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Best Mothers Day Quotes for your Mom

Mother’s Day is a universal celebration of selfless love and motherhood when we appreciate all the love mothers bestow on us during the course of our lives. Mothers as we know are the most compassionate creatures who cannot be defined through a single word as they devote their whole lives for their children. On Mother’s day we show our gratitude towards them by returning them all the love in the form of gifts and surprise dinner parties. We have created a special list of pampering quotes for you that you can send your mother this year.

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Mother’s Day Quotes for Moms 

It has always been said that mothers are the first companion of every human being when they enter this world. Mothers pamper their children no matter how old they get, the love never changes. And to honor such an immense love every possible word might seem less to wish them a happy mother’s day. 

  • Your love has always been my biggest strength in tough times and your smile is the celebration of all good times. I love you mom and thanks for always being there for us all. 
  • I have never seen you being tired of all the annoying things we do with you at home. You are a true inspiration to me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
  • It is true that a mother’s love is as precious as a diamond because I have met no one who could love me more than you have adored me all my life. Happy Mother’s Day Mum. 
  • God might not have been here to hold our hand through hardships but he surely has sent mother as embodiment of love to look upon us all the time. 

Mother’s Day Quotes for GrandMoms 

Unconditional love is what grandmothers are made of and we all can feel the warmth of that feeling when they carry us in their tender arms. Wishing them a happy mother’s day with some lovely quotes can make their day and heart filled with joy. 

  • Happy Mothers Day Grandma thanks for making our days gleeful and our nights peaceful by your stories of adventure and love. 
  • Thank you Grandma for saving me from the scolding eyes of dad and mom’s all the time after my attempts of mischievous quests of childhood. 
  • I am pleased to have such an amazing person like you in my life. My best friend with whom I can share everything. Happy Mothers Day GrandMom. 
  • I will always remember the things you have taught me and treasure the love you have given me. Thank you granny for pampering me always. 

Mother’s Day Quotes for Mother-In-Laws

Mother In Laws as the guiding light of your new life in a new home and showing some love on the special day of mothers is something you can do for them. You can find some of the best quotes you can use this year to wish them. 

  • Mothers are the first teacher of every child and I do believe in that because I have learned so much from you since the day I came here. Thank You Mom. 
  • I always cherish the moments we spend together and gossip we both do. It is one the most beautiful memories of life. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. 
  • You have always made me feel home right from the first day and I want you to know that you are a wonderful person. Thank you for everything Mom. 
  • It’s sometimes difficult to believe that God has given me not only one but two supporting mothers because you have always appreciated me. Happy Mother’s Day Mother In Law. 

Mother’s Day Quotes for Sisters 

Growing up with a sister is a thrilling and affectionate experience of life because they will scold you like father but will always love you like mother. You can send the written down quotes to wish your sister a happy mother’s day. 

  • I believe motherhood has always suited you like how you always took care of us and now of your own little one. Wishing you a happy mother’s day sister. 
  • To my beloved sister, Happy Mother’s Day. I have always felt proud of you being my sister as you have always loved me dearly and I miss you those days. 
  • On this day of motherhood I couldn’t remind anyone but you for the lovely childhood we both have shared. Happy Mother’s Day Sis. 
  • To our new beautiful momma, Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you will become the same inspiration to your children like you have always been to us Sister. 

Mother’s Day Quotes by Famous Authors 

Even the art has not left untouched by the affectionate nature of a mother as we find many writers have penned down their feelings about motherhood. We have found some of the best quotes from the table of different centuries.

  • “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” By George Eliot
  • “A mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.” By Emily Dickinson
  • “He didn’t realise that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark.” By J.K. Rowling 
  • “And all my mother came into mine eyes. And gave me up to tears.” By William Shakespeare 
  • “My mother was a reader, and she read to us. She read us Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when I was 6 and my brother was 8; I never forgot it.” By Stephen King
  • “A mother would have been always present. A mother would have been a constant friend; her influence would have been beyond all other.” By Jane Austen
  • “Because I feel that, in the Heavens above / The angels, whispering to one another, / Can find, among their burning terms of love / None so devotional as that of ‘Mother’” By Edgar Allen Poe
  • “The clocks were striking midnight and the rooms were very still as a figure glided quietly from bed to bed, smoothing a coverlid here, settling a pillow there, and pausing to look long and tenderly at each unconscious face, to kiss each with lips that mutely blessed, and to pray the fervent prayers which only mothers utter.” By Louisa May Alcott

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