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Through Lens of Fate | Celebration Flower Tripod


Earn 389.00 Reward Points

Through the lens of fate, a vision unfolds, a tale of triumph, in blooms bold. With grace and beauty, you chart the way,
guiding dreams to a brighter day. In the weave of destiny, moments align, a testament to journeys, so fine.
Through Lens of Fate, dreams ignite, in this flowery story of yours, the future shines bright.

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Cool & Fresh Storage

Quality & Tailored Styling

Delivered Professionally

Guaranteed to Standout

Earn 389.00 Reward Points

Tailored to your moments, We make flowers speak the way you want

Why is Beato Your Trusted Floral Tailor?

Beato promise to you is unwavering service paired with delicate floral styling that helps you stand proud

From understanding to idea

We intuitively know how to express your emotions through the art of floristry

From ideas to creation

We use our artistic skills to fashion unique gifts

From creativity to reality

We offer a complete service with a guarantee of quality that stands out amongst others

Product Details

Introducing “Through Lens of Fate,” a celebration flower stand that embodies the journey of destiny and triumph. This captivating arrangement features the lush beauty of Hydrangea, the delicate charm of Eustoma, and the timeless elegance of Roses. Alstroemeria adds vibrant accents, while Palm Cap and Preserve Broom bring unique textures. Mint Fern, Pistacia, Eucalyptus, and Johore Fern complete this enchanting display. “Through Lens of Fate” is perfect for grand openings, corporate milestones, and celebrations of significant achievements, symbolizing the path of destiny.

Size: H205CM X W95CM
Blooms Used: Hydrangea, Eustoma, Rose, Alstroemeria, Palm Cap, Preserve Broom, Mint Fern, Pistacia, Eucalyptus, Johore Fern.
Standard Products Used: Beato Signature Ribbons and Wooden Tripod Stand
Longevity: 1 Week to 2 Week (Follow TLC)


Tender Loving Care

Once your exquisite flowers arrive, they deserve the best care to stay vibrant and fresh. Here’s a universal guide for flower stands, bouquets, and vase arrangements:

Fresh Water is Key: Change the water every two days. For bouquets, trim the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them in water.

Right Temperature Matters: Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, and heat sources. A cool, shaded spot prolongs their life.

Prune for Perfection: Regularly remove wilted leaves and petals to prevent bacterial growth.

Feed for Flourish: Use flower food if available. This helps nourish your blooms and keeps them radiant.

Mind the Vase: For flowers in a vase, ensure it’s clean before use. For flower stands, mist them lightly to maintain humidity.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the beauty and aroma of your flowers for longer.

Why you would love our creations & experience


Why You’d Love Our Creations & Experience

Creations designed to stand out

Each arrangement is a distinct work of art, ensuring your gift is as extraordinary as the person receiving it.

Tailored to your recipients, moments and occasions

Tailored to resonate with your recipient and every special moment, our creations add a personalized touch to your gestures.

We represent you and your taste for best

Our floral arrangements are not just ‘another arrangement’; they’re a statement of your sophisticated taste and appreciation for quality.

Butler support & Buyer Protection

Enjoy the luxury of personal assistance combined with the assurance of buyer protection if you are not satisfied, ensuring a worry-free and premium experience every step of the way.

Earn rewards

Enjoy the perks of loyalty. Earn rewards with each purchase, making your floral experience not just delightful but also rewarding.

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