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Which are the Most Popular Christmas Trees

Christmas is one of the most loved and popular festivals of all time. The season, the rituals, and the Christmas tree form the most important part of this festival where families gather to celebrate the essence and spirit of the festival. Christmas trees have always been the highlight of the festival, and the aroma of the Christmas tree will waft through the homes. Some species of Christmas trees are more popular than others, and let us have a peek at some of the most popular Christmas trees that are always in demand during the Christmas season.

10 Popular Christmas Trees

Let us look at some of the trees that make great Christmas trees, and capture the beauty and glory of the Christmas spirit and season.

  • The Balsam Fir

What makes the Balsam Fir trees a good Christmas tree is because of the pyramidical shape, evergreen needles, gentle perfume, and rich color. These trees are medium-sized, one of the preferred Christmas trees to decorate homes and spaces during the Christmas season. 

The Balsam Fir prefer a moist climate, mostly found in Canada and the North American region. The trees last long, and it is said they can live up to 150-200 years.

  • The Blue Spruce

Native to the Colorado mountains, the Blue Spruce is the official state tree of Colorado. It is popular as a Christmas tree mainly because of its natural symmetrical shape, gentle fragrance, and strong branches. The blue-green foliage and the tapered needles of the tree make it the perfect choice as a Christmas tree.

  • The Douglas Fir

Many Christmas trees are associated with Christmas fragrance, and if you are one among them, then the Douglas Fir is the best tree for your home. Their needles are soft, and they spread in all directions from the branches, giving the tree a good shape. They come in different sizes giving options for you to buy depending on the size you are looking for in your home. The color of the tree ranges from dark green to dark blue, and when crushed, a soothing scent permeates from the needles.

These trees are found in parts of Alaska, Central California, and Oregon. The Douglas Fir is named after the Scottish botanist, David Douglas who first spoke about the amazing qualities of the tree. The tree grows in different environments, be it dry or moist, and even in areas with low elevation.

  • The European Silver Fir

The European Silver Fir takes the credit for being the tree that was used as a Christmas tree initially. The tree can grow up to 40-60 meters, and it is a native of Europe. The needles spread out from the branches horizontally, and the branches are dense, making it a good choice as a Christmas tree.

The European Silver Fir is found mainly in the European mountains, Alps, Carpathians, and the Pyrenees.

  • The Fraser Fir

With its pyramid shape, strong branches, and slightly twisted needles, the Fraser Fir is one of the in-demand Christmas trees during the season. Originating from the US and Canada, the Fraser Fir’s branches remain green during the entire season, and have a fragrance that will add to the beauty of your home. The tree is compact, and that makes it a perfect choice to decorate for Christmas. It fits in well in small spaces very well.

The Fraser Fir is named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser who spent a lot of time in the Appalachian Mountains during the 18th century. The Fraser Fir grows only in high altitudes and takes around 11 years to reach a good height. 

  • The Nordmann Fir

Many places in Europe prefer the Nordmann Fir instead of the Silver Fir as a Christmas tree. The conical shape, soft needles, and pleasing color make it quite popular as a Christmas tree during the season. The foliage of this tree is beautiful, and the tree is resistant to drought.

The Nordmann Fir is named after Alexander Von Nordmann, a Finnish zoologist and director of Odessa Botanical Gardens.

  • The Norway Spruce

The attractive shape and sweet scent of this European tree make it one of the in-demand Christmas trees during the season. The branches are thick and lush, and it has bright green foliage. These trees take around 8-10 years to grow to a good height. The Norway Spruce can take extremely cold climates too, and since they come in different shapes and sizes, you get different options when it comes to choosing the tree.

The Norway Spruce is found in Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe.

  • The Scotch Pine

This beautiful pine tree has dark green foliage and well-spaced branches that are helpful when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Since the tree originates from the Scottish Highlands, the tree is also called the ‘Scots Pine’. This coniferous tree is conical in shape, and can grow to a good height, 125 feet and more when it is mature.

  • The Sugar Pine

The Sugar Pine is one of the tallest pine trees in the world, and the branches are long and forest-green in color. The flexible branches of this tree are an advantage when it comes to hanging Christmas ornaments. The texture and tone of this tree make it an ideal choice as a Christmas tree.

The Sugar Pine trees grow in the Sierra Nevada region, and it is also known as ‘the king of pine trees.’

  • The White Spruce

The symmetrical shape of the White Spruce or the Canadian Spruce makes it an ideal Christmas tree. The short stiff needles, lush-green foliage, and shape will add to the grandeur of your living room when decorated. This coniferous tree is native to North America and grows in elevated areas. In case you are looking for options to buy a Christmas tree this season, the White Spruce is a good one to consider.

In The End

Many types of trees are available in the market to add glamor and cheer to your home. Pick up the one that suits your living room or space the best, decorate it, and make it the best Christmas season ever! You can also buy readymade Christmas trees online using the link below.

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