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Valentine’s Day Activities for Work | Games, Events, Gifts, Decorations etc

It is Valentine’s Day again, and celebrations are on at home, at the workplace, and with your loved one. If you are working, it is fun to exchange cards and candies with your friends at the office, and appreciate them. To show your appreciation and make your coworkers feel loved and valued is important, and there is no better day than February 14th to brighten up their mood and day.

Why is it Important to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Your Workplace?

There is something about caring and showing support to your coworkers occasionally, and Valentine’s Day is a good day for that. Thoughtful gestures, caring, and love all make a difference to your colleagues. Creating a mood that will leave your coworkers relaxed and comfortable is a good way to build a positive and friendly atmosphere at your workplace. Some of the Valentine’s Day activities for work are shared here, and they are pocket-friendly and will also bring a smile to your coworkers’ faces. Given below are some Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Workplace that are Fun and Exciting.

Get the Office Decorated

Decorate the office with streamers, balloons, stickers, and flowers using the Valentine colors. Let there be a dash of white, red, and pink added to the color of the office space that day. The Valentine’s Day decorations in the office will set the mood for the day, and make the day exciting for your coworkers. The vibes of Valentine’s Day will be palpable for them as soon as they step into the office.

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Organize Valentine’s Day Trivia

Valentine’s Day Trivia is an engaging activity that can be done the entire Valentine’s Day week. You have the option of playing this game in person or virtually. 

Ask a question from a movie or take an interesting topic, and whoever answers correctly wins a goody bag. 

You can have a group competition by dividing the employees into groups and holding a competition. Give a prize to the winning team. 

Go for a free quiz website otherwise, and make your coworkers participate in the quiz virtually. The winner can be given a prize.

Candy Guessing Game

A candy guessing game is a good activity to organize at your workplace on Valentine’s Day. Fill a clear jar with candies and heart-shaped chocolates. Keep a pen and paper, and ask your coworkers to guess the number of sweets in the jar. They can write it down on paper. The one who guesses correctly can be given a small gift like company merchandise.

Host a Pink, Red, and White Potluck

This is a good way to make your coworkers go creative and display their aesthetic skills. Ask them to cook and bring one dish for the potluck lunch on Valentine’s Day. Let the dish be in one of the Valentine’s Day colors, pink, red, or white. The table is going to look so colorful and ready for Valentine’s Day lunch.

Happy Hour

A Valentine’s Day Happy Hour at the workplace is a good thought. Take your coworkers out for a happy hour session, and try ordering drinks that match the theme of Valentine’s Day. A sangria or a pink lemonade are good choices, and it will be a good celebration.

Organize an Appreciation Challenge

Conduct an appreciation challenge where coworkers can write appreciation posts for each other and remind them how special and appreciated they are at their workplace.  These appreciation posts are a better way to express the thought than having to tell them to their face. A note in a Valentine’s Day theme color envelope is going to be a different way of telling your coworker about how wonderful they are. 

Get a Karaoke Machine to Sing a Love Song

It will be fun to keep a karaoke machine at the office that day, and make everyone sing a love song. Let them croon and fill the air with their love songs. Be it a manager, a boss, or a worker, make them all sing, and get to see their creative sides.

Give Appreciation Gifts

A gift is a meaningful way to appreciate your coworkers on Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of options for DIY gifts, or you can choose from vases, candles, journals, and others. The small useful things you make and give will make their day, and make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable.

Set Up a Selfie Station at Office

A selfie station at the office with Valentine’s Day colors is a good activity to organize on Valentine’s Day. Keep a ready-made frame ready, and let your coworkers come out with their best poses. Insist that they come dressed wearing clothes that go with Valentine’s Day colors, and it is going to be a fun time for them to pose and take selfies.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

You can play this game at the office or virtually. You can make a list of things to find, a love letter, a chocolate bar, a teddy bear, or something in pink are some of the things that can be hidden for the Scavenger Hunt activity. Divide them into teams, and give points to the team that completes the task first.

Give Your Coworkers a Chance to Come Late to Work and Leave Early 

Letting your colleagues come late to work and leave early on Valentine’s Day is going to be a surprise gift for them. Give them the choice of either coming in late by an hour to work or leaving early by an hour. This will be a meaningful gesture and it is going to be appreciated by your coworkers. 

In The End

Valentine’s Day is special and it is a good way to celebrate your coworkers and spread love at the workplace. There is no better way than organizing activities in the office, and making your coworkers participate in the activities. The above-mentioned activities are easy to organize, and they are not expensive. Make the day memorable for your coworkers, and let them enjoy the day, and feel the warmth and love.

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