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How to buy Flowers Wholesale at the best Prices

Flowers are always in demand regardless of the occasion you are celebrating and finding the best flowers at the right price is a tough game to win. People looking for flowers in larger amounts may find it difficult to know where or how to purchase them at a reasonable price as buying flowers can sometimes be very expensive. However, we are going to tip you off some of the best ways to tackle this problem by telling you how to trade with big distributors of flowers and how to seal the deal without much hassle.


Finding a reliable supplier is the foremost step one needs to take quite attentively because flowers are as fragile as beautiful, they look. So, making sure you are choosing the right provider is important to keep your special occasion booming with fragrance and beauty. 

  • Search online for the best wholesale suppliers in your near location and visit their warehouses or wholesale markets.
  • Reach the location before the time of the meeting so you can have a look at the variety of beautiful blooms they are having.
  • Meet bulk sellers and share your plans for the occasion or what type of setup you are imagining creating with those flowers.
  • Try to choose seasonal flowers as they will stay longer and buy flowers that are available in stock in large amounts so there might not be a shortage during the decoration.
  • Compare the rates of different wholesalers that include both authentic quality and cost-effectiveness and if looking online check reviews and choose the best-priced bulks.
  • Choose one who’s giving you the best deal and get it delivered with secured packaging to your venue so that they do not get damaged during transportation. Keep a clear account of payments including transportation charges.

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Here are some do’s and don’ts while making an order of wholesale flowers one should follow: 

  • While hosting a party or preparing an event you must consider the theme of your party that matches the choices of flowers.
  • Look for unique and bright colors that will attract the eyes of guests so you get the deserving appreciation for your art of decoration.
  • Wholesalers supply a large variety of flowers into the market at an inexpensive price so they can sell much but focus on the seller who is giving quality at that affordable cost. 
  • Do not go shopping at a short notice of time as you will not get the desired number of flowers you need and also the rate will be much higher. Start exploring markets before a month of your function. 
  • Try not to send images from the internet as it may lead to misunderstanding as these photos have filters and editing. Send images that are available on their website and include the name of the flowers you are purchasing. 


  • Wholesale purchase of flowers is a beneficial deal as providers give much lower prices to their customers than any local shop or florists near you. 
  • You get to choose from more than 150 varieties of flowers as wholesalers keep more varieties with larger stocks whereas you will get fewer choices at a normal florist store.
  • Also, there are various colors, shapes, and fragrances to match your party theme and if you are looking for a unique flower you can contact a wholesaler to find it for you. 
  • Big vendors keep extra stocks of flowers in their warehouses so if you get stuck between decorations due to a shortage you can call them right away to make a delivery at your venue. 
  • You will always receive fresh stock as wholesalers have a regular in and out of flowers to florists, local markets, parties, etc so you will not need to worry about the condition of your order. 


There are many websites online where you can buy flowers in bulk at wholesale prices.

If you are based in Singapore, Beato is one of the best websites to buy wholesale flowers at the best prices. 

You can easily find all kinds of flowers and bouquets that you can buy here. You can find our collections along with the pricing from our online store.

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