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新年快樂! 牛年大吉!

Indeed it’s been a tough year for all of us, with everyone being affected by the pandemic in one way or another. In lieu of the current situation, there are further restrictions to curb the spread. Nonetheless, Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important celebration for Chinese all over the world. The celebration happens either in January or February according to the chinese calendar, which is based on phases of the moon. Many usually visit temples to pray to the gods for luck and blessings throughout the year. In 2021, the festival is from February 11 to February 26th.

Much like Christmas in December, in Chinese culture, gifts are not only showing respect to elders and superiors but also maintaining close relationships with loved ones. Therefore, gift giving plays an essential role in Chinese New Year. However, each flower or ornament one sees in homes or shops has great significance.

It is thus important to review the basic principles above. While doing so, one can reflect about the following questions: Is he or she traditional? What type of friendship do you have with him or her? It is good to note that the more traditional he or she is, you should consider giving them Traditional Gifts.

Now, instead of sending the gifts physically, we can send them straight to the doorstep. How great is that?

With the amount of options and the services available to us at the tip of our fingers, it just gets easier to surprise our loved ones. Here are some of the options which you could choose from for the Chinese New Year.


  1. Flowers
  2. Gift Hampers
  3. Decor Items
  4. Lucky Bamboo
  5. Mandarins and Tangerines

1: Flowers

Sending fresh and beautiful flowers is a fantastic way to start the New Year. The luscious handmade bouquets and gorgeous flower arrangements will allure the senses and fill one’s life with peacefulness.


2: Gift Hampers

Sending gift hampers is one of the latest trends we see. Laden with cupcakes, snacks, flowers, dry fruits, gifting exotic CNY hampers will absolutely cheer up your loved ones and make a memorable Chinese New Year for them.


3: Decor Items

I’m sure everyone agrees that they love to decorate their homes with pleasing-to-the-eye decor elements during special occasions. Smart and classy items such as art, scented candles, vases, and antiques would make great gifts to your friends and loved ones. These listed items would definitely magnify its charm in a pleasing manner and escort in the festive mood.


4: Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo attracts all the good luck one needs. The stalks curl and twist into enthralling shapes and sizes. To have a better Feng Shui as they called it, one can put red ribbons and various types of lucky ornaments.

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5: Mandarins and Tangerines

These are everywhere during this time of the year. Mandarins refers to luck and good fortune. The more fruits you have, the better it is. Tangerines, on one hand, ensure that good fortune enters your home.

Technology has enabled us to bask in the spirit of the season whilst staying at home in the midst of the pandemic. Well, what are you waiting for? For this Chinese New Year, remember to give your loved ones something special that delights their heart at the very first sight.


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