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Symbolism of Flowers: The Meaning Behind Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

The Chinese New Year is a delightful time filled with joy, rejuvenation, and festivities. This cherished occasion allows people to sweep away any lingering misfortunes and welcome an influx of prosperity into their lives. One of the most iconic aspects of this grand celebration is the use of flowers, which hold deep symbolic meaning and historical significance in Chinese culture.

Floral Traditions in Chinese History

The historical roots of using flowers in Chinese New Year celebrations date back to ancient times. The choice of specific flowers is guided by symbolic importance and their other attributes, such as colours and appearance. The most commonly used flowers during Chinese New Year are plum blossoms, peach blossoms, orchids, narcissus, and chrysanthemums. Each holds a unique meaning related to prosperity and happiness.

Plum blossoms symbolize perseverance and hope as they are among the first flowers to bloom after a long winter. They have been long admired by ancient scholars for their beauty and resilience. Historically, plum blossoms were closely associated with poetry and art, representing inner strength and integrity. Peach blossoms signify romance, unity, and longevity. These delicate flowers have been used for centuries in Chinese mythology to ward off evil spirits and create harmony in family life. Ancient legends tell stories about the Peach Blossom Land, an ethereal place full of eternal happiness where these beautiful flowers never wilt. Orchids symbolize nobility, resilience, and enduring friendship. Once praised by the great Chinese Philosopher Confucius, Orchids flourish with minimal care while maintaining elegance. Narcissus flowers embody purity and renewal, captivating ancient China with their sweet scent for good fortune. Prosperity | Lunar New Year Gifts - Buy Celebration flower bouquet

Prosperity | Lunar New Year Gifts

Popular Flower Arrangements for Chinese New Year Celebration:

One of the essential aspects of this vibrant festival is the use of traditional flower arrangements to represent prosperity and good fortune. Floral bouquets are a popular choice for decorating home altars, offices, and public spaces as they invoke joy and warmth during festive gatherings.

Some of the flower arrangements perfect for the Chinese New Year celebration include:

  • Orchids: Orchids represent fertility, abundance, refinement, and luxury. Arrangements with these flowers are believed to bring good luck and fortune.

  • Peach Blossoms: Peach blossoms are highly favoured during Chinese New Year as they symbolize romance, prosperity, and growth. They are especially popular among singles looking for love.

  • Peonies: Known as the “king of flowers” in Chinese culture, peonies are associated with riches and honour. Red peonies are particularly auspicious, while pink and white peonies are also admired for their beauty and association with peace.

  • Kumquat Tree: Although not a flower, the kumquat tree with its bright orange fruit is a common sight during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes gold and wealth.

  • Narcissus (Daffodil): The narcissus, or daffodil, is another flower that is considered to bring good fortune and is believed to induce an increase in wealth and good luck when it blooms during the New Year.

  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are associated with longevity and immortality. Yellow or golden chrysanthemums are particularly auspicious and are thought to bring wealth.

  • Plum Blossoms: As a symbol of perseverance and reliability, plum blossoms are appreciated for their ability to bloom in the cold winter and are thus seen as harbingers of spring.

  • Lucky Bamboo: Arrangements of lucky bamboo are popular for their association with good fortune, long life, and peace. The number of stalks in the arrangement also carries specific meanings, with certain combinations believed to bring particular kinds of luck.

  • Azalea: Azaleas are known for their beauty and are often associated with abundance and prosperity.

  • Pussy Willow: With their fluffy, silver-white catkins that resemble silk, pussy willows signify the coming of spring and are seen as a symbol of growth and the promise of prosperity.

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Guardian of Fortune | 2024 Lunar New Year Gifts

From where to source Floral gifts in Singapore:

When it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year, there’s no better way to express joy and well-wishes than by giving a thoughtful floral gift to your loved ones. Whether it’s a beautiful bouquet or a stunning congratulations floral tripod, flowers are the perfect representation of new beginnings and good fortune.

Singapore is home to an abundance of talented florists who offer an excellent range of flowers to make your gifting experience a breeze. To begin your quest for the perfect flower arrangement, consider starting with an online search for “Flower Delivery Singapore“. This will not only save you time but also allow you to browse through various options at your convenience, ensuring that you get the best quality and value for your purchase. One notable online flower delivery service provider in Singapore is “Beato”, known for its luxurious arrangements and prompt delivery services. They offer both traditional Chinese New Year floral arrangements as well as contemporary designs to suit every taste.


Flowers hold great significance in Chinese New Year celebrations, with each type carrying its unique symbolism related to prosperity, happiness, and other positive attributes. Floral arrangements using plum blossoms, peach blossoms, orchids, narcissus, chrysanthemums, and more are carefully crafted to invoke joy and warmth during festive gatherings. These traditional flower arrangements not only beautify homes and public spaces but also represent deeply rooted cultural beliefs and hopes for a prosperous future.

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