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Christmas Wreaths and Their Meaning | History, Tradition, Symbolism

It is going to be Christmas soon, and the season kickstarts with the Christmas tree and other decorations. Everyone celebrating Christmas will be busy getting their Christmas trees, lights, and Christmas ornaments. Just like keeping a Christmas tree at home, hanging a Christmas Wreath on the door is synonymous with Christmas and the festive season. Different types of Christmas Wreaths are available in the market, and before we go into that topic, it is important to know what Christmas Wreaths signify and their meaning.

Significance of Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths are decorative pieces that usher in the cheer and joyous spirit of Christmas along with the Christmas tree. These wreaths are always circular in shape and made of a combination of Holly, berries, and mistletoe. The leaves from the evergreen signify strength, and since they endure the harsh winters, the greens also signify courage and strength. The circle represents eternal life, just like human life. The shape of the Christmas wreath also symbolizes the crown of thorns that was kept on the head of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection that leads to the belief that life is eternal. The term wreath is derived from Middle English word, ‘wrethe’ which means a band. The leaves and fruits in the band symbolize the strength of life.

Types of Christmas Wreaths

There are two types of wreaths, the Christmas Wreath, and the Advent Wreath. The Christmas Wreath as mentioned above symbolizes courage and strength.

A conventional Advent Wreath is made up of a circle of four violets or rose candles with evergreens, and there will be a fifth candle in the center. One candle a week is lit before supper, and the last and the middle one is lit on Christmas Eve. It represents the birth of Jesus Christ, and during the olden days, people gathered around these wreaths and lit fire. They signified the hope for the Spring season, and Catholics and Protestants use them to celebrate their hope in Jesus Christ. 

Christmas Wreath Ideas for the Season

Now that you know the significance of Christmas Wreaths, and the types of wreaths, it will be interesting to know the different types of Christmas Wreath ideas that can be used to decorate your home during the festive season. 

Bauble Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Wreath made of Christmas baubles? It is going to be unconventional. Use pop-up colors and let the colors pop out of your main door catching the eyes of anyone passing by. You can choose the colors for your and make it decorative using a bow. Be different this Christmas season, and let there be a color burst on your front door.

Berry Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Wreath with all berries will look delicious, and the red color will add to the color and spirit of the Christmas season. Let all the red berries hang from the wreath and to add to the brightness of the wreath, tie a red satin bow to it. 

Frosty Pinecone Christmas Wreath

A dash of frost on your pinecones on the Christmas Wreath is a good way to remind you of the frost, snowflakes, and winter season. Once you stick the pinecones in a circle, you can spray white or silver paint to give the feel of frost on your pinecones. Complete the look with a dash of evergreens and red berries.

Gingerbread Cookies and Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Why not go add some gingerbread cookies and candy cane along with the evergreens, pinecones, and red berries on your Christmas Wreath, and hang it in the living room? It will be fun watching friends and family members pluck out the gingerbread cookies or take a candy cane from the wreath and eat. It is really going to look different and feel different.

Gold Christmas Wreath

If you are the type of person who likes thematic Christmas Wreaths and keeps changing the colors, then going for a shade of gold this season will be exquisite. A wreath with golden tinsels and ornaments in golden shade will make your home look elegant. Go for that rich look and let the golden decorations shimmer and shine in your home this year.

Macrame Christmas Wreath

Try out something unconventional this year and get a macrame Christmas Wreath for your front door. Choose a designed wreath with a simple pattern, and the evergreens and berries will add to the color of the Christmas Wreath making your door or space different.

Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Pinecones have a charm of their own, to make it more attractive, once you arrange the pinecones in a circle, use different colors so that they look bright and add to the festivities of your home this season. You need not stick to the traditional Christmas colors of white, red, and green, go for something different, and add to the fervor and spirit of the season this year.

Succulent Christmas Wreath

Get a Christmas Wreath with evergreens and lots of red berries that add a dash of color to the greens. You can accessorize this wreath using Christmas ornaments, having a reindeer, a snowflake, or an angel will do the magic on this Christmas Wreath. 

In The End

A Christmas Wreath is not always hung on the main door, it can be put up in any place in the home, where you think it will look good. It can be hung on the living room wall, stairway, and any other place you think will make the ambiance of your home stylish and elegant, and give you Christmassy vibes.

As mentioned above, you need not always stick to the traditional Christmas Wreaths that are sold in the markets. You can make your own Christmas Wreaths to suit your moods, décor, and Christmas tree, and break free from the convention of having a wreath with the Christmas colors white, red, and green.

Decide on the size you want for your Christmas Wreath, and get them made according to the size of your door and room. You can now buy Christmas trees online in Singapore using the below link.

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