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Beato Voice Floral Therapy Workshop

In Beato Voice, you get flowers equivalent to $55 worth of credits purchased.

Top up during the session as you see fit.

Students get $55 worth of credits for just $45.

Bring your vases if you wish to. Max 10 pax per session.

Cool & Fresh Storage

Quality & Tailored Styling

Delivered Professionally

Guaranteed to Standout

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Tailored to your moments, We make flowers speak the way you want

Why you would love our creations & experience


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Flowers as a therapy

Beato Voice Floral Therapy is not a class. It is a relaxing, artistic session where there are no instructions, no restrictions, no limitations, no judgment… Just lots of exploration, encouragement, laughter, and appreciation of beautiful blooms nature bestows on us.

How does Floral Therapy Work?
Step 1: Start wit selecting flowers that tickles your heart and soul
Step 2: Use your credits for b looms, vase & ingredients. Top up as you please
Step 3: Enjoy your floral therapy sessions solo or with company!

The Art of Floral Gifting, Made for All by Beato Fiore

Flowers and floral arts are vessels for our emotions. Weaved into by your thoughts, hopes, and wishes. They represent you in the form of beauty nature offers to us. The art of floral gifting is a long-standing tradition, passed down to us and still practiced to this very day. We give because we love, we give flowers because the flowers we give, speak to others in ways we can never. Gifting should never be a gesture that is overshadowed by consideration of prices and material value, it comes from the heart. Beato Fiore wants to assure you that commitment, that promise.

Keeping the Traditions of Floral Gifting Habitual and Alive.

It is our responsibility as florists to represent you as ambassadors to your emotions, as best we can. The experience of gifting is a fragile and unique one. It is a special moment that captures a story, a relationship, between individuals, both the sender and the recipient. To be the voice of your emotions, Beato strives to keep the quality of our craft well-honed and distinctive. We represent you, your style in fashion, your beliefs in standards, your values in life, and the way you see the world. For that, we aim to be all you ever need in the realm of floristry, florals, and floral gifting. Beato Fiore delivers to you that, with a promise of architecting only the best in quality, art style, and service.

Browse Beato’s Pinterest Floral Gallery to get inspiration

Looking for a unique styling? Try Beato’s Omakase

Tailor your bouquets, floral in vases, tripods, and more with Beato’s Omakase feature. Pick traits, flowers, moods, and style that suits your recipient. Leave the rest up to us. Before sending the flowers out, you will receive an email with the flowers we have designed for you and your recipients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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