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Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It is a special occasion to show how much you appreciate her and all that she did for you. Nevertheless, there are times when we are lost on which gift to give to our mums.

Start with one of these ideas to surprise and make your mum happy on her special day. This list comprises unique gifts for different kinds of mothers: from sentimental mums to love-to-travel mums.

Before you look through our top 5 choices, think about what she’s been keeping her eyes on and go from there. Don’t let the meaning of the holiday intimidate you: No matter what you give, mothers will still love the gift as long as it comes from the heart.


Table of Contents

  1. Sentimental Mums
  2. Environmentalist Mums
  3. Travelling Mums
  4. Cooking Mums
  5. Book-Loving Mums

1. Sentimental Mums

She is the type who cries when you’re staying away from home, even just for a single night. She could not make peace with the fact that you are going away one day. The thought of it makes her shed buckets of tears. Therefore, giving her the gift of memory with a photo frame or even personalised pillows will provide her with the feeling that you are always there with her.

2. Environmentalist Mums

Well, this type of mum loves nature and will fill the house with exotic flowers and plants (Just like mine!). If she’s that type of mum, add some happiness by getting fresh flowers or green plants. These gifts will make Mother’s Day special and allow her to be closer to nature.

3. Travelling Mums

These mums love to travel. Barely back at home from one trip, she already planned for another one. Be it business or personal trips; unplanned trips are always her favourite. Nothing makes her excited than travelling around the world. Waterproof cameras or luggage would make fabulous gifts for your mums.

4. Cooking Mums

Cooking time! Who doesn’t like cooking?! (Except me, maybe.) The kitchen is where she cooks all her magic. She doesn’t mind spending hours cooking in the kitchen – be it breakfast, lunch and dinner. She loves to come up with delectable cuisines and desserts all the time. You can wish your mum a Happy Mother’s Day with a superb kitchen set filled with kitchen tools or even a recipe book to hone her cooking skills.

5. Book-Loving

These mums love to read. She would be the first to introduce you to the world of literature and change your life from that day onwards. I am sure you miss those story sessions before bedtime. Giving her a kindle or lifetime subscription to her favourite books would make great gifts for her.

Final Thoughts 

Mother’s day is an opportunity to show our mothers the love we have for them. But it should not be restricted to a day but we should show our appreciation for them on other days of the year as well. 

Not just special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, you can also gift them flowers & bouquets to congratulate them for their achievements, get well soon when they are not feeling good, or simply to say thank you for being the terrific mother they have been. Surprise your Mother with flowers from our collection, such as lilies, carnations, roses, hydrangea bouquets, and orchid flowers.

There you are, just some of our ideas for some of the mothers out there. I sincerely hope that this guide has helped you decide what you will get for your mums. This list is by no means extensive as there are other ways you could spoil your mums. Have you already gotten your mum a gift? Do you have any more ideas to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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