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Birthstone Blooms: Discovering the Perfect Birthday Flowers for Each Month in Singapore

Every special day in Singapore deserves to be celebrated with the perfect bouquet, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

But when it comes to choosing the right floral arrangements, the task can sometimes seem daunting. 

This is where birthstone-inspired blooms come in, guiding your decision to create deeply personal and vibrant birthday flowers in Singapore.

Beato’s rich floral diversity makes finding a unique flower for every birth month possible.

January: Carnations & Garnets – Blooms of Affection and Love

January ushers in a new year with fresh hopes and expectations, much like the vibrant and colourful Carnations, the birth flowers for this month. 

These blossoms symbolise love, fascination, and distinction, resonating with the deep, passionate hues of the Garnet, January’s birthstone. 

Gifting a bouquet of Carnations to January-born individuals reflects a celebration of their birthday and an acknowledgement of their unique qualities.

carnation flower bouquet

Source: Thursd

February: Violets & Amethysts – Symbols of Loyalty and Spiritual Peace

As we venture into February, the birth flowers for this month, Violets, offer a sense of calm and serenity. 

Symbolising faithfulness, wisdom, and humility, these petite, charming flowers mirror the meditative attributes of the Amethyst, February’s birthstone. 

A thoughtful bouquet of Violets for a February-born recipient is a testament to their tranquillity and wisdom.

violet flower bouquet

Source: Cloverhome

March: Daffodils & Aquamarine – Emblems of New Beginnings and Serenity

With the arrival of Spring, March brings the promise of renewal and fresh starts, qualities embodied by Daffodils, the birth flowers for this month. 

Their vibrant yellow hues echo the serene, calming tones of the Aquamarine, March’s birthstone. 

A bouquet of Daffodils signifies a joyous celebration of a March birthday and an anticipation of what the year ahead holds.

daffodils flower bouquet

Source: Pxfuel

April: Daisies & Diamonds – Expressions of Innocence and Invincibility

Daisies, the birth flowers for April, radiate a simple yet alluring beauty. 

They symbolise innocence, purity, and loyal love, attributes that align with the clear, sparkling Diamond, April’s birthstone.

An April birthday bouquet in Singapore that features Daisies reflects the celebrant’s pure-heartedness and invincible spirit.

daisies flower bouquet



Source: Brides

May: Lilies of the Valley & Emeralds – Manifestations of Sweetness and Harmony

For May, the Lily of the Valley stands out with its sweet fragrance and delicate bell-shaped flowers. 

Symbolising humility, sweetness, and a return to happiness, these flowers resonate with the values associated with the Emerald, May’s birthstone. 

A bouquet enriched with Lilies of the Valley for a May birthday hints at the celebrant’s harmonious nature and inner grace.

lilies flower bouquet

Source: CGTN

June: Roses & Pearls – Symbols of Love and Elegance

June’s birth flowers, Roses, are the quintessential emblem of love, honour, and faith. 

Their diverse palette of colours matches the beauty, grace, and mystery of the Pearl, June’s birthstone. 

A bouquet of Roses for a June-born individual is more than just a beautiful gift; it’s a declaration of love and appreciation for their elegant presence.

eternal series flower bouquet

Eternal Series by Beato

July: Larkspur & Rubies – Signifiers of Open Hearts and Passion

The birth flower for July, Larkspur, symbolises an open heart and strong attachment, mirroring the passionate energy of Ruby, July’s birthstone. 

Incorporating Larkspur in a birthday bouquet for July-born individuals shows appreciation for their warmth, passion, and openness.

lakspur flower bouquet

Source: Nustad Family Ranch

August: Gladiolus & Peridot – Reflecting Strength and Integrity

August’s birth flower, Gladiolus, or ‘sword lilies,’ stands tall and grand, representing strength, moral integrity, and infatuation. 

These attributes are akin to those of the vibrant Peridot, August’s birthstone. 

A bouquet featuring Gladiolus for an August birthday celebrates the recipient’s birth and their indomitable spirit and moral character.

gladiolus flower

Source: Bunches

September: Asters & Sapphires – Representing Love and Wisdom

September brings with it Asters, star-like flowers symbolising love, wisdom, and valour. 

Their rich hues are as deep as the Sapphire, September’s birthstone. 

A bouquet filled with Asters for a September birthday signifies the recipient’s wisdom, bravery, and capacity for love.

aster flower

Source: Russian Floral Blog

October: Marigolds & Opals – Radiating Warmth and Creativity

The bright orange Marigold, October’s birth flower, encapsulates warmth, passion, and creativity, akin to the fiery hues of Opals, October’s birthstone. 

A birthday bouquet for October-born individuals featuring Marigolds brightens their special day and celebrates their creative and passionate spirit.

marigold flower

Source: Growing Family

November: Chrysanthemums & Topaz – Symbols of Joy and Love

Chrysanthemums, or ‘Mums,’ November’s birth flowers, are vibrant blooms symbolising joy, optimism, and love. 

They pair perfectly with the golden hues of Topaz, November’s birthstone. 

Including Chrysanthemums in a November birthday bouquet adds a touch of joy and warmth, reflecting the celebrant’s optimistic and loving nature.

chrysanthemum flower

Source: Vecteezy

December: Poinsettias & Turquoise – Signifiers of Cheer and Success

December’s birth flowers, Poinsettias, are known for their bright red and green foliage. 

These flowers, symbolising good cheer, success, and celebration, harmonise with the Turquoise birthstone of December. 

Incorporating Poinsettias into a December birthday bouquet brings a bright, joyful touch to the celebrations, akin to the cheeriness of the holiday season.

poinsettias flower bouquet

Source: Martha Stewart

Care Tips for Birth Month Flowers & Birthstones

Proper care can extend the life and beauty of your birthday flowers and birthstones, making your heartfelt gift last longer. Here are some general tips:


  • Trim the stems: Trim the stems of the flowers at a 45-degree angle to allow them to absorb water more efficiently.
  • Freshwater: Change the water in the vase every two days to prevent bacteria from shortening the flowers’ lifespan.
  • Temperature: Keep the flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat sources, which can dehydrate the flowers.
  • Remove wilted flowers: Take out any wilted flowers from the bouquet to prevent them from accelerating the decay of the other flowers.


  • Clean regularly: Clean the birthstones with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper cleaning, use warm soapy water and a soft brush, but make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Don’t expose your birthstones to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents; they can discolour or damage the stone.
  • Store properly: Store each birthstone separately to avoid scratches. A soft cloth bag is a good storage option.
  • Handle with care: Birthstones are precious and should be handled carefully to avoid accidental damage or chipping.

Beato: Crafting Beautiful Bouquets to Honor Birthdays and Anniversaries

Every gift from Beato Fiore is handpicked and arranged with love. 

Our commitment to providing the perfect flowers for every special occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries flowers in Singapore, goes beyond just aesthetics and personal preference. 

We believe in embracing the recipients’ symbolism, tradition, and unique personalities. 

With our dedicated same-day flower delivery service in Singapore, your heartfelt gestures will arrive on time every time.

Let Beato be your trusted guide and companion in the language of flowers in Singapore. Order your perfect birthday or anniversary bouquet today!

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