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Christmas decorations for your home using natural plants and fresh flowers

The holiday season will be here before we know it, which means it is time to start spending all the money on Christmas decoration items. You don’t necessarily have to spend all your money. If you can make something best out of waste or a DIY (Do It Yourself), you will end up saving a lot of money.

Now that we are moving towards the end of the year, it is one of the crucial jobs for all of us to create a unique Christmas ambiance at our homes. Christmas 2021 might not be as illuminating as the past years, but let us not give up. Rather, it is more crucial than ever to capture the spirit of the festive season. Let us all decide to beat the previous years’ celebration and create history on this Christmas.

To reinstate the festive essence, Beato recommends you decorate your house with natural plants and fresh flowers. Not just decorate, we say go overboard with flowers and plants. Adorn every surface, staircases, and every corner with flowers, candles, and twinkly lights.

Consider a real tree

The Christmas tree is the center of attraction in this magical time. Choosing to decorate your house with a real Christmas tree will not only look authentic but add a nuance to your decoration and is also a sustainable option.

Choose the ideal pine or fir tree that is appropriate for the location you will be setting up the tree at. Beato recommends that the location should be a bright position. Water the tree regularly or keep sprinkling water on the base a couple of times.

Bring home a rooted tree so that you can replant it later in your garden if the conditions are suitable. You can also look for a tree collecting service or nursery in your city where you could leave the tree after the holiday season is over.

Fill your house with flowers

Flowers are said to be in season during Spring. But that does not mean you cannot find beautiful flowers around Christmas time. The winter season blesses us with beautiful flowers that can transform your home into a colorful and magical place.

Few things elicit as much awe as a vase of winter flowers. But, choosing a long-lasting flower that does not wither rapidly is significant. You must choose flowers that can persist for several days, like brassicas (for example, brassica oleracea, or decorative cabbage). Selecting a Symphoricarpos variety like snowberry is also a good idea.

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Decorate the celebratory table

One of the greatest pleasures of the festive season is gathering the people we love around one table, celebrating the festival, and making memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. The best part about Christmas is that the season lets us forget about all the worry and dwell in the pool of happiness.

With fresh flowers and vegetables, and natural plants on the celebratory table, there is no way the holiday spirit will not kick in. You can choose a floral arrangement made of natural components such as fir, holly, or mistletoe branches, pine cones, flowers like amaryllis, cymbidium orchids, roses, etc., and ornamental items like candles or Christmas balls. The key factor that you should not forget while decorating the table is that the decoration displays your taste.


Poinsettias are a timeless classic. As soon as the Christmas mood arrives at our homes, the Poinsettias appear, bringing along their exquisite red, white, and pink colors. You can use poinsettias to cover your Christmas tree entirely. If you have lots of numerous trees on your land or property, then decorating them with different colored poinsettias would be a very good arrangement.

It is a unique plant and very simple to grow inside. To take care of poinsettias, find the right light spot for it, keep it at a good distance from radiators (too much heat can kill it), water it sparingly, and applaud its beauty.

A vase of fresh flowers

Decorating your house with a vase of flowers can never go out of style. Festive season or not, flower lovers always decorate their homes with vases loaded with flowers. This Christmas season, don’t only decorate your Christmas tree but also garnish your entire house with flower vases.

If you have already prepared a vase with beautiful flowers, then we are so proud of you! If you haven’t, don’t worry! We have two tricks for you to decorate your flower vase.

  • Start by pouring a particular preservative in the vase’s water (easily available at florists and specialty stores), or if that doesn’t work, a tablespoon of sugar. Despite being cute, the flower will take advantage of these nutrients and will take longer than usual to wilt.
  • This is the easier step, change the water in the vase every two days.

How to keep flowers for longer

Flowers have a fugitive beauty. They start to wither irreversibly as soon as they are cut down. Nonetheless, there are several steps we can follow to prolong the life of the flowers or the natural branches.

If you have chosen waterless specimens to decorate your home for the holiday season, do not forget to keep them at a significant distance from heat sources, such as stoves, radiators, or the fireplace. The heat accelerates the process of withering, causing the flowers and branches to spoil sooner.

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