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Birth month flowers and their meanings

It has always been said that nature has a heart-to-heart connection with human beings, especially flowers that provide us with warmth and happiness. Even though today we have numerous ways to express our love and admiration towards people, most of us choose flowers as the first choice. Do you know why? Because flowers are a substitute for human language they easily convey our thoughts and emotions to the recipients. Also, did you know they have a connection to our birth month?  The happiest time of year is when we celebrate our welcoming day on the planet and flowers do tell about your signs and personality traits just like a zodiac or birthstone. If you didn’t know then we are here to give you all the information on how your birth flower influences your life. Continue reading to know which flower will be your birthday charm. 

January: Carnations & Snowdrop 

The flowers for January-born people are carnations and snowdrops which bloom in the winter season. The carnation flower comes in almost every color and brings light in this gloomy and dark month. They can survive in the cold weather without losing their beauty despite their seeming delicate outlook. Also, a snowdrop conveying the meaning of their name looks like white snow covering the land. Although they look simple and droopy they hold a significant symbol of hope and rebirth. Whereas carnations represent admiration and love which makes you a devoted and extremely loyal person. 

February: Violet 

February is the month of love as we famously know it for Valentine’s Day which comes on the 14th of every year. The flowers for people born in this month are violet. Violets are considered to be very beautiful and rare blooms having a distinctive purple hue used for medical purposes in ancient times. This flower symbolizes faith, humility, and wisdom that can withstand harsh and moist conditions in the midwinter time of the year. So people born in this month are often sweet, reliable, and humble and can be good company when it comes to honest relationships. 

March: Daffodils 

The March birth flowers are daffodils beginning with a new season of little warmth and sunshine. Daffodils are optimistic flowers that bring happiness to the face of people with their vibrant and sober looks. The flower of the new year symbolizes rebirth and is a token of good luck if you are gifting it to someone close to your heart. People born during this month have positivity in them and they have a bright smile on their faces wherever they go, making others enlightened with their presence. The yellow color of this flower marks the beginning of summer and shining sky.

April: Daisies & Sweet Pea

The spring flower is one of the most popular flowers of courtship which was discovered back in the 1800s in South Africa. Daisies are the sign of transformation, purity, and true love. These innocent-looking flowers are often considered the best gift to new mothers as they also represent fertility. On the other hand, Sweet Pea is known for its pleasant fragrance symbolizes bliss. Both flowers make a beautiful summer bouquet full of life and a great way to express love. People born in this month are lively and kindred souls who believe in love and compassion. 

May: Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has a connection to Greek mythology as it is said that the flower grew from Eve’s tears after her banishment from the Garden of Eden. This fragrant woodland flower has a glossy shine and usually grows in moderate temperate regions of the world, Also, they are called May bells for the way they bloom in groups on a single stem. Lily of the Valley represents motherhood, happiness, sweetness, and youth. You might have seen them used in weeding for their symbolism of chastity. This flower can be a perfect gift for your mother and sisters on birthdays

June: Rose

The flower of romance and affection, the Rose is known for its attractive beauty, especially the red color. Rose is the sweetheart flower that instantly brings happiness to the face of the recipient. You might be surprised to know there are more than 100 varieties of rose available in the market. As it symbolizes devotion, love, beauty, and honor that’s why it is called the woo flower. Yellow flowers are best to be gifted to friends and lovers, red is the color to show your passionate love. People born in June are romantic and easily get along with people just like roses can fit any occasion. 

July: Larkspur & Delphinium

The July birth flowers are Larkspur and Delphinium which come in unique and vibrant colors. Larkspur has tall spikes and colorful petals that instantly grab the attention of viewers and it symbolizes positivity, dignity, and grace. The secondary birth flower is Delphinium which can grow up to 6 feet named after the shape of a Dolphin’s nose. These flowers are British and considered to be very cheerful and joy bringers that can brighten up someone’s day. They symbolize purity, unity, and finding peace and balance. People born in this month can connect themselves to the qualities of these flowers. 

August: Gladiolus & Poppy

Gladiolus and Poppy are the flowers of August-born people that come in beautiful rainbow colors. Gladiolus is a Latin word that means sword because the flower has a sharp shape. The flower represents strength, honesty, generosity, and moral integrity. In fact, People born in August are courageous, strong, and independent who believes in self-worth. Moreover, the Poppy is a flower of imagination and remembrance known for its vibrant colors. People can bring this flower to funerals to show that the deceased person will always remain in their memories. 

September: Aster & Morning Glory

Aster is a flower found in many colors including pink, white, red, orange, mauve, and purple. The shape of this flower resembles a star that’s why it is also called starworts. Asters are symbolic of love, royalty, and wisdom. Morning Glory is the flower that brings new light to people’s lives as they bloom early in the morning. Like Aster, they are also a symbol of true love and innocence. People born in September are sensible and soft at heart and love to spend time with their family and friends.

October: Marigold & Cosmos 

Marigold is a flower of many benefits as it is considered to possess healing powers and correct skin problems. This flower signifies fierce love, passion, and creativity with its beautiful golden petals. This autumn bloom has a spicy scent and is best for people who love gardening because they come in varied colors. The second birth flower is Cosmos which represents peace and tranquility.  People born in the month are hardworking like the sturdy nature of Marigold and harmonious like Cosmos. 

November: Chrysanthemum

A big bloom of November Chrysanthemum is commonly known as mums. They are one of the most popular flowers to be sold because their size and color make them evident in a room. Chrysanthemums were discovered in China in the 15th century and they celebrate the Festival of Happiness devoted to the flower. They represent friendship, honesty, happiness, and longevity used for decoration on most occasions. People born in this month are friendly, open-minded, and joyful just like mums. 

December: Narcissus & Holly

The Narcissus stands for wealth, good wishes, and respect known for its trumpet-like center. Their white color is the perfect symbol for the cold days of winter. Also, Holly is the flower of a holiday when people make merry on the best time of the year, Christmas. Holly is used for decoration as it considered as a protection plant symbolic of good fortune, peace and merriment. People born in December are protective, ambitious, and confident in nature. 

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