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Valentine Flowers Arrangements

Valentine’s day is approaching, and very soon, you will find yourself looking through a range of flowers and ordering them for your valentine. Undoubtedly, flowers are the central part of celebrating valentine’s day.


If you think flowers are just another colorful addition to your celebration, you need to know that they are the most romantic staple of all. When you give someone flowers, you feel happy, and the receiver feels lovely – everyone’s happy!


Do you want to simplify your search for the best Valentine’s day flowers arrangements? Beato is the best florist in Singapore, and has brought you the most romantic valentine’s day flowers combos.


Red Roses and Pink Blooms

Irrespective of the season, flowers in red and pink tones are always heart stealers. Whether it is classic roses or hydrangeas, as long as it is Valentine’s Day for you and your partner or any other day of the year, red and pink together will be evergreen.

Depict a Universal Kind of Love

Presenting flowers on the day of love can be romantic, platonic, or familial. The tags are not necessary; the emotion attached to the recipient matters. All the important people in your life deserve flowers wrapped in love and hearty flavors. You give roses to your girl best friend and your mother simultaneously, and it won’t be misinterpreted.

Flowers and Teddy Bear Combo

Flowers and Teddy bear combo is an old way to make your partner cheer up. Valentine’s day flowers are incomplete without the presence of teddy bears. The soft-cuddly bear is famous, particularly on Valentine’s day, because everybody deserves someone they can hug. Apart from its cutie-pie look, the teddy bear is also known for being a friend or companion for people who need instant affection.

Flowers and Chocolates Combo

The heavenly combination of flowers and chocolates is the official comfort food on Valentine’s day, and one would want to eat chocolates every month, every day, every hour. Flowers take care of the receiver’s eyes and nose, whereas chocolate takes care of their tummy. It is good news for people who have a sweet tooth, but you can always turn to dark chocolate if you want something healthier.

Floral Scents

Every year on Valentine’s day, florists put in their best efforts to arrange fragrant blossoms with their own hands, themed on cupid’s most special day. Though there are thousands of flowers to choose from and make a bouquet or bunch, florists prefer to select the scented flowers to express a more strong message of love, like lilies, roses, peonies, gardenias, and many more. Each floral scent assists in feeling calm and boosts energy and creativity.

Reminisce Your Love

Valentine’s flowers remind people of love, romance, and the special moments they spent with their partners. If you have a partner, Valentine’s flowers will remind you of them, and if you are single, these flowers can make you relight your faith in finding your true love somewhere, someday.


Valentine’s flowers are undoubtedly the most exquisite arrangements you can send to your partner or the people you love, like your friends and family, throughout the entire year. It is full of love and affection. To order a bouquet or valentine flowers arrangement, check out our selection of bouquets and flower arrangements.

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