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Best Graduation Flowers for Guys

Graduation is an important part of life it’s one of those special days which always remain with you becoming a core memory of achievements. So you might be thinking about what gift you should give a guy friend or cousin graduating this year. And people usually get confused when it comes to buying presents for males because there aren’t many options available for them like females. However, flowers are the only gift that goes beyond types of occasions and choices as everyone loves these delicate and vibrant gifts. Continue reading to know why flowers are a great choice for any graduate and what type of flowers one can buy for such victorious celebrations. Since graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it must be made special for the one graduating after putting in so much hard work and dedication. 

Do guys get flowers for graduation? 

Finding flowers for guys is a big task but can you give flowers to a guy on graduation is out of the question. Yes, you can as it will be great to recognize and celebrate their achievements. Although there has been a notion that only females love blooms, male students can be given such a refreshing and eye-catching gift. Consider some bright colors like a white rose, carnations, or vibrant orchids to lighten his mood. 

Do flowers make a good gift for graduation ceremonies?

Flowers have a thoughtful way to tell your loved ones how proud you feel when they are achieving a new milestone in their life. It doesn’t matter if the person is graduating from high school, college, or a graduate program, flowers will be a perfect gift for bringing a happy smile to can face. Because it has always been said flowers are connected to human emotions and they fill us with you and enthusiasm. 

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The best types of flowers as a graduation gift 

Selecting graduation flowers from different varieties of flowers is confusing sometimes. But it would be easier if you take their favorite color and add a heartfelt note to it. Also, you can make it more special by adding some balloons and chocolates to make them feel that you deeply appreciate their accomplishment. Here we have listed down some suggestions to help you get started without much hassle. 


This Christmas flower has long been associated with pride, well wishes, and accomplishment. From the Victorian era, people gift them to their loved ones to tell them how much they mean to them. You can choose between purple and red as purple symbolizes admiration and distinction whereas red stands for strength and confidence. Gifting Amaryllis will leave a good impression on him as many people feel anxious on their big day. 


Discovered in Central Asia, tulips are the favorite flower of spring because of their vibrant colors and bulb-like shape. They have been linked with hope and cheerful thoughts for centuries and were once the most high-priced blooms in the world. Moreover, Victorians used to believe they bring prosperity in life, and it would be a great gesture to congratulate him on a fresh start. As after graduation people move towards making a career or finding a job. 


This early summer flower is commonly seen at all joyful events and parties as its bright color always stands out. Peony plays a major role in native China and they refer to it as the “queen of flowers”. Also, the flower has several symbolic meanings that include compassion, good luck, prosperity, and happy marriage. So for wishing a successful start to a bright future you can buy a beautiful bouquet of Peonies. 


One of the most popular flowers in the world, Calla Lilies is associated with innocence, beauty, and purity. They come in more than 3,700 species also known as white arum. This flower has the properties of absorbing impurities from the air and grows in the months between May to September. The yellow color symbolizes gratitude, red stands for courage and determination, and purple represents wisdom and admiration. So if you go for this flower either you give a single color or make a mixed bouquet of all these beautiful colors. 


The bumpy size of Carnation is attractive and its spicy scent makes it unique from other flowers. Carnation has a history in Romans and Greek culture that people used to make their garlands to worship gods that’s why it is also known as “the flower of gods”. Also, this flower is suitable for the occasion of graduation because it comes in a wide range of colors. So you can match them to the college theme as a bouquet matching his clothes will look exceptional. 

Alternative Gifts for Guys on Graduation

Well, if you wish to add a little more spark to the special day of your friend or cousin graduating then buying a truly memorable gift can be a good idea. We have made you a list of gifts one can give to a guy at graduation. 

Personalized Pen

It has always been said that a Pen holds more power than a sword could wield and gifting it to a person on their graduation days can be a symbol of their victory. There are many options available in the market and you can gift one with their name ingrained on it. Although it is a traditional gift yet you can give it a go for boys who do love small gestures. 

Wrist Watch 

A watch can be another great gifting option as males love wearing fancy watches all the time no matter what their age is. If your brother is graduating from High School he would adore such a lovely present on this day. And if you are thinking about something expensive and impressive you can buy him a Gucci or Apple Watch as they are the most trendy nowadays. 

Netflix Subscription

Simple but the most entertaining gift for a whole year where he can watch all his favorite shows and movies. Netflix Subscription is a wonderful idea if he loves some cozy time at home and watching action or fantasy movies. Also, this can be a fun gift for friends so you can hang out watching movies together. 


After school people move to colleges where they need to work all the time on their laptops for presentations and projects. Well, Apple has made things easier for students who have so many tasks and activities to operate. They launched IPad which are more convenient to use as you can easily carry them anywhere. Gifting an IPad is the best thing one graduate could have so you can think of it too.

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