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13 Interesting & Unique Valentine’s Day Event Ideas

Looking for a perfect celebration on February 14th this year? Plan an interesting event that day and let romance and passion make it a perfect celebration. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, it does not make a difference if you have someone or if you are single. There are many things you can plan and do to have an amazing Valentine’s Day party night with friends.

 Play the perfect cupid this year by choosing from one of the event ideas given below, and have a wonderful celebration. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from one of the activities or a few of the activities, and have one of the best Valentine’s Day parties in town.

Chocolate and Candies

What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate and candies? Keep a bowl on the table filled with loads of chocolates and candies for the guests to relish. Having them match the theme of the day will be fabulous. Heart and lip-shaped chocolates and candies in the colors pink, red, and white will add glamor to your dining room decorations.

Craft Workshop

Conducting a Valentine’s Day craft workshop at home along with your party will add to the mood of the party. Jewelry-making workshop, pottery-making workshop, baking, and card-making workshop will all be good for the guests to indulge in side-by-side party shenanigans. Watch the creative juices of your guests flowing as they enjoy the drinks, food, and dancing that night. 

Create a Photo Corner

A photo corner with red hearts and red heart-shaped balloons can be the backdrop for the selfies your guests can take. If you are good at decorating and have good aesthetic abilities, convert a quiet corner in the house into a photo corner. Let them have fun taking selfies, with their loved ones, and group pictures. Pout and pose and get some dreamy pictures for your social media handles.

Dart Board 

If you are throwing a party at home, have a dartboard on the wall. Make the arrows that go with the theme of the day. Have some interesting rules for the game and how you decide the winner. The dartboard game and the cupid arrows will enhance the party’s mood.


Organize a small Valentine’s Day dance. Opting for a particular type of dance, ballroom, Latin, or Northern Soul will all serve the purpose. Keep your guests updated on the dance part. Make sure your guests also dress to suit the dance style you are choosing for the night. Let it be a fabulous night of drinks, food, and dancing.

Decorating Cookies and Cup-Cakes

Get cookies and cupcakes, and have a session where your guest can decorate them. Set up a space with heart-shaped cookies, frostings, sprinkles, and other delicious things. That way you can give your guests options to decide on their decorations. Watch them go for pink and red hearts, balloons, and other signs to make them look Valentine-themed and lovey-dovey. 

Heart-Shaped Pizza/Cookies/Cake

Why not break free from the conventional round pizza, cake, and cookies? Go for heart-shaped pizzas, cookies, and cake, and it will surely resonate with the theme of Valentine’s Day. The colors of the cake and cookies can be pink, red, and white, and it surely going to add charm to your dinner table.

Live Performance

A live performance of singing, a comedy show, dancing, or playing a musical instrument is also a good way to add to the liveliness of the party. Live performances are the best way to make the guests at a party get involved with the Valentine’s Day party mood. Have a romantic theme for these live performances keeping in mind the importance of the day, and watch your guests enjoy these memorable moments.

Pink, Red, and White Cocktails

The party at your home will be incomplete if your cocktails do not match the colors of Valentine’s Day. There will be guests who will not be keen on drinking wine and champagne. Let them sip on these fruity, tangy, sugary, and colorful cocktails, and have fun socializing with the rest of the crowd at the party.

Red/Pink Lipstick

Set down rules for women guests. Let them wear bold red or pink lipstick, add to the mood of the day, and set the tone for the Valentine’s Day party. Use the same shades in your attires, and let the men have something on their dresses to go with the theme of the day. Let the basic concept be that of showering love on yourself too, and not just your loved one.

Rom Com Charades

A game of dumb charades revolving around rom-com movies is a perfect way to capture the essence of the festival, and make the evening interactive and entertaining. Let the prompts be from scenes, lines, and titles of popular rom-com movies. Make the players follow the usual rules of the game, and have a fun evening.

Screen a Romantic Film

Make comfortable seating arrangements, and cozy corners using heart-shaped balloons or streamers, and red and pink roses. Watch a romantic film together with your special person, and make sure everyone is dressed in the colors of Valentine’s Day or has something on their dress that connects with Valentine’s Day theme. Choose the movie depending on the type of guests you are inviting for the night.

Wine and Champagne

Get intoxicated on wine and champagne. Those who are not keen on cocktails can have a choice between wine and champagne. Pour a glass of wine, pop a bottle of champagne, and raise a toast. Be flamboyant and flirtatious, and have a wonderful night with food and drinks.

Wrapping it Up

By now you must know there are many things you can do to make your Valentine’s Day party hot and happening. You can have masquerades, card games, treasure hunts, and many other exciting things to do to make your party exhilarating and adventurous. Woo your guests in style and have fun at the party as much as they have. Take loads and loads of pictures, and create wonderful and long-lasting memories of the event.

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