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Do’s and Don’t while selecting perfect Valentine’s day flower

Selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day flower for your loved one can be a tricky task, especially if it’s the first time you are getting them a valentine’s day bouquet or have moved away from your usual florist.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you should start taking steps to get your lover a special Valentine’s Day flower.

After all, Valentine’s Day is meant for expressing your love and affection for your lover; so the flowers you pick will be just one way you express that.

If you are still contemplating on how to go about selecting the perfect flower that will get your lover blushing and absolutely blown away, you don’t have to worry. This piece got you covered as it comprises the Do’s and Don’t while selecting the perfect Valentine’s day flower.


Table of Contents

    1. Red roses ideal option for Valentine’s Day flower
    2. Don’t restrict yourself to roses only
    3. Don’t overdo it
    4. Do order early
    5. Don’t trigger their allergies
    6. Consider the symbolism
    7. Consider your lovers choice while selecting your Valentine bouquet
    8. Ensure they are fresh
    9. Finally, make sure they last long

Now let’s discuss these vital tips one after the other;

Red roses are an easy and ideal option for Valentine’s Day flower

If you are still contemplating on the particular flower to choose for Valentine’s day gift to your loved one, you can go for roses.

Roses never go out of style. Do they?

Typically, roses represent the most perfect flower for Valentine’s day bouquet. Red roses are the most popular but you can also go for other species like white, pink, or yellow roses.

However, don’t restrict yourself to roses only

Roses are the typical Valentine’s Day flower, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to roses only. There are a lot of other lovely and beautiful flowers out there that can make up your bouquet, for instance, tulips, daisies, carnations, and many other flowers are also very suitable for Valentine’s Day bouquets. Also, by including different flowers, your Valentine’s Day bouquet will be absolutely unique and special.

Just as the saying goes: Variety is the spice of life.

Don’t overdo it

Many people have it in mind to go all the way for their lover while selecting Valentine’s day flowers, sounds great! However, it is better to keep it simple most of the time. Some people will prefer something quite simple and lovely such as simple daisies or carnations.

While thinking about your bouquet, consider how long you’ve been with your lover, and what their preferences are.

If you’ve only been together for barely a month, a huge bouquet with multiple flowers may not be the most ideal choice. However, If your loved one is looking for something mind-blowing, don’t hesitate to go for it but still make it as simple as possible.

Do order early

It’s never too early to book your Valentine’s Day flower. This is probably the busiest time for flower vendors, and if you procrastinate getting the flowers until the eleventh hour, they
may be unable to take your order or give you precisely what you requested. Thus, to give your loved one the most ideal bouquet, you’ll need to make properly scheduled arrangements with your florist ahead of time.

Don’t trigger their allergies or make them uncomfortable

Some specific flowers possess strong odors and fragrances. These flowers’ odors may be quite uncomfortable or somewhat choking especially if your loved one stays in a small apartment. You should rather go for flowers with a moderate fragrance or just go for a flower you know your lover would appreciate its scent.
Also, you should be mindful of their allergies.

For example, if your loved one tends to constantly sneeze in the spring or summertime, you should pick flowers with less pollen such as

Hydrangeas and geraniums.

These flowers are recommended for allergic persons but chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod, and sunflowers are not healthy for people that suffer from such allergy.

Basically, you should avoid flowers that emit too much pollen as they may trigger some allergic reactions for your loved one.

You definitely want your loved one to be happy and comfortable with your Valentine’s Day bouquet gift, so choose the most suitable flowers and make her smile, not sneeze!

Consider the symbolism

Each flower represents different feelings, emotions, and meanings. A flower can be a symbol of love, respect, joy, friendship, loyalty, trust, gratitude, and so on. For instance, Aster symbolizes love and wisdom, white carnations represent pure love and good luck while roses and tulip are a symbol of love and passion.

Therefore, knowing what a flower signifies will help you in making more suitable choices for your Valentine’s Day flower.

You should know what the flower you are selecting for your Valentine’s day bouquet represents, so it feels more special to you and your lover.

Consider your loved one’s personality while selecting your Valentine bouquet.

Your friend should feel special when she gets the bouquet you got for her. You can get them their favorite flower if they have one. Basically, you should ensure that the flowers you select reflect their unique style and personality. For instance, if they are outgoing persons, they might like dazzling, merry flowers. If they are shyer or conservative, something more exquisite and refined should do.

Putting a special touch to your Valentine bouquet will clearly show how much you love and care for your lover.

Ensure they are fresh

You wouldn’t give her chocolates that are past their expiry date so don’t do likewise with your flowers. In case you’re purchasing them in person, check they’re fresh and brand-new by carefully feeling the piece of the petal that meets the stem. This part will always be very firm if the flower is still fresh.

Finally, make sure they last long

Since the flowers represent your love and affection for your lover, what is she going to think if they withered/wilted just the next day after Valentine’s Day? Ensuring that your flowers last is very important. To help the flowers stay fresh and long-lasting, you should trim off about one to two inches every few days to help your flowers absorb water. You should also prune the leaves as needed. Ensure you trim the stem with a sharp knife and plunge it into fresh, clean water in a neat vase.

Final Thoughts

On Valentine’s Day, giving lovely flowers to your partner is a wonderful way to show the deep love you have for them. However, expressing your feelings should not be limited to just one day of the year.  You can shower them with your love and affection with our finest floral arrangements and bouquets. We have a breathtaking collection of anniversary flowers, flowers to congratulate someone, romantic flowers, birthday flowers, or flowers to just say thank you or to apologize to your loved ones. 

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