly from the center so that the roses might not break and every flower should be added diagonal giving it a round shape.
  3. As the bouquet begins to take shape they gently grab roses to lift them equally and let all spread the bloom.
  4. Every bunch of roses has an equal number of flowers so that it looks more of a natural composition.
  5. Finally, the bunch is wrapped with a beautiful bow-style ribbon in tissue paper ready to be shipped to your loved one’s door.


Which are the best roses to give on Valentine’s day?

Unsurprisingly roses are the top choice of every buyer on the occasion of Valentine’s. With the upcoming trends, people have started inclining towards different colors of roses because they equally catch the eyes of customers. And with the changing definitions of Valentine’s Day, people have started gifting flowers to their parents and friends also. This evolution has increased the sale of other colors, especially peach and white roses as they are modern symbols of humbleness and piousness.


But even today nothing can beat the sale of red roses, according to the reports more than 50% of people buy this specific color on Valentine’s Day as they are the everlasting symbols of pure love and passion. People have been giving red roses to their beloved as a token of their devotion to them. Apart from Valentine’s Day brides walk the aisle with the beautiful bouquet of red roses on the day of their marriage and later throw it on bridesmaids for good luck. This color has an emotional connection with people not because they are essential but they are brighter and plumpy. There is a wide range of red roses available in the market to choose from including Crimson Glory, Darcey, Chrysler Imperial, Adrenalin, Samourai, Tamingo Follies, Amalia, etc.


For centuries it has been the tradition that one cannot meet their beloved with a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day because it is the most essential part of the day. Husbands surprise their wives in the morning with a classic rose bouquet, chocolates, and confetti decorations. And if you are not decisive about what type of flowers to surprise your love of life with then this is the best choice for you to take without thinking twice.

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