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Which are the Best Dried Flowers for Home Decor

Decorating homes with flowers has always been a common thing since yore. There is always something enchanting about having a flower arrangement in some corner of your home or as a center table arrangement, and they always give good vibes to the ambiance of your home. Just like having a fresh flower bouquet or fresh flower arrangement, dried flower arrangements are becoming popular, and many prefer them over fresh flowers. 

What are Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers just like fresh flowers are a good way to brighten up any space, be it your office or home, and has a unique charm. Fresh flowers that are preserved through a dehydrated preserving method are called dried flowers, and they come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of flowers that are dried.

Dried flowers exude a different kind of beauty and are a good choice if you have flower allergies. 

Best Dried Flowers That Can Be Used for Home Décor

Decorating the home and making your home cozy, comfortable, warm, and elegant is a dream everyone has. Flower arrangements change the vibe of your home in many ways. They lend grace, allure, and sophistication to the otherwise bare spaces in a room, and give life to the home.

Dried flower arrangements have caught up with fresh flower arrangements in terms of popularity, and they add a dash to color to your home décor. Let us have a look at some of the best dried flowers that can be used for home décor to spruce up your living space. 

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  • Bluebell

The Bluebells are commonly found in Asia, Europe, and North America, and when dried they make great additions to dried flower arrangements and dried flower bouquets. Using them is a good way to bring hues of blue into your home décor.

  • Celosia

The three types of Celosia flower, Plume Celosia, Cockscomb Celosia, and Wheat Celosia is a low maintenance flowers that can be easily grown in your garden. They look good in fresh flowers as well as dried flower arrangements as fillers as well as the main flower.

  • Conebush

This bright red flower blooms in spring and when dried can be a wonderful addition to dried flower arrangements or dried flower bouquets. They can also be pressed and used in scrapbook decorations and other floral decorations. 

  • Cornflower

These flowers are also known as Bachelor’s Button and are excellent to dry and use in dried flower arrangements. They bloom for many months, and hence they are easily available to dry and use in homes for dried flower arrangements. 

  • Curry Plant

The Curry Plant is somewhat like Strawflower, just that it is yellow in color, and is popular because of its spicy aroma.

  • Drumstick Allium

These egg-shaped flowers are long-lasting, and turn from green to purple as they mature. They can be dried and preserved, and add to the splendor of dried flower arrangements.  

  • Globe Amaranth

The Globe Amaranth also known as the Fireworks Flower is the perfect flower if you want to add a pop-up color to your dried flower arrangement. It adds to the color of the flower arrangement resembling pink pom-poms. The stiff straw-like look is perfect for dried flower arrangements. 

  • Globe Thistle

Globe Thistles are perfectly round flowers, and look visually appealing in all dried flower arrangements. You can cut the buds before they open and watch them bloom in the dried flower arrangements inside your home. 

  • Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that look splendorous in dried flower arrangements, and what adds to their beauty is their large round blooms. They also come in different colors, blue, pink, purple, and white.

  • Lollipop

This cluster of tiny purple flowers is good when dried and looks good in a dried bouquet or dried flower arrangement. The shades of the flowers range from lavender to deep purple. These flowers can be crushed and used in potpourri. 

  • Mealycup Sage

These flower blooms resemble Lavender blooms, and their spikes are perfect to add to the vertical designs in your dried flower arrangements.  

  • Peony

It is very easy to dry peonies, and you can enjoy them in your dried flower arrangements in a variety of shades, pink, red, white, and yellow. The billowy blooms of peony flowers make a difference in the dried flower arrangements and bring radiance to your home décor. 

  • Rose

Roses are easy to dry, and they look beautiful, and add color to any dried flower arrangements. You can arrange them in a dry flower arrangement in a way that they look almost fresh as the day they were cut. They are one of the most popular flowers florists like to use in both fresh and dried flower arrangements.

  • Statice

This is a beautiful flower that looks incredibly pretty when dried and used in dried flower arrangements. They come in various colors, and the colors really hold up well even after the drying process. A dozen of these Statice flowers can make a good floral decoration. 

  • Strawflower

These blooms are really bright and colorful, and bloom from late spring to the first frost. It is ideal to use as dried flowers because it retains its shape and color even after preserving it. They are quite popular in the dried flower market because of their sturdy and everlasting properties.

  • Snowflake

The Snowflake first blooms in late spring and its petals are 12 inches in diameter. You can preserve them, and they look perfect in dried flower arrangements. The petals of Snowflake are delicate, so you need to be a bit careful while handling these flowers.

  • Yarrow

This is a wildflower commonly found in Siberia, and the regions surrounding it. Dried Yarrow flower is perfect to use in dried flower arrangements to add to the allure of your home décor.

In The End

If you are looking to spruce up your home with flower arrangements, and are looking for something that is long-lasting, you can ask your florist to get a dried flower arrangement using some of the flowers mentioned above. They will surely add to the glamor and elegance of your home décor, and make you feel good.

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