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Wedding Posies Designs – Create your best Wedding Bouquets

What Is a Wedding Posy?

‘Flowers have that unique ability to transform how you look and, more importantly, how you feel’ – Kristen Griffith-Vander Yacht, renowned floral designer

Wedding posies are one of the best ways to accessorize the looks of the bride and they lend an ethereal charm to the bride on the most important day of her life. You might want to know what exactly is a wedding posy? A wedding posy is a bouquet of flowers in a small round arrangement usually held in the hands of the bride, bridesmaids, and the flower girls. 

There are weddings where you will see the bride holding oversized bouquets, and posies that are petite and do not overshadow the bride and her wedding looks. Being an important part of the wedding, wedding posies are given good importance and a lot of thought goes into creating a bouquet that is beautiful, unique, and complements the bride and her gown.

It is imperative that the wedding posy design is decided during the same time the wedding gown is being decided so that your florist or stylist can make sure the right color and types of flowers are available for the bouquet you have chosen during the ceremony. 

Let us look at some of the splendid wedding posy designs that will add luster and glamour to the bride and her wedding day. The bride can decide on the wedding posy based on the type of gown she is wearing so that it complements her looks.

Cascade Bouquet

Flowers cascade down like a waterfall cascading down and it looks splendid. The cascade bouquet makes a strong style statement, and it enhances the looks of the bride and the gown she is wearing. The cascade bouquet is also known as the pageant bouquet or the presentation bouquet and looks dramatic which is perfect for the bride.

Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Delphinium are the flowers that can be used in this bouquet as they add to the ethereal look by falling out of the bouquet.

Composite Bouquet

A bride always wants to look the best on her wedding day and along with her gown there are other accessories that need to be added. For brides who like a bit of action and glamor, the composite bouquet is the perfect choice to have on their wedding day. The choice of a wedding posy is totally up to the bride depending on what suits her wedding gown the most. 

What makes this bouquet different is that they are made of petals arranged in a manner to look like a flower. This bouquet is also called glamelia, and the arrangement is avant-garde and glamorous. 

Hand-Tied Bouquet

By the name itself you will know how the arrangement of flowers will be. An assortment of different types of flowers and leaves will be tied together using a colorful or a charming ribbon, twine, or thread. You can customize the hand-tied bouquets choosing the flowers that go with the bride’s gown or you can put together her favorite flowers together and make a unique bouquet.

If you are going for a garden or rustic wedding, then this is the ideal posy design to go for as it looks natural and handpicked just for the occasion. 

Nosegay Bouquet

Planning your wedding and wondering which wedding posy design to go for? The nosegay bouquet is a good choice if you want the green to stand out in your bouquet. The popular flowers in this bouquet are baby’s breath, calla lilies, orchids, and roses. The nosegay bouquet can be held by the bridesmaids and the flower girls too because of its size. 

Looking for a small and cute wedding posy while you walk down the aisle, then a nosegay bouquet is the best choice. Tie them together using lace, ribbon, or tulle and you do not have to be a florist to make it. Use your creativity and make an unconventional and unique nosegay bouquet.

Pomander Bouquet

This bouquet is formed by a sphere of flowers, and they are small and adorable. It is like a flower ball and can be hung on your wrist using a decorative ribbon or thread. These bouquets can be decided by you to get that perfect look you desire to get. Pomander bouquets are becoming common nowadays in weddings.

These bouquets are used by flower girls, and you can see them hung along the aisle using shepherd hooks during some wedding ceremonies. They have multiple purposes, can be used as a bouquet, in garlands, in decorations, and can be hung as ornaments. Since these bouquets are small even little girls can hold them. A pomander is known as a kissing ball, and you can either have fresh flowers or make it by using artificial flowers.

Round Bouquet

In this the bouquet will be round as the name suggests and usually in this bouquet the same type of flowers or the same color flowers are used. Round bouquets can be quite simple compared to many other wedding posy designs and not much greenery is used or seen in this bouquet. Emphasis is given mostly to the flowers. 

The round bouquet is simple, elegant, and soft, and often uses romantic flowers like peonies and different types of roses. This is a timeless and classic type of bouquet, and you can decide on the type of ribbon or lace you want to use to tie them together.

In The End

Which wedding posy design do you think the bride will opt for? It is totally the bride’s choice what type of bouquet she wants to hold and what types of bouquets she expects the bridesmaids and flower girls to hold. You can reach out to a stylist or a professional who will be able to guide you properly and give you good suggestions on what type of bouquet to go for, depending on the gown, the type of ceremony, and the location.

You can have a color scheme and let your choice celebrate you and your special day and make it memorable. You can now buy wedding flowers in Singapore using the link below.

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