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Trending Floral Gift Ideas for Christmas in Singapore

 As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, there’s a distinct feeling of festivity in the atmosphere. Christmas is just around the corner, ushering in a season filled with love, warmth, and joy. While twinkling lights, evergreen trees, and aromatic spices are well-known symbols of this holiday season, flowers and floral gifts play a significant role in the celebration of Christmas as well. While traditional winter blooms like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe are synonymous with Christmas decorations, other flowers like roses, carnations, and lilies also find their place in holiday arrangements. The rich symbolism of flowers in Christianity can be traced back to ancient times when early Christians adorned churches with beautiful floral arrangements. Over the years, numerous kinds of flowers have come to represent different aspects of the Christmas story or have been used symbolically during religious ceremonies. 

One of the most iconic Christmas decorations is the poinsettia, which holds great significance in Christian tradition. Originating from Mexico, its red and green foliage was believed to symbolize the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross and his subsequent resurrection – a theme that carries deep meaning during this time of year. Another popular Christmas time flower is the amaryllis. With its trumpet-shaped bloom, it symbolizes the arrival of Jesus into the world and is often given as a gift to signify hope and new beginnings. In contrast, mistletoe’s romantic connotations extend beyond Christmas due to its association with peace and love.

Northern Oak | Christmas Wreath -

Northern Oak | Christmas Wreath

Floral Gifts in Singapore

Floral gifts hold a special significance in Singapore, reflecting the country’s appreciation for natural beauty and its deep-rooted cultural traditions. Gifting flowers or creating beautiful floral arrangements for loved ones during Christmas is a thoughtful way to express one’s emotions while celebrating this special time together. In addition to traditional floral arrangements, Christmas wreaths made of fresh flowers and other festive elements are also a popular choice. The innovative styles and designs offered by various florists in Singapore cater to different preferences, providing endless possibilities for adorning homes or finding meaningful presents for friends and family.

Florists in Singapore are adept at producing a diverse range of remarkable floral designs that cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, encompassing traditional roses and tulips as well as exotic orchids and tropical blossoms. Suitable for various occasions, like Christmas, these creations can include romantic hand-tied bouquets, elegant centerpieces, and eye-catching arrangements for weddings and corporate events. Numerous florists providing Flower Delivery in Singapore present budget-friendly same-day service for last-minute purchases or unexpected occasions within particular city zones. However, there may be additional fees applicable. Despite often being competitively priced due to promotional deals and seasonal discounts, these florists maintain high standards of quality and creativity. Furthermore, in response to growing public awareness of environmental issues, many flower delivery services in Singapore have implemented eco-friendly practices.

Polar | Christmas Styling -

Polar | Christmas Styling

Top 14 floral gift ideas for Christmas:

  • Buy celebration flower bouquets with traditional Christmas hues such as red, green, and white, incorporating seasonal flora like poinsettias, roses, and holly for added festivity. 
  • Select wintery arrangements featuring white blossoms, silver embellishments, and hints of blue or frosty tones to conjure a snowy, enchanting ambiance. 
  • Consider presenting a Christmas-themed floral centerpiece adorned with candles, pinecones, and seasonal foliage for the recipient’s festive table setting. 
  • Elegant orchid arrangements are well-liked in Singapore; incorporating touches of red and green adds holiday charm. 
  • Not limited to doorways, Christmas wreaths adorned with seasonal blooms, berries, and foliage make exquisite presents. 
  • Offer the gift of an evergreen planter or a small Christmas tree for lasting enjoyment beyond the holiday season. 
  • Amaryllis flowers bloom splendidly in wintertime; gifting a bulb kit with planting guidelines makes for an engaging present. 
  • Go for rustic wildflower bouquets incorporating blossoms like chamomile, daisies, and asters for a charismatic and organic arrangement. 
  • Select fragrant florals such as lilies or jasmine to provide an aromatic facet to the offering.
  • Fashion a contemporary and exceptional Christmas gift by arranging trendy succulents in festive vessels or terrariums. 
  • Choose adaptable hydrangeas in shades of red, green, or white for a holiday-inspired bouquet or arrangement.
  • Personalized flower containers featuring the recipient’s name or a festive greeting add a considerate element to curated arrangements.
  • You can opt for a dried flower bouquet with grasses in holiday hues, that make a unique and enduring present.
  • Combine florals with festive treats such as chocolate, wine, or scented candles to compile a delightful Christmas gift basket.

Carolmyrrh | Christmas Gifts -

Carolmyrrh | Christmas Gifts


Flowers hold great significance, in both decorations and symbolism, during a festive season like Christmas. Iconic blooms like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe represent different aspects of Christian faith while other flowers such as roses and lilies are incorporated into holiday arrangements. In Singapore, floral gifts are particularly meaningful during Christmas, expressing emotions and cultural appreciation. Florists in Singapore offer a wide range of exquisite designs, with many providing eco-friendly flower delivery services.

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