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The Best Christmas Tree Colors to Try This Year

It is Christmas time, and everyone is in a hurry mode decorating their homes and workspaces. This is the time to be innovative and creative, especially when it comes to choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. Trees are available galore in the market, but there are variations to the conventional Christmas tree, and it depends on the type of look you want to suit your home and office décor.

Crafting a Christmas tree is an art, but considering the availability of colorful decorations in the market, the task is easy. Everything depends on what your color theme this year. Let us look at some charming and attractive color combinations that will work well together on your Christmas tree, and make your living room all set for the Christmas season.

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Christmas Tree Colors

Classic color combinations are a safe option, but you might want to experiment with new color themes this season to give a different look to your Christmas tree. From classic to unique to aesthetic, you can decide on the type of decoration you want this season, and make your home warm and inviting. Before you decide, have a look at the colors in your living room, and see what will blend well with those shades.

Brown, Beige, and Gold

Shades of brown, beige, and gold will be something different you can try on your Christmas tree this year. Get wooden Christmas ornaments, and natural things like pinecones, dried flowers, twigs, and dried leaves to make the atmosphere inside rustic and real. The gold-tinted Christmas ornaments will add to the luxurious feel, and you can opt for a toned-down shade of gold so that it blends well with the natural ornaments, and wooden ones.

Clear, Silver, and White

Can you imagine a Christmas tree decorated with clear, silver, and white ornaments? If not, then you can use this combination for your tree, and it is going to look ethereal. You can make this classic option of white and silver look aesthetic and delightful by adding clear Christmas ornaments. This decoration is stylish and will go well with most colors.

Gold, Pink, and White

Gold, Pink, and white are alluring and soft shades that are feminine and natural. They will make your space gentle, and your tree will be pleasing to the eyes. A touch of gold, pink, and white is going to be a fresh theme for your Christmas tree this year. 

Gold, White, and Yellow

Yellow is not a common color used on Christmas trees but shades of yellow like mustard and honey will look good on the tree. You can tone it down with white, and add to the richness of the tree by using gold-colored Christmas ornaments. The Christmas lights will add to the depth of the yellow and gold tones, and you will have a tree that is uniquely different from the usual ones you get to see.

Ivory and White

This combination though neat and elegant is one of the classic combinations, and it blends well with any décor. If your home décor is colorful, it is better to pare it down with this simple combination. Your living room will look rich and aesthetic with white and ivory Christmas ornaments, and the home is going to look aesthetic and wonderful this Christmas season.

Lime, Magenta, and Orange

Go for these vibrant colored Christmas ornaments and bring sunshine into your living room, and beat the chill of the winter season. These shades will not be that easy to find in Christmas ornaments but once you get them, there will be a starburst in your living room. Break the routine and be different this Christmas. Let there be a play of radiant colors in your home to brighten up your spirits without wine and champagne.

Mauve, Sage, and Silver

Shades of lilac, mauve, and violet will go well with silver Christmas ornaments, and you can see if it goes with the rest of the décor in your home, and go for it. Your Christmas tree will look incredibly magical and different from the usual ones you get to see, and with the lights shining on it, your home is going to be just whimsical. Be trendy, and go for something unique and unconventional. 


Using all the colors and making the Christmas tree look like a rainbow is another way of using all the colors in your living space this season. Let the pop of colors on your tree add to the glitter and glamor, and make your tree shine with them all and the Christmas lights. The reds, blues, greens, whites, golds, and silvers will add to the rainbow colors in your living space, and let them pop here and there under the Christmas lights bringing a rainbow into your home.

Powder Blue and Ivory

Powder blue and ivory are a good combination to try if you want your Christmas tree to look different this year. You can see make your tree stand out by using soft-colored Christmas ornaments, and these delicate colors will go well with any décor without jarring. You can add in a dash of silver ornaments, and other shades of blue to enhance the color palette. 

Red, Teal, and Beige

Red, green, and gold are one of the classic combinations used on Christmas trees. If you are bored with that combination, go for something different. Why not try a combination of red, blue, and beige, and break the monotony of the conventional Christmas ornaments? If this combination suits your décor, it will be good, the teal will make up for the green and blue shades because of its aqua color, and a beige is a good option instead of gold. Lo! Your tree is going to be eye-catching this year!

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have many ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree this year, what are you waiting for? Go get your desired colored Christmas ornaments, and let the tree be up bringing in the Christmas cheer and spirit.

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