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Should Valentine’s Day be Celebrated in Schools?

Do you have a memory of celebrating the day of love in school as a kid? Most people would say “NO” because of the mental boundaries that people have created regarding Valentine’s day, particularly confining this day for romantic relationships only. But childhood is the hope to transform the perception of society towards any subject and it begins with the school where kids spend most of their time. And because school is the place where children learn to respect and love other human beings without any prejudice or contempt. Valentine’s Day can be presented as a unified celebration of friendship in schools also if we look forward to it differently.


Why is Valentine’s Day banned in Schools? 

Valentine’s Day has been considered a bad influence on children so most schools do not allow children to celebrate this day with their friends and teachers. This day is considered a distraction from learning according to school authorities and parents which will leave a negative impact on children. Many schools around the globe have banned kids older than four years from celebrating romantic occasions because they believe the fledgling themes of Valentine will corrupt their minds. The day might turn out to be hurting someone’s religious beliefs as in many communities people do not celebrate Valentine who considers it an outrageous event for younger generations.


What activities & crafts should children do in school on Valentine’s Day? 

All these preconceived notions about Valentine’s Day can be changed if it begins from schools to make it more of a fun event that appreciates human love and friendship but not only conceptualized partner love. There are many activities that students can do to celebrate this day with their classmates.


  • Compliment Card Contest – to start the day with the words of kindness and love children can participate in a card contest where they will draw their ideas on colorful sheets and winners will get some goodies or prizes. All age groups can take part in this fun activity writing best wishes and compliments for others that will teach them that showing compassion to others is also a kind of love.


  • Singing Poems & Songs – This activity can be a great opportunity to make learning fun as children will sing poems with teachers that will be a new engaging experience for them. Teachers can also take a question/answer session of words used in poetry. Older students can pick their choice of poems and sing in groups because this activity will improve their presentation skills also.


  • Heart-shaped Bracelet Making – Friendship is a valuable gift that spreads smiles and takes place in your heart forever. Making a bracelet with colorful beads and heart-shaped stones for your best friend will make the bond stronger as this craft activity will treasure the lovely time children will have with their friends at school. Also, they will understand the importance of relationships in life.


  • Classroom Decoration – is the best entertainment to boost the enthusiasm of children on Valentine’s Day. Children can decorate their classrooms with paper cutouts, heart balloons, confetti, and Valentine stickers. Through planning and organizing the class decoration together students will learn to embrace the diverse culture and improve themselves as human beings.


  • Candy Jar Contest – this game is best for kindergarten kids as they will fill their jars with colorful candles placed on a distant table. Kids whose jars are most filled will calculate the number of candies themselves and the teacher will announce the winner of the contest. To motivate the confidence of kids for such activities teachers can give them gifts like pencil boxes, chocolate, crayons, etc.


  • Crafty Bottles – this artistry craft of bottle designing is best for middle school children. Children can bring some oil colors, flask, brushes, beads, glitter, and water and paint any design they like. This activity will be an opportunity for children to develop their painting skills using crafts materials. Also, they can take these crafty bottles home as a token of appreciation to show their parents what new they have learned today.


  • Things I Love – Younger kids have pure imagination so when they think about something their brains foster new things. Valentine’s Day will be a great chance to express themselves as they will paint pictures of things they love and present them to the class. This activity will not only bring creativity out but will create a connection between the likes and dislikes of children as they will start understanding the essence of humanity.


  • Bubble Pop – this is one of the most famous and encouraging games to improve the motor skills of young kids. Every child will be given a balloon and they have to try to blow it by sitting on it. This game is going to be a laughter-filled time as kids have to pop the balloon in the first turn without using their hands. Teachers can hide some candies inside to make it more surprising and the kid who pops the balloon first will win the game.


What bulletin board ideas should be used by children to make this day more fun-filled at school? 

Bulletin boards of schools usually display the innovative crafts and talents of all the children from different grades. Younger kids might be going to add some sparkly animated characters and older students will do their task with enhanced creativity.

But every effort will add a star to the bulletin board of the school and here are some

of the best options for all age groups to show their talent through some paint and art.


  • We Love Learning – teachers can display some of the best children’s storybooks like Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, and Matilda so they can learn kindness, empathy, and acceptance through different viewpoints of characters.


  • Love You Pizza – children can put their graphic ideas on paper by creating heart-shaped pizzas because every kid loves to eat pizza. Also, write their names on it as a reminder of self-love.


  • When I’m Older – a Disney-inspired decoration will completely enchant children like Olaf singing the song ‘Some things never change like I am holding on tight to you’ on the school board.


  • Mickey Mouse Club House – You could do so many things with this one! Every kid can make their favourite character from the Mickey series and teachers will hang the bunch of cartoons as handmade hanging on the board.

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