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Most popular flowers for wedding

It can be hard to figure out which of your favorite flowers will be available on your big day with ever-changing seasons. The most important day to recognize in your life is your wedding day. We at Beato can help you find the most popular wedding flowers for a Singaporean wedding while also reducing your arrangement cost.

The date you set can make all the difference in whether or not you’ll be able to get those prized peonies as you walk down the aisle. If only they were available all year round… Some of the most popular, beautiful flowers are seasonal and can be quite expensive to import. Here are our top 5 picks for wedding flowers that can elate the receiver. 


  1. Peonies
  2. Ranunculuses
  3. Dahlias
  4. Anemone
  5. Hydrangeas

In Singapore, peonies are by far the most sought-after wedding flowers. Unfortunately, there have been many disappointed brides who were not able to include them in their wedding since they aren’t available all year round. It is quite common that the bride-to-be neglects the fact that flowers are seasonal when setting their wedding date. Seasonal flowers are usually only available for two or three months during the year. For example, peonies are available from Holland in the middle of the year and New Zealand at the end of the year. So, your chances of walking down the aisle with those big, billowy blooms increase if you are getting married in May, June, November, or December.

Are In-season flowers cheaper in Singapore?

Thanks to the equatorial climate and limited land areas in Singapore, almost all flowers are already imported from countries like Holland, China, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. So, they already cost more since they are flown in fresh every morning. So after adding labor and logistic costs, the chances are that you won’t get in-season flowers cheaper here.

But, since Singapore imports flowers from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, you are more likely to get the flowers you want.

What will be in-season during your wedding month?

Since it can be hard to know which flowers are available, we have prepared a guide for some of the most popular wedding flowers in Singapore and which months they are available.


When in full bloom, peonies are breathtaking. They are fluffy and long-lasting enough for a full-day wedding in Singapore. These luxury flowers are available in a few quality varieties. The pink Sahara Berhardt being the most popular. Avoid ordering peonies at the beginning and the end of the season since you will be paying top-dollar for fist-sized, less billowy flowers. Ask your florist before your wedding date if the available peonies are good quality before you confirm.
Available May-July from Holland and December to February from New Zealand.



Ra…hmm? Don’t let the strange-sounding name put you off. The Ranunculuses are also known as Persian buttercups. The flowers are really dainty and resemble mini peonies. The best thing about them is the wide variety of colors they come in; red, pink, yellow, orange, and white. The advantage is that it’s remarkably easy to work these spring flowers into your wedding no matter your chosen color palette. The most prevalent version for a wedding is the blush pink “Clooney Hanoi” ranunculus.
Available: November to May from Italy and China.



Summer-blooming dahlias are gorgeous pinwheel-looking flowers that are relatively uncommon in Singapore. Mainly because they tend to arrive in Singapore with weak and falling petals, you can often end up paying for a massive batch of flowers, while your wedding florist only uses a few stalks for your bridal bouquet. If you still insist on using dahlias for your wedding, take a look at the stunning Café Au Lait. They look great on Instagram and styled



Anemones are rare Fall blooms with striking jet-black centers. They are available in many shades, with the crisp white poppy anemones being the most sought after. Like dahlias, anemones don’t travel very well to Singapore, and they tend to arrive with scarred petals, making only a few stalks usable from each batch.
Available: October to May from Holland and France.



Romantic and dreamy, hydrangeas are extremely popular in extravagant garden weddings or elegant restaurant receptions. Each stem features a large bunch of blooms, which come in fragrant vivid colors like bubble-gum pink, snow white, deep purple, and sky blue. The only downside is that hydrangeas are incredibly fragile and unpredictable, wilting into shriveled balls if left out in the sun too long. You should only choose hydrangeas if you’re having a short ceremony and if you understand the fragility.

Apart from wedding flowers, we have a beautiful range of flowers like Orchids, carnations, or hydrangeas, a red rose arrangement, exotic lilies, attractive daisies, blooming daffodils, and many others. You can also get flowers for any occasion either be it flowers for birthdays, anniversary flowers, congratulations flowers, romantic flowers or get well soon flowers, flowers for condolence or just to express gratitude and say thank you.


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