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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Lilies

Lily flower is one flower cherished by everyone with its trumpet liked shape sitting on a tall, erected stem with narrow long leaves. With its strikingly marked petals (six of them) and elegant blooms, a lily flower can bring beauty to your yard and garden. Being a perennial plant and as long as it is being planted in the right environment, caring for lilies should not pose any challenge.
There are many colors representation of lily flowers today such as White, Pink, gold, orange, and red.


Table of Contents

  1. Different Types of Lilies
  2. How to Care for Lilies?
  3. How Much Water Do Lilies Require?
  4. How Much Sunlight Should Lilies Get?
  5. What Type of Vase Best Suits Lilies?
  6. General Care
  7. Gifting Lilies

Different Types of Lilies

There are different types of lilies in the market among which are these popular ones.

Asiatic Hybrids

This lily flower has a trumpet, bowl-shaped or Turk’s cap flower, with bulbs spacing of 45cm (18in) apart. They are usually seen first in early May or June. Though coming out to about 2 to 3 feet tall making them the shortest variety of lily, Asiatic Lilies come in many colors that can light up your garden or yard.

Oriental Hybrids

Unlike Asiatic lilies, Oriental hybrid growth is usually slow and has a strong fragrance with a trumpet & bowl shape look. Its flowers are either flat or recurved. With a stunning height usually 4 feet tall, Oriental lilies have a spacing of 30-45cm. Oriental lilies are seen in late summer, just about the time Asiatic Lily is fading out.

Easter Lilies

Just like the name implies, Easter lilies are first seen precisely in March or April which is usually around Easter; that is their blooming season. They are considered holiday plants and are grown indoors. They can also be planted outdoor after their blooming season especially in a warmer region such as North America.

Trumpet Lilies

Trumpet lilies have trumpet-shaped flowers that are closer and smaller as compared to other lilies. Its blooms are many and they usually come in a nice scent. Trumpet lilies are tall, magnificent and are easy to grow. They usually bloom in mid-summer with different color variations such as white, gold, pink, and yellow.
Apart from these popular ones, other lilies variations exist such as Orienpet which is a combination of Oriental and trumpet, tiger lilies, American Hybrids, Martagon Hybrids, Candidum Hybrids, LA lilies, etc.

How to Care for Lilies?

Since not all flowers are the same, the following are ways through which you can find the best care for lilies at home.

How Much Water Do Lilies Require?

As compared to a sunflower that needs more water, that is not the case with lilies, but as you observe that the flower is dropping slightly, then that is the best time to water it. To keep them very hydrated during the day, water and spritz them.

How Much Sunlight Should Lilies Get?

It is recommended that lily flowers get 6-8 hours of sunlight a day in order to have a lily flower that blooms. If you have a lily flower placed in a shady environment and you notice that the stem of the flower is leaning towards the direction of Sunlight, it is a pointer that your flower desires an adequate amount of Sunlight.

What Type of Vase Best Suits Lilies?

Since lilies are big and heavy, get a tall vase that has a slender body with a wide neck for your lilies to grow perfectly.
Refrain from using a thin and tight vase, that has the ability to stunt the growth of your lilies and causes them to wilt prematurely.

General Care

Apply mulch to your lilies and top it annually after you are done planting. The mulch should be about 2-3 inches. The reason for mulching the lilies is to have their roots looking cool. It is recommended you moist mulch your lilies instead of wet mulching them. Regularly water those lilies in containers especially during spring and summer. Lilies planted on the ground might not need water that much, ensure that they are properly watered especially when you are experiencing a prolonged dry season.

As for their feed, use liquid feed especially when they are in the flowering stage and use controlled-release feed in their springtime. From planting to after flowering, that’s, every 2 to 6 weeks, a high-level potassium liquid fertilizer should be applied. This is to have the bulbs build up plenty of energy for flowering the following year.

Lastly, remove every faded flower and the only basis for you can remove the flower stems and foliages is when they have been to the ground during autumn. Divide the flowers every 3 to 4 years and separate the young bulbils after several years of growth in one spot. Then replant the young bulbils.

Gifting Lilies

Special occasions like flowers for anniversary, get well soon, corporate flowers, congratulations flowers, thank you flowers and even condolence service call for the gifting of special lilies bouquets. Calla lily flower arrangements are often seen during funeral services because it represents resurrection. Also, the 25th, 30th, or 50th love anniversary of any couple ushers in the gifting of lilies to commemorate what their love represents.

Any couple celebrating their second love anniversary should go for Lilies of the Valley as it symbolizes the future devotion of both couples towards each other.

For couples celebrating valentine and because they are in the process of knowing each other, they should be gifted white lilies because it symbolizes innocence, purity, and virtue that these couples possess during their first meeting.

It is a common belief in the region of China that any couple that uses any lily flower during their wedding decorations would experience 100 years of love and happiness together.

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Final Thoughts

No matter the style of garden you grow, lilies make beautiful additions to your gardens.

And with so many varieties that you can pick from, finding the right one that best suits your garden and climate is key.

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