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Different types of Christmas Trees (Detailed Guide)

Christmas is around the corner and the season is best known for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. It is the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations that lend to the whimsical aura that envelopes the season and the essence of the festival. The Christmas markets are flooded with decorations, lights, and Christmas trees, and it is the right place to buy yours in case you do not have one.

Significance of Christmas Trees

 It is believed the concept of keeping a Christmas tree first originated in Germany before other countries started to keep it. The evergreen tree is a testimony to the eternal life of Jesus Christ through his birth, death, and resurrection. The branches of the tree symbolize immortality, and keeping a Christmas tree at home or your workplace is one of the highlights of the Christmas season.

Types of Christmas Trees

If you still haven’t bought your Christmas tree, and are pondering over which one to pick up for your home, you can have a look at the different types of Christmas trees that are available in the market to buy. Before that look into what you are looking for in your Christmas tree, is the aroma, shape, size, or a potted tree. Go for a Christmas tree depending on your space and budget, and bring in the cheer and spirit of Christmas to your home.

Real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees are available in the market. Let us have a look at some of the real Christmas trees so that you decide on what exactly you want for your home. You can also find a good collection of Christmas trees in Singapore in the below link.

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Real Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree is perishable, and it can be used only in that season. You will have to dispose of the tree once the Christmas season gets over because it is not reusable. The choices of real Christmas trees are varied, and you can choose depending on the size of your home, how much your budget is, and depending on the types of Christmas ornaments you have with you. Fir trees, Pine trees, and Spruce trees are the popular ones because they grow well in the winter season.

  • Fir Trees

The Fir is an evergreen coniferous tree found in Asia, Europe, North Africa, and North and Central America. There are different types of Fir trees that work well as Christmas trees. Let us have a look at some of the so that you can have options when you go to buy your tree. 

  • Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir has a sweet fragrance and is three to four feet long. It is dark green in color and a short tree that works well as a Christmas tree. The tree can be used to decorate the house as it lasts for a longer period. 

  • Douglas Fir

This pyramid-shaped tree spreads a good fragrance in the room it is kept, and that makes it a perfect Christmas tree. The dark blue needle foliage of the tree is enchanting and adds to the magic of the season when used as a Christmas tree.

  • Pine Trees

These are evergreen coniferous trees that are popular in the Christmas season as Christmas trees in your home. Most species of Pine trees are tall, the Ponderosa Pine being the tallest.

  • Afghan Pine

The Afghan Pine is known for its sturdy branches and if you have Christmas ornaments that are heavy and large, then this Pine tree will be a good choice for your home. This Pine tree is a native of Afghanistan, and it is a tough tree with sharp green needles.

  • Ponderosa Pine

The needles of the Ponderosa Pine are 5 to 10 inches long and it is a good tree to buy if there are kids at home decorating the Christmas tree. The bright green needles of this tree are flexible, but it is not advisable to get this tree if your Christmas ornaments are heavy.

  • Spruce Trees

Spruce trees are large, and they reach up to 20-60 meters when they are fully grown. The needles or leaves of this tree stay on the branches in a spiral way. Just like the Firs and the Pines, Spruce trees are in demand during the Christmas season as Christmas trees. 

  • Black Hill Spruce

This dark green tree has pointed needles which makes it difficult for children to decorate the tree. In case you have kids at home, this tree is not recommended.

  • Blue Spruce

The tree looks ornamental because of its dark green to powdery blue color. The branches are heavy and that makes it a good choice if your Christmas ornaments have weight. 

  • Cedar Trees

Cedar trees are cone-shaped trees, and they look perfect as Christmas trees. In case you are looking to get a real tree this Christmas, going for a Cedar tree is a good choice.

  • Deodara Cedar

This cone-shaped tree has drooping branches and is a native of the Himalayas. The needle-like leaves vary from bright green color to blue-green color. It makes a good Christmas tree if you are looking to buy one this season.

  • Eastern Red Cedar

Many people plant this tree as it is long-lasting, and can bare the winter chills. It survives well during the winter season, and the needles stay fresh for up to two to three weeks. 

  • Cypress Trees

The Cypress trees have lush green foliage, and the drooping branches give an irregular globe shape. They are tall and narrow and often used as privacy shrub trees. Having a Cypress Christmas tree is wonderful if you are looking for something different this year.

  • Arizona Cypress

This cone-shaped tree has leaves 2-5mm long, and the color of the tree changes from dull green to bright blue-green color.

  • Carolina Sapphire

This is one of the newer types of tree that is very popular among buyers as a Christmas tree. The leaves are blue-green, the needles are soft to the touch, and it has a pleasant aroma that will linger in whichever room it is kept.

In The End

Now that you have an idea about the different types of real Christmas trees, you can decide easily on which type of tree will suit your home the best this Christmas season.

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