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Valentine’s Day Symbolism – What do they Mean and What is the Significance?

It is Valentine’s Day, and it is time to show some love to your loved ones. Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are always decorated with a Valentine’s Day symbol and Valentine’s Day colors. Now that takes us to the symbols of Valentine’s Day. The symbols associated with Valentine’s Day have meanings and they also have significance to why they are used as Valentine’s Day symbols. It is interesting to know more about these symbols, their meaning, and their significance, which is what we will discuss in this post. 

Valentine’s Day Symbols


Cupid means desire and it is a popular Valentine’s symbol. The origin of Cupid can be traced to Greek mythology, and he was believed to be the Roman God of desire and love. It was believed he would pierce someone else’s heart with his golden arrow to make them feel uncontrollable love. Cupid is the only God in Greek and Roman mythology to have a love story with a happy ending.

The image of Cupid was that of a cute baby who brought lovers together. This chubby cherub-like baby with wings and a quiver full of bows and arrows have always been associated with unrequited love, and this symbol can be commonly seen in Valentine’s Day cards and other gift items.


Doves are usually white and go with the Valentine’s Day color white which signifies purity and innocence. From being the pets of Greek goddesses, Doves have become a symbol associated with Valentine’s Day too. It signifies everlasting love between friends and lovers, and is a commonly used symbol of Valentine’s Day.


The heart is the most popular Valentine’s Day symbol, and if you look around now, you will see the stores, supermarkets, and bakery shops all filled with heart-shaped things in Valentine’s Day colors. Be it a cake, a balloon, or any gift, the heart shape dominates the shelves of all stores for Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Love has always been associated with the heart since ancient times, and the same goes for feelings and emotions. A red heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow is a conventional love symbol. Many poets have immortalized the importance of love and heart through their poems. In olden times, young men hung heart-shaped pieces of paper on their sleeves with the names of their lovers. The phrase ‘wearing the heart on the sleeve’ was a popular British expression.

Love Birds

Like the doves, love birds are also associated with Valentine’s Day as they symbolize love. These love birds have different colored faces, and they are said to mate for life, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day symbol. These birds represent devotion, fidelity, love, and loyalty.

Love Knots

The first thing that comes to mind when you say love knots is love. Love knots have been associated with Valentine’s Day as it is a sign of love. The knots bind together, and it metaphorically represents binding two lovers together. There are many types of love knots that are being used to represent love. Some of the most popular ones are the fisherman’s knot or the true lover’s knot and the Celtic love knots. Celtic love knots can be seen in jewelry. 

Getting married is also termed as ‘tying the knot’, and in Ireland, there was a tradition of tying a rope or a ribbon around the hands of the couple in the presence of the priest. The rope or the ribbon is slipped out of the couple’s hands keeping the knot intact. It signified their bond and unity together. The knot-tying ceremony is there in many countries to bind couples together. 

Love Notes

Writing love notes or sending cards is another commonly done thing by couples on Valentine’s Day. The cards usually have one of these symbols or words or quotes depicting love. You can either use a quote from a famous person, create your own message, or choose a love poem, and make the card special and romantic. Using love poems to send Valentine’s Day messages is a common thing to do.

Valentine’s Day cards have evolved over the years, and it has become a symbol of the day. Lovers find it comfortable expressing their love by sending cards and tucking in love notes or love poems in them.


Ribbons have always been associated with love since olden times, and symbolized romantic feelings. Legend says ladies often gave their knights and kings ribbons when they went to war. The ribbon was a token of love and affection and a promise that they will be waiting for their return from the war. Ribbons have always been there on chocolate baskets, bouquets, and Valentine’s Day cards.


Roses have always been tied to love, and roses are the most popular flowers used on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are the most popular ones as the red color symbolizes desire, romance, true love, and passion. In Greek mythology, red roses were associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, fertility, and love. If you rearrange the alphabet of her son Eros’ name, you will get the word rose.

Though red roses are the most popular roses that are sent on Valentine’s Day, pink and white roses are also in demand on Valentine’s Day, as they also form a part of Valentine’s Day colors. Choose the color of the roses depending on the person you want to send flowers to. Different colored roses have a different meanings of love, and a bouquet of roses is the perfect Valentine’s gift to send. 

Wrapping it Up

In case you are short of ideas of what gift to give your loved one, the options above will give you a good idea of what to go for. Love comes in many forms, and Valentine’s Day is the best day to show that love, and shower your loved ones with gifts, goodies, and flowers.  Gift your loved ones things that signify the essence and spirit of Valentine’s Day, and see the joy on their faces. 

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