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How to Make Flowers Last Longer?

Flowers are excellent gifts for special occasions and even brief moments in between. Bright blooms can elevate one’s feeling when they are sad and leave a huge impression, even after they are gone. You would want to enjoy them whether you received a Congratulations bouquet, Flowers for anniversary, corporate gifting or Thankyou flowers or simply picked up a gorgeous bunch for the dinner table.

However, there is a catch. Sadly, flowers do not last for a long time. Nevertheless, there are tips one can use to ensure the longevity of the flowers. In this blog, we reveal everything you must know about how to make flowers last for a long time.

Step 1: Add warm water to a vase.

Step 2: Pour two tablespoons of sugar into the water as this will nourish the flowers and help open the blooms.

Step 3: Add two tablespoons of white vinegar and stir it well. This helps to prevent bacteria from growing and keep the flowers fresh. If you don’t have vinegar and sugar, you may use lemon-lime soda mixed with water. It plays the same function.

Step 4: Remove the lower leaves so that they would not be any in the water.

Step 5: Cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems whilst under the water.

Step 6: Arrange the flowers accordingly.

Step 7: Put your vase of flowers in a cooling place and avoid direct sunlight.

Step 8: Re-cut the stems and change the water once every two days.

Step 9: Enjoy your beautiful, lasting flowers.

Pointers to Take Note:

  • Tulips tend to grow a few inches toward the closest light source, even after they are cut. 
  • Hyacinths would last longer if left on the bulb and should not be cut down.  
  • Daffodils must not be put in a vase with other types as they create a substance that kills other flowers if in the same vase. 

Caring for freshly-cut flowers can be a little daunting, but as the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy”. Having fresh flowers at home not only brightens up your house but also uplifts one’s mood and positively affects one’s mind.

On a more practical note, having flower bouquets of Beautiful red rose arrangement, exotic lilies, exquisite daisies, blooming daffodils, or a bunch of beautiful orchids, carnations, or hydrangeas is a great idea and are gorgeous for almost every occasion. Whilst they may be affordable to s ome or expensive to others, it would still be a great shame to let the flowers die quickly. The methods and tips shown above are easy to be tried out at home. Doing them right will help to prolong the lifespan of the flowers. So, why not make the most out of your flowers?

It is imperative to take good care of your flowers if you plan to enjoy them longer. Remember, a little goes a long way.

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