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What is a Flocked Christmas Tree – All You Need to Know

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and a lot of excitement and activity is happening in homes. The Christmas tree must be decorated, there should be lights, stars, and tinsels to adorn the home, gifts to be wrapped, cakes and cookies to be baked, and the many other things associated with the Christmas season. All these will be running through the minds of all those looking forward to celebrating Christmas and the Christmas season.

Christmas trees bring in the Christmas vibes and are the festival’s charm and beauty. When you think of Christmas trees, you must know that there are a lot of options in the market to buy a tree. Be it an artificial, real, or mini Christmas tree, the different types of trees available as Christmas trees, it is all there. You just must decide what exactly you want to suit the size of your room and your budget, and get it accordingly.

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What Is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

You must be curious to know what a flocked Christmas tree is. A flocked Christmas tree is created to capture the magic of a winter wonderland. Many Christmas trees have snow on them, and snowflakes dust their branches. The trees that give the snowy effect and bring the surreal effect of snow into your homes during the Christmas season are called Flocked Christmas trees. 

You cannot get snow into your homes because it will melt after a count of minutes, and all that will be seen is a puddle of water around the tree. It can be a messy affair, which is why artificial flocked Christmas trees are becoming popular. Flocking the Christmas tree means adding artificial snow to the tree to create the effect of snow at home during the season.

Instead of trying the flocking process yourself, a lot of flocked Christmas trees are available in the market. A fake flocked Christmas tree will capture snow perfectly and give the snowy effect inside your home. Another advantage is it will last for years, unlike the real trees that you will have to either throw away after the season or plant in the yard.

Manufacturing a Flocked Christmas Tree

How are these flocked Christmas trees manufactured? A white powder is usually applied on the branches of the flocked Christmas trees during manufacturing time. They attach tiny white fibers to the needles that enhance the effect of snow on the trees and make them look real.

Flocking the tree can be a messy process, it is always better to get it done if you have a garage, patio, or an open space in your home. Put a cloth or a plastic sheet under the tree so that the shedding while flocking 

On Flocking a Christmas Tree

How do you flock a Christmas tree on your own? Is it a difficult process? There are many ways but one of the simplest methods is to buy an artificial snow kit either online or from any of the stores. Make the branches of the tree damp by spraying some water on them. Dust the branches with the artificial snow from the kit till you are happy with the result. The other things you can use to get the snow effect is the shaving foam or desiccated coconut.

You can choose the shades to flock your tree, it can be white, pink, blue, or any other shade you think will go with the décor of your home, and make the display magnificent and attractive. Artificial snow is unsafe, especially if they are consumed. So, you should be careful if there are pets around. Going for an artificial tree without flocking is better if you have pets at home.

Decorating a Flocked Christmas Tree

Since the tree is already flocked and looks ethereal with all the snow effects on it, the best thing to do is to leave it bare without any decorations. Just the LED lights will add to the look of the tree and give the perfect Christmas vibe. You might have to be a bit cautious while hanging the Christmas ornaments on the flocked Christmas tree so that the flocking does not get destroyed.

Green and red ribbons will look amazingly stunning on the flocked white Christmas tree. Along with the LED lights, these ribbons will add glamor to your tree and the charm and beauty of the white Christmas tree. There is something very distinctly different, and the flocked Christmas tree will remind you of those Christmas trees that are old-fashioned.

On Storing a Flocked Christmas Tree

You must take good care of the flocked Christmas trees while storing them because the white powder will slowly wear off, especially while packing and unpacking the tree. The flocked Christmas tree must be stored upright with the branches pointing outwards. Use a plastic cover or blanket to protect it from dust because flocked Christmas trees tend to attract dust quickly. Store in a cool, dry place where your flocked Christmas tree will be safe and not moved around. In case the flocking comes off, you can always do it the next time you take the tree out during the Christmas season.

In case you prefer to remove the flocking from the tree before saving, then shake the tree gently, all the flocking will fall off. You can also wipe it with a wet cloth or with acetone to fasten the process of removing it. Use a mask while doing it, and do it in an open area or a ventilated room.

Wrapping It Up

Enjoy your flocked Christmas tree this season, and bring in the festivities and Christmas cheer to your home. The flocked Christmas tree is going to look real and natural, and bring in the magic of snow into your home this Christmas, and make it a white Christmas. What are you waiting for, get into the holiday mood, bring back the cheer of the season, and enjoy your Christmas and the season with joie de vivre.

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